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Reception - Elephants

Our new topic for Summer 1 is 'Exploring Change'


We will be learning all about life cycles, seasonal changes and planting.


In Elephant Class, we currently have some caterpillars. At the moment we are watching them grow and develop - they are getting bigger and bigger each day! We are looking forward to watching them spin their cocoons and turn into butterflies smiley





In Expressive Arts and Design, we learnt about the artist Kandinsky. We learnt that he liked to paint using different colours and shapes. We carefully mixed primary colours to create the colours we wanted to use. We then painted a small circle in the middle of each square and painted bigger circles around each one.  

Don't you agree that our art work looks fab?!




The children have enjoyed exploring and playing in the milk bottle igloo.  

Welcome back to school, Elephant Class!

It is so lovely to see you all back in school. We are so proud of how well you did on your first day back after lockdown; you have all been absolute super stars! Keep up the good work! smiley 

Mrs Norton, Mrs Stevenson, Mrs Buthelezi, Mrs Kaur and Miss Tiwana.

Please meet your new Class Teachers and Learning Support Practitioner (LSP).

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ACADEMIC YEAR 2019 - 2020


Update 12.6.20 Hello Elephants! Just a quick update about what we have been learning in Elephant class at school and what has been made to support learning at home. If you go to the PARENTS section on the school website, then click HOME LEARNING, you will find the Reception section with a weekly plan and resources. The work set is based on a theme and a story. Over the next few weeks we will cover all the learning areas in the Early Years. This week our focus was physical development. At school the children completed some of the activities which are on the home learning plan. We had great fun in school this week and I have received some great pictures of home learning on 2Simple, FANTASTIC!. Thanks for sending in the pictures using 2Simple and please continue to do so. I have been really busy preparing activities for each week. They are all on the HOME LEARNING page. If you prefer a paper copies, they can collect be collected from school each Monday. Continue to keep in touch by using the class email.

Keep Safe and Keep Learning!

Mr Wilkes

For help, advice and queries, you can email your child's class teacher at and they will assist you as soon as they can. 

WB 20.4.20 Hello everyone, Click on the links below to download the Reception ideas for home learning for the next few weeks. Paper copy packs will be available from school.

WB 20.4.20 Paper resources to support home learning. Theese resources can be requested from school. Feel free to contact using the class email.

Hello Elephants, I hope that you are all keeping safe and enjoying time at home with your families. All of the adults are missing you!    


However, we can still have lots of fun learning new things. Here are a few ideas. 


Keep practising the days of the week by singing our favourite song.

You can also learn the months of the year using the song that we sing in maths.

Telling the time video- Keep learning o'clock and half past times.

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Practise reading words and match the words to the correct picture.

Practise building words playing Forest Phonics


You could download the app "Mr Thorne Does Phonics" or watch clips on YouTube. He teaches children how to segment and blend sounds together to form words. He is really good.



Maths Activities


Practise ordering numbers playing the Caterpillar Sequencing Game or Coconut Ordering on Top Marks.

Practise making repeating patterns.


Remember to keep an eye on the weather each day.  Sing our weather song.

Maybe you could keep a weather diary.  Here is an example

Update-The caterpillars have made their cacoons and are now in the Chrysalis stage. I will keep you updated and send a video when they change into butterflies. Mr Wilkes

The Very Hungry Caterpillar.mp4

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                    Upcoming Events



Remember every Monday we have a Parent Workshop at 2.30pm. 








Elephant Class enjoyed dressing up for World Book Day! We celebrated the day with activities about different book characters!

The children enjoyed investigating what minibeasts they could find in the soil. They found millipedes, beetles and worms.

During the Spring term, we had a visit from "Spike" the Animal man. The children learnt about the different animal groups and enjoyed touching the animals.

Winter Focus Day


On Friday 10th January 2020, Miss Phipps and Mrs Beard taught us about winter.  We also practised our scissor control when making snowflakes and snowmen.  






Today, we have been exploring Cosmic Yoga with Mrs Beard. Look at our moves! 





We had a great time at the Reception Christmas Party! Thank you for the donations to the party.

PE day for Elephant class is on a Friday afternoon.   

Please make sure that your child has the correct PE kit.

This consists of a white T-shirt, black or navy blue shorts and black plimsoll shoes.


Our PE lessons will be focused on "Movement and Dance" during this term.

On Wednesday 26th September the children enjoyed taking part in Rubgy Tots.

Thank you for all of the homework that has been sent to us so far.  It is lovely to see how busy the children are at home.  Remember you can email us photographs or videos at any time.  Just photograph your child learning or playing at home and email it to the address that we have provided.  Remember to add a comment to explain what your child is doing e.g. Tim enjoyed writing his name using chalks on the garden wall.  Remember to use the email address that you have registered with your child's 2 Simple account.  


Each week we celebrate our successes in 

'Praise Assembly'.

We have a Writer and Reader of the Week,

Maths Mind, Sports Player and a VIP!



        Our Very Important Person this week is....
















We had a great time during the Friday Fun Day!

Thursday 11th July-The Parent Inspire Workshop. Everyone enjoyed making fairy gardens!

On Monday 8th July, we went to Haden Hill Park for the day. The children took part in a nature hunt and played with lots of sports equipment. The children really enjoyed playing in the playground and eating lunch together. Everyone had a great time!

On Thursday 27th June, we had a great time at sports day. Well to done to all the children who took part and a big "THANK YOU" to all the parents!

On Friday 17th May the children went on a trip to Cradley Heath Library. They enjoyed listening to stories and looking at lots of books. The children were given their own library card so they could go again and take books home to read.

We all went to the school hall to look at the new mosiac. The children enjoyed talking about the mosiac and they asked the artist questions about how it was created.

On Tuesday 19th March we had a visit from the Animal Man. We learnt about different types of animals. We enjoyed touching an owl, a snake and a salamander. Miss Hardy was very brave to hold the tarantula.

Talk For Writing


From March 1st 2019, we have been focusing on 

'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' in our Talk for Writing lessons, 

in preparation for writing our own stories.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

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Handa's Surprise .mp4

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On Thursday 6th December, we went on a trip to Ash End Farm. We had a fabulous time and met Santa!

The children enjoyed taking part on World Mental Health Day on  the 10th October. We talked about keeping our minds healthy and tried out some "Cosmic Yoga" moves.



 EYFS Maths Inspire Workshop


On Wednesday 10th October, we enjoyed our first Inspire Workshop.  The children really enjoyed learning to read, write and use  numbers to 20.  Take a look at the fun we had!