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VIP announcement and shout outs!

Our VIP's are . . . . .

Friday 12th February 2021

Potter's VIP- Leighton

Hedwig's VIP- Ayaan



Year 4 shout outs!







Jawad has produced some super work and has acted upon feedback we have given him. We are very proud of you Jawad, keep it up!


Lily-Sherie has not only impressed us with her work but her mom is super proud too! She has completed all work given with no resistance and taught her mom the pencil hold song. Well done Lily- Sherie!


Ethan has shown great confidence and motivation towards the home learning. Here is a selection of his super work. Keep it up, we are very proud of you!



Well done to Harlie-mae who is working really hard at home and has sent in some super work!



Well done to Jevan, who is still challenging himself every day and is doing so well with his learning. 



Well done to James this week who as done a lovely setting description. 


Megan has been working really hard to complete her weekly learning and challenged herself with some of the work.... Well done Megan, keep it up! 


Well done to Brooke, who has been working hard on her packs of work and being creative with glitter and slime! Keep up the motivation Brooke,well done!



Fantastic start to home learning Kellie- Marie! You have been working very hard...... Keep it up .


Lacey has been completing all of the work set this week and had a great level of motivation. Well done Lacey!



Well done to Chase, who has been working super hard with spellings, writing and maths. Here is an example of some the amazing number sequences he has been doing. 



Jevan has been working super hard and has completed lots of work on similes and metaphors. Here is an example of his great work! 



James has been working super hard this week. Here is an example of some great 'negative numbers' work in Maths.