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VIP announcement and shout outs!

Our VIP's are . . . . .


15th June


Potter's VIP: Mollie

Mollie has not only been doing her school work but learning new skills. Well done Mollie!



Hedwig's VIP: Summer

Summer  has been completing all of her work packs independently at home and has made excellent progress this year with her handwriting and spellings. Even though this is a confusing time you are still putting 100% into all of your work at home and trying your very hardest with a big smile on your face. Well done Summer!



22nd June


Potter's VIP: Aaliyah

Aaliyah has been doing her school work, taking part in the weekly class quiz and recently took part in a peaceful protest. Well done Aaliyah!


Hedwig's VIP: Shaye

Shaye has been working incredibly hard at home with a positive attitude. He has been completing all of his home learning activities and exploring new places with the rest of his family. Even though he missed out on his holiday he hasn't let it dampen his joyful spirit and this has not gone unnoticed by not only his family but myself and Mrs Sid! We are very proud of your hard work Shaye which is why we have chosen you as our VIP this week!

29th June


Potter's VIP: Kobi

Kobi has been working hard doing his home learning work and taking part in the class quiz every week! Fantastic job Kobi, well done!


Hedwig's VIP: Lilly

This weeks VIP is Lilly. She has been working well when she has come into school and also doing some gardening with her Mom. Well done Lilly, I am very glad you still have a big smile on your face like always!

6th July

Potter's VIP: Swarni

Swarni has been completing lots of work at home and enjoyed taking part in the class quiz every week. Well done Swarni!


Hedwig's VIP: Sohanna 

This weeks VIP is Sohanna. She has worked very hard this year and puts 100% into everything she does. She had a glowing report and sent myslef and Mrs Sid a lovely video to say thank you for this year. Well done Sohanna, I know you will do wonderfully next year!


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Potter class shout outs!






Well done Mollie

Mollie has continued to complete activities at home and had lots of fun learning new skills. She has also taken part every week in our class quiz and completed our weekly science experiments! Mollie has shown kindness towards others and has received a letter from a neighbour thanking her. A huge well done to Mollie!!! 

Well done Swarni

Swarni has been completing lots of school work and doing super science experiments. Fantastic work Swarni!

Hedwig class shout outs!






Asma has been completing all of her work and sending it to me to see! Well done Asma your attitude to learning continues even at home and I am very proud of the work you have done.