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Monday 13th July 2020 


Miss Eades has chosen...



Rama always tries her hardest with all of her work and is a great friend to all the pupils in the class. Rama has made fantastic progress since the beginning of the year. Well done, Rama! smiley



Miss Slater has chosen...




Liam always tries his best in every lesson, offering help to his friends when they need support. Liam always has polite manners and loves to chat about things he has learnt.

Great work, Liam! laugh


Monday 6th July 2020


Miss Eades has chosen...


Since coming back to school you have walked in with a huge smile on your face and have been trying very hard in our weekly lessons. I have especially been impressed with some of your comprehension answers!  Well done, Ruby. smiley




Miss Eades also wants to give a massive shout out to Afeefa who has completed every single piece of her home learning every week. Well done, Afeefa! Keep up the fantastic work! smiley




 Miss Slater has chosen...




She has worked exceptionally hard in all weekly lessons since coming back into school. She always has a smile on her face and brightens my day each week. River tried hard with telling the time last week, making different o'clock times on her clock. 


Monday 29th June 2020

Miss Eades has chosen...


This week, Gabriel has been working really hard with his maths work, using cubes to help him count in multiples of 1, 2 and 10. It was also lovely to see Gabriel's happy, smiling face when he turned up to school! Well done, Gabriel!


Miss Slater has chosen...




He has worked hard each week on his home learning, making sure he uses his kinetic letters when writing. 

Frankie has also continued to practise his timetables by using Times table rockstars on a regular basis, well done Frankie! 


Monday 22nd June 2020

Miss Eades has chosen...


Well done, Afeefa! You have worked incredible hard this week and are trying hard with your handwriting! I have enjoyed looking through all of your fantastic work that you have completed,  especially your new book cover design! Keep up the amazing work! 







Miss Slater has chosen...


Well done Iyla! You have worked hard on your home learning tasks this week. I am also amazed at you practising your new life skill, baking! Your unicorn cupcakes look so delicious!

Keep working hard smiley




Monday 15th June 2020


This week Miss Eades has chosen...



Michelle has been working extremely hard this week to complete all of her home learning activities. She has been using counting cubes to help her with her addition along with completing her phonics tasks. Well done, Michelle!


This week Miss Slater has chosen...




She has worked hard at home to complete last week's home learning tasks. She has practised her Phonics, worked on good and bad choices and painted some fabulous pictures.

Well done Isabella!