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Year 3 - Dobby



In Dobby Class we have lots of fun and laughter! On this page you will find our class news and lots of interesting pictures showing you what we have done.



Important information about us!


Teacher: Mrs Baker (Monday-Thursday am) Mrs Stevenson (Thursday pm- Friday)

LSP: Mrs Chadha


Additional information for this term:

*The children start at 8:50am and gates open at 8:40am. 

*There will be not be any toast on offer at the moment for break time. If your child wishes to, they can bring a break time snack such as fruit or raisins to eat on the playground at break time

*The children can come to school in their PE kit on a Monday and Friday, with appropriate footwear.  Please note, PE days have changed for the Spring Term.

*Your child will be given a reading book specific to their reading level. We would like the children to read as much as they can at home and record this in their reading record. Books will be changed on a weekly basis

*If there are any queries, please email the class email address on

Thank you for your continued support :). 


The Mrs Potter Award for Caring and Kindness has been awarded to the following children for their wonderful compassion towards others:







Every week, we celebrate our successes by having a Writer of the Week, Maths Mind, Sports Player and a VIP!


Our congratulations this week goes to...


VIP - Frankie

Maths Mind - Umaima

Writer of the Week - Kurat


Sports Player of the Week - Ryan








Websites to practice your skills:


Children can access these websites from home. Each child has an individual username and password. These are stuck into their reading record please ask for a new copy if you have misplaced yours. 

Some weeks we will have challenges on these to earn points for our class, please check regularly. 






Each week we will send spellings to practice home. Please practice with your child ready for a test on Friday.  These may also be practiced on Ed- shed where appropriate to help you. 



Useful Dates

Friday 18th February- Half Term



World music day is celebrated on Tuesday 21st June 2022. This year, Year 3 looked at JAMICA- REGGAE!!



The children created and decorated a rain stick using card and rice. They learnt a reggae song 'Bob Marley- Three Little Birds' and played their instruments alongside!

Bug Hotels

Today we worked with Hannah from the charity Wild Earth Movement to make a bug hotel for our garden.  We learnt lots about the importance of looking after insects and how our bug hotels will encourage them to live in our gardens and the surrounding area.


World Book Day

On Friday 4th March, we celebrated World Book Day by wearing our  favourite book character costume.  We also completed activities about the book ‘Mirror’ by Jeannie Baker.  This book is about two families.  We discussed the differences and the things that connect them.  We drew a

picture of our families and compared them to our friend’s.  We also took part in a book cover hunt in the playground which was great fun!



Year 3's Class Assembly- click the link below to watch! 


Year 3 Class Assembly

Chinese Kites in DT

This half term in DT, we have been designing and creating Chinese kites. We designed our pattern on computer software which was then printed onto special ironing paper and ironed onto our kites. This is our end results! 

Safer internet day

On Tuesday 8th February 2022 it was safer internet day. This years focus is respect online. We talked about the games we play online, how we could be safe online and what we can do if someone is not being respectful online. We then use all our knowledge to create a safer gaming fortune teller and a gaming guide. 

Super work Dobby class!

National Ukulele Day

On Wednesday 2nd February it was 'National Ukulele Day'. The children had a ukulele session and our music teacher picked out two children who had shown the most progress since the start of the year. 

A massive well done to Rozan and Archie 

Chinese New Year

On Tuesday 1st February 2022 it was Chinese New Year. We explored the story of how the animals came to be part of the calendar, what this years animal is and what animal represents our birth year! 

Very enthusiastic lesson Dobby!

National Handwriting Day

It is National Handwriting Day on Sunday 23rd January.  To celebrate this, we had a competition to see which child had the neatest handwriting in the class.  This child received a prize and a certificate.

Well done Frankie!





Spring Term

In the Spring Term, we have some exciting new topics that we will be learning about. 

In Science we will be asking the question Does Light Travel Through Everything?


In History, we will be asking Who Were The Shangs?



In Geography, we will be asking Are Mountains Are High and Rivers Deep?

Christmas week


In Year 3 we have really enjoyed Christmas week!

