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Music Activities

Lockdown Music Activities

Music is an important part of Reddal Hill; we love singing, performing and playing musical
instruments! On this page, you will find lots of fun activities to complete while you're at home!

We would love to see some photographs of you completing the musical activities! smiley



1. Blue Peter Music Badge

Get your hands on this incredible looking music badge, designed by the one and only music-sensation Ed Sheeran. Fill out the form and send it to the address below. Don't forget to attach a picture of yourself enjoying music with your entry!

Blue Peter
BBC Bridge House
Salford, M50 2BH



2. Body Percussion

Follow the instructions on the video to create your own sounds using body percussion! You will need to clap, click, pat your legs and stamp your feet to the beat! 


3. Musical Storytelling

Use the links below to watch a variety of well-known story performances using musical instruments.


4. Singing

Use the links below and join in with the vocal warm ups and songs! You might recognise a familiar face in some of these videos!



5. Get Creative!

Use household items or recycling waste to make your own musical instruments! You could use an old Pringles tube and rice to make a shaker or a box to make a drum! We would love to see photographs of your musical instruments! Try and make them as colourful as you can!

Here are some ideas: