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Today you are looking at the alternative 'ie' sound. ( Sounds like tie or piece).  Watch the videos below and then have a go at reading the words below that have the alternative sound in them.


pie, fried, cried, chief, thief, shield.

Now it's time for you to complete a sorting activity. On the worksheet below there are lots of different words that have the 'ie' spelling in. However some words make the 'ie' sound for 'spotty tie' while others make an 'e' sound for 'piece, field.' You need to correctly sort them into the groups.

When you have completed this activity, have a go at writing the sentences that your grown up will read to you. The sentences are:


Will a chief shriek with relief in a field?

A thief cried and denied a crime.

A priest and a chief ate fried pies.