We have been completing Christmas inspired maths and English sessions.

We have also completed lots of Christmas art activities such as calendar making, ornament decorating and Christmas card making.

We also had a Christmas party, watched a Pantomime and ended the week with a toy day!

Have a lovely Christmas break Year 3!

Roman day


On Tuesday 7th December, we met a real Roman!

We all came into school in our Roman outfits and went into the hall for a Roman experience.

We met Dominic who showed us Roman games, told us all about the Romans, let us try on some armour and got us up acting out how Rome came to be!

What a fun day we all had Year 3!


Christmas Party Afternoons


On Friday 3rd December, the PTA arranged us a Christmas Party Afternoon!


We all came in out party clothes, played lots of party games and ended the day with snacks and a film.


Thank you so much to the PTA!



On Friday 3rd December, we had a class talk about PANTS. We started off by completing a jigsaw of different pants to find the different reasons as to why it was so important.

We then read the story of Pantosaurus to understand what we say a ‘big loud NO’ to!


We then decorated our own pair of PANTS.


Lovely work Year 3!

Children in Need


On Friday 19th November, we all came to school dressed as our favourite characters. Well done to:

Karis for winning a certificate for the best dressed.

Zac for winning a certificate for the funniest outfit

Rozan for winning a certificate for the most creative outfit.


We created a Pudsey money box and mask to celebrate the amazing charity!


A brilliant way to highlight the importance of Children in Need; well done Dobby Class.

Talk Money Week


In our Maths lesson on Friday 12th November, we talked about how to budget our money.


We started off by talking about why people need to budget our money.


We next practiced how to buy things with a budget with the example of our lunch!


Finally we all went to our own ‘Reddal Hill Market’. We each had a budget and filled in our own shopping list on what we could afford to buy.


We finished the session by understanding that we need to think about what we can buy and what we need to buy!


Well done Year 3; great skill on budgeting your money!



In science this week, we looked at fossils. We looked at the fossilisation process and why they formed. We then made our own fossils, we had lots of fun experimenting with different patterns. Our final fossils will be on show at the end of the term. 



Today we made bread using a recipe. We worked with our groups to read and make the bread. The ingredients we used were flour, yeast, olive oil, water and salt.


Languages Day 2021


On Tuesday 28th September we celebrated Languages day! We were able to have a brilliant workshop where we learnt a story in French and some brave children came to the front and performed it on their own.

Super work Dobby Class!







Dobby Class!

2020 - 2021

In Dobby Class, we learn about a whole range of things and most importantly, we have lots of fun!





Important information about us!


Teacher: Miss Hickman

LSP: Mrs Southen


Additional information for this term:

*The children start at 8.40am and finish at 2.50pm

*The children can bring in a named water bottle to go on their tables which needs to contain only water or squash

*There will be not be any toast on offer at the moment for break time. If your child wishes to, they can bring a break time snack such as fruit or raisins to eat on the playground at break time

*The children can come to school in their PE kit on a Tuesday and Friday with appropriate footwear

*Your child will be given a reading book specific to their reading level over the next two weeks. We would like the children to read as much as they can at home and record this in their reading record. Books will be changed on a weekly basis

*Homework can not be brought back into school so if there are any queries, please email the class email address on

Thank you for your continued support :). 

Every week, we celebrate our successes by having a Writer of the Week, Maths Mind, Sports Player and a VIP!


Our congratulations this week goes to...


VIP - Phoebe

Maths Mind -  Lexi

Writer of the Week - Lola


Sports Player of the Week - Easa



Reading Challenge:

Each term, we are holding a Reading Challenge in Year 3. Each time you read at home, either with an adult or independently, write it in your reading record. For each comment in your Reading Record, you will receive a raffle ticket into the prize draw! Make sure you bring your Reading Records into school daily so we can enter you into the prize draw! Good luck!


Each time you have read and returned your library book you will collect a point for your Starbooks chart. When you have reached 10 points on your chart, you will get a token to add to the schools library's class tally. Keep reading and let's see if we can become the top class!








