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VIP announcement and shout outs!

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Friday 25th September 2020

Potter's VIP-Brooke

Brooke has been trying so hard with her learning and to improve her confidence! She is contributing to lessons and has been continuing to try her best at home. Well done Brooke, keep up the hard work and showing confidence.

Hedwig's VIP-

Year 4 shout outs!







Well done to Kellie-Marie for making sure you are keeping up with learning your spellings and reading your book! I look forward to seeing your completed work soon!



Well done to Brooklyn for completing the first day's work! you have made a good start to your home learning.



Wow! Super work Megan, you have already completed so much work. Well done!



Well done Pagan! You have worked hard on the first day of home learning. Keep up the good work.



A fantastic start to home learning, well done Demi! I look forward to seeing more work from you soon.



Well done James on completing lots and lots of learning whilst at home. You've done number lines, column addition, English, French and much more. We were particularly impressed with your number line work! 



Well done Haroon on completing lots and lots of learning. Your number lines were fantastic and you composed some great sentences in English. We were particularly impressed with your French colours work! Tres Bon!!!

Haroon's Excellent Work


Well done Ewan, I have heard you are trying so hard with your learning at home. Keep it up!


Brooke has been working hard today and really trying to improve her spelling. She is now getting full marks when mom is testing her so well done Brooke. Keep up the hard work!


Super work Jawad! We are really pleased with your attitude to learning and the work you are producing. Keep it up!




We are very impressed with the amount of work you have completed George! I can see you have definitely taken responsibility for your learning and you are trying your best. Well done George!