Websites to practice your skills:


Children can access these websites from home. Each child has an individual username and password. These are stuck into their reading record please ask for a new copy if you have misplaced yours. 

Some weeks we will have challenges on these to earn points for our class, please check regularly. 






Each week we will send spellings to practice home. Please practice with your child ready for a test on Friday.  These may also be practiced on Ed- shed where appropriate to help you. 

National Sports Week

Starting on Monday 21st June, we are celebrating National Sports Week!

The theme for the week is to celebrate Sir Tom Moore by completing 100 minutes of exercise throughout the week, 100 reps of an activity each day and 100 seconds of a different activity each day. 

We have got our wall charts up on the wall ready to go, to see who is able to complete the Sir Tom Moore challenge!

Good luck everyone!






Musical Rock Star Day!


On Monday 21st June, we celebrated Musical Rock Stars Day by coming to school dressed as amazing rock stars!


We started off the day by creating our own back stage pass with our photo on! These gave us an access pass to take part in the day! 


First, We practiced our times tables following the videos on Supermovers. We then used these to help us write our own song practicing a times table we felt less confident with. We planned our own moves to help us remember what number cam next. There were some amazing performances!


Then,we looked at the characters on TTRS that we played as and designed our own characters. We described what they looked like, their behaviour and most importantly their musical talent.


 In the afternoon, we practised our timestables on TTRS, competing against Hermione, Potter and Hedwig. We also created a collage of art work together.


Well done to our best dressed winners, Harry and Phoebe!






Euro 2021

From 11th June to 11th July, we will be celebrating and following the Euro 2021 tournament!

We have put up our wall chart and fixtures so that we can follow the games, looked into the different countries participating in the tournament and researched about the different players and what country they are playing for!

In one of our PE lessons as well, we will be participating in a football tournament and penalty shoot out with the winner receiving a prize!

What an amazing month of sport it will be! Come on England!






















Dobby class 2019/2020




Hello Dobby Class,

It has been lovely speaking to many of you and hearing all of the excting things you have been doing.

It was also nice to hear you speak about your routines at home and I know lots of you have been completing the home learning packs that have been made for you.

If you need any help or would like more resources, ask your parents to contact me on the class email at the top of the page. You could even email me pictures of all the excting things you have been doing/making :-)

Stay safe everyone, 

Mrs Simpson and Mrs Southen


This week, Roxy has enjoyed the sunshine outside in the garden!

I have even put my baking skills to the test and made a lovely lemon drizzle cake - I promise I did not eat it all, I shared it with some of the neighbours nearby :-)

This week I have also been busy with virtual meetings with lots of teachers in planning new ideas for your learning.

Finally...the puzzle in the picture is going to be a challenge, its 1000 pieces and I cannot remember the last time I completed a jigsaw puzzle so wish me luck Dobby class!

From Mrs Simpson :-)



Hello Dobby class, I also wanted to share some of the exciting things I have been doing during this crazy time...

I have also been baking as you can see from the pictures... I am sure it is part of my five a day with all those strawberries on surely? It was very scrummy indeed!

I have been enjoying the lovely weather with my family that we have been so lucky to have, we have been going on lots of walks in our local area making lots of happy memories together.

From Mrs Southen :-)




We have put together below some websites/activities you may find useful to access at home...





You are all very passionate about David Walliams' books, so you can always get online and listen to David telling a different short story every day at 11am:


This is a link below to a story about what is currently happening in the world called

'Dave the Dog' this might help any of you that may be worried or concerned...




You could become a Guiness Record holder!!!

Follow the link below for more information on the website about how to get involved!


Times Table Rockstars -


Here are some websites you could use...


Top Marks, BBC Bitesize, Splat Square


White Rose Maths have also produced some fantastic resources and interactive lessons you could look into, use the link below!



We have done lots of work in our Science unit Animals including Humans and we have learnt about our skeleton, names of bones and the muscles used for different activities. If you take part in the PE with Joe Wicks you could use your science knowledge and think about all those muscle groups you are using when exercising! 


You could always do some mindfulness activities, just like the ones we did in the classroom. 

Have a search through and see what different video clips of mindfulness you can find in the Zen Den on Cosmic Kids YouTube.




Our topic this term is  'Anglo-Saxons and Scots', you could do some of your own research online...

BBC Bitesize have lots of interactive videos that you can enjoy watching and learning! See if you can write down some fascinating facts that you find! 



The Anglo-Saxons were great craft workers. They made intricate jewellery,  musical instruments and homemade toys and games. 

You could get creative, here are some ideas below...





It would be great to see what ideas you come up with, be sure to ask your parents to email across any pictures of your creative designs at the email adress at the top of our class page!





Here is some important information about us:



Mrs Simpson and Mrs Southen


PE Days:

Every Monday and Wednesday.

Please ensure that your correct PE kit is in school on these days and that your jewellery is removed.



This is usually set on a Friday and due in on the following Wednesday.

Please ensure that you complete your homework to the best of your standard because monster points and prizes are up for grabs!



School Council Representatives:

Alexis and Caleb are our School Council Representatives for the class!




Play Time and Dinner Time:

Play Equipment: Monday


Grass: Wednesday


Arena: Thursday


Every week, we celebrate our success by having a Writer of the Week, Maths Mind, Sports Player of the Week and a VIP!





On Wednesday 29th January we had our Year 3 Assembly!

Our assembly focused all around friendship and we spoke and sang all about our friends. We enjoyed all the preparations, a huge thank you to all our parents and teachers. Well done Year 3, you did an amazing job!











We learnt all about Chinese New Year through a powerpoint discussion and then completed mindfulness colouring. Can you guess what animal year it is from the picture below?




See the source image


We learnt about the importance of Diwali and how it is celebrated. Our activity was to create our own mehndi design and we had great fun drawing around our own hands! Take a look at our mehndi designs below...


Come fly with me!!!

We had lots of fun in our Europe hook day!

We made passports, packed our suitcases and used our imagination to board a plane to begin our travels in learning lots about different countries within Europe...
















Meet our Class!

In the first week of Year 3, we produced an 'I am...' display!

We wrote down all of the things that were related to each and every one of us; things such as, 'I am a dancer', 'I am a boxer', 'I am a footballer' and even 'I am a chatterbox!'
They look wonderful on our new display! Well done for working so hard Dobby Class!



In our first week, we had a discussion about our school motto, 'GLEE' and we collaged the four letters so that we could have them up in our classroom all year! They look lovely and colourful Dobby Class! Well done!



To start our year in Year 3, we thought it would be a good idea to have a lesson all about how to stay safe on the internet. We know how brilliant the internet is and how it allows us to access a wide range of things but now we know exactly how to stay safe on there as well by following the 'SMART' rules! We have displayed them in our classroom for us to use as reminders all year!



On Tuesday 11th September, we had our first ukulele lesson!

We were absolutely brilliant and we are looking forward to our lesson every week!




Exploring Europe Hook Day

On Tuesday 11th September, we had our first hook day which was all linked to Exploring Europe!

We started off by creating our own passports...

Then we completed all of the information that we needed on our tickets...

After that, we went to the airport to get ready for departure!

Cerys and Shaye acted as our Security Officers to check our passports and tickets...

We put our seatbelts on...

We got ready for take off...

Our air stewards then checked all of our passengers and offered them refreshments for their journey!

After all of our hard work on Hook Day, we have created an amazing new display in our classroom!

Well done Dobby Class! What an amazing hook day!


Healthy Schools Week

On Monday 17th September, we completed a range of activities all linked to Healthy Schools Week!

Firstly, we spoke about different types of fruit and collaged them to make a fruit rainbow...

Then, we sat in a circle and tried six of the different fruits and discussed what we liked about them and which one was our favourite!

A super afternoon Dobby Class! Well done!


Languages Day

On Wednesday 26th September, we celebrated Languages Day!

We did a French afternoon where we learnt the numbers 1 -10, we created our own French Numbers plate to remind us how to say each number and then we finished off by eating a French brioche!

A fantastic afternoon learning all about the French language! Well done!


Mental Health Awareness Day

On Wednesday 10th October, we participated in World Mental Health Awareness Day.

We all came to school dressed in green and took part in a range of activities on the afternoon.

We played the Smartie game first where we chose different colour smarties to talk about our feelings...

We then completed a special and unique rainbow about each and every one of us for things we are good at and what makes us special.

They look wonderful!


Wednesday 17th October - Maths INSPIRE Sessions

On Wednesday 17th October, we had our INSPIRE session linked to Maths!

We played times table bingo, learnt how to use the standard method and then we finished off by making times table chatterboxes!

A wonderful INSPIRE session everyone, well done!


David Walliams Week!

The week commencing Monday 12th November, we spent the whole week auditioning for 'David Walliams School of Acting'! We learnt the story of Awful Auntie, wrote the story, wrote a speech and performed a section of one of David Walliams' famous books! We all voted for the actor or actress that we wanted to win an Oscar and our winner was...


Well done Joao! We hope to see you on the stage very soon!


Children in Need 2018!

On Friday 16th November, we celebrated Children in Need by coming to school in Pudsey clothes or own clothes! Well done everyone for supporting such a wonderful cause!


Santa Safari Trip!

On Monday 3rd December, the whole of Year 3 went to Santa Safari at West Midlands Safari Park!

We stayed on the coach for the drive through safari, we then went to see Santa in his grotto where we got to choose our own present, we then walked around the Ice Age, Dinosaur Land and the Reptile House before finishing our day with a drink and a cookie from Mrs Claus! A wonderful day Year 3 and an amazing way to kick start all of our Christmas celebrations!


Friday 14th December - Christmas Jumper Day!

On this day, we all came to school in our Christmas Jumpers and paid £1 to the charity!

We all looked lovely and festive and now we are ready to start our Christmas celebrations next week!


Christmas in Dobby Class!

During the last week of school, we have had so much Christmas fun!

We started off on Monday by making our very own Elf house and completing some Christmas Colouring!

On Tuesday, we had Breakfast with Santa, made 2019 Calendars and our Christmas Cards!

On Wednesday, we made tree decorations, watched Arthur Christmas in our pyjamas with some snacks, had our Christmas dinner and participated in a brilliant Carol Concert on the playground!

On Thursday, we wrote a letter to Santa, decorated our own placemat and had amazing fun at our Christmas Party!

Well done to the winners of our party games as well!

On Friday, we spent the whole day playing with toys and having lots of fun! We also made cute, little snowmen as well!

Well done Dobby Class! An amazing way to end the term! Miss Hackwood and Mrs Southen wish you all a very Merry Christmas! See you in 2019!


Roman Hook Day!

On Monday 14th January, we had our Hook Day to introduce our new topic which is called...

'The Romans are coming!'

We started off by making our own laurel crowns...

We then made our own Roman mosaic...

We decorated the front covers for our new Topic books...

We then finished the day by making Roman numerals out of card and string!

Our new display looks like this!

A brilliant Hook Day everyone! Well done!


Let's Dance around Europe!

On Thursday 24th January, we had our class assembly!

We went on a whirlwind adventure around Europe, providing everyone with exciting facts and amazing dances from each country!

Well done everyone! You were all brilliant!


Healthy Eating Workshop

On Wednesday 6th February, Year 3 took part in a Healthy Eating Workshop.

We discussed the Eat Well Plate and a balanced diet. We then sorted different types of food into different groups.

We learnt a lot in this session; well done everyone!


English INSPIRE Session

On Tuesday 12th February, we had our English INSPIRE session which was all linked to Strictly Come Acting!

We completed a quiz first, rehearsed a script from a story, performed at the front of the class and even scored our peers out of 10!

A wonderful lesson Year 3; well done!


WBA Nurture Trip

On Wednesday 13th February, 8 children from Year 3 and 4 visited the West Bromwich Albion Ground to take part in their final nurture session for the term. 

They got there on the WBA mini-bus, went and had a look at the stadium and the ground, made a self esteem -shirt, developed their breathing skills by blowing bubbles, created their own 'ME' frame and finished the session by designing and making their own calm down bottle!

A super afternoon everyone! Well done!


World Book Day!

On Thursday 7th March, we took part in World Book Day!

We all came to school dressed as our favourite book character and in the afternoon, we did some activities linked to the day!

First, we had a teacher versus children quiz where we had to guess what each story was!

Then, after that we played 'Who am I?' where we had to ask questions for our partner to guess which character they were!

Finally, we decorated a World Book Day bookmark so that we can use it in our reading books!

A wonderful afternoon everyone! Well done!


Share a Story!

On Tuesday 12th March, some of our parents came into school to take part in our 'Share a Story'. We put a range of books on the tables and shared a story for 20 minutes!

It was lovely to see everyone enjoying their reading! Well done!


National Science Week!

The week commencing Monday 11th March, we participated in National Science Week and we did Science every afternoon!

For the first two days, we planned an investigation into whether taller people have the longest arms! We looked at the different variables to make it a fair test, we then measured the children in our class and then looked at the results as to whether our prediction was correct or not!


For the second two days, we planned an investigation all about tooth enamel and how different liquids affect this!

We used boiled eggs and we placed them into coke and orange juice to see what happened to them! A super Science week everyone! Well done!


Red Nose Day!

On Friday 15th March, we all came to school in something red so that we could support the Comic Relief charity! We all made a donation to the charity and spent part of the afternoon designing new red noses with different character designs!

Well done everyone!


Easter Assembly!

On Wednesday 10th April, Year 3 and 4 performed their Easter assembly to the parents!

We explained all about the story of Easter, sang our wonderful Easter songs and paraded around the hall in our Easter Bonnets!

Well done everyone! You all looked absolutely fantastic!


Easter Fun!

To celebrate Easter and the end of term, we completed some Easter activities!

We started off by making wonderful Easter cards and Easter baskets...

Then we went on an Easter egg hunt to find lots of eggs which we put into our baskets...

Finally, we decorated an Easter egg for a colouring competition and Dawid was our winner!

Well done everyone! A lovely way to end the Spring Term!


Mountains, Rivers and Coasts Hook Day!

On Tuesday 30th April, we had our Hook Day to introduce our new topic which is called...

'Mountains, Rivers and Coasts'

We did a range of activities which all went on our new display board for the term!

We started off by making the water cycle on a paper plate, then we wrote a definition for each stage of the water cycle and we finished off by writing an acrostic poem!

Our new display for the Summer Term looks wonderful! Well done everyone!

A fantastic way to kick start our new topic!


Sycamore Adventure!

On Tuesday 7th May, Year 3 visited the Sycamore Centre where we had a wonderful day!

We played with all of the different equipment, the water play, the mud kitchen and then we finished the day having popcorn around the camp fire!

An amazing day Year 3; well done!


Monday 20th May - Creative INSPIRE Sessions

On Monday 20th May, we had our INSPIRE session linked to Art!

We started off with a painting challenge and then we looked at Seurat's art technique of pointillism to create our own Art work!

A wonderful INSPIRE session everyone, well done! Your artwork was amazing!


Tuesday 9th July - Ukulele Concert

On Tuesday 9th July, we performed all of the songs that we have learnt all year in front of our parents!

We were absolutely amazing and our parents and visitors loved it!


Fun Day!

On Friday 12th July, we had our Fun Day!!

We started off by making colourful kites...

The winner of our kite competition was Latina! Well done!

We then went outside on the bouncy castles, played with the sumo wrestling costumes and on the diddy cars...

We then had an ice cream or an ice lolly from the ice cream man...

Following that, we had a talent show in the classroom!

After a class vote, Harry was declared the winner!!

After that, we designed our photo frame and the winning person was Reece...

Finally, we decorated our own dream catcher and our winner for that activity was Topaz!

An amazing Fun Day everyone! Miss Hackwood and Mrs Southen are going to miss you all very, very much!