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Headteacher's Welcome Message

Welcome to Reddal Hill Primary School


Hello and thank you for taking the time to visit our school website. My name is Mrs. Ann Bashir-Pugh and this is now my fifth year as headteacher, and I am still extremely proud of being part of such a fantastic school. 


Reddal Hill is a warm, happy and friendly community school which is situated in the Cradley Heath and Old Hill ward in Sandwell. The school has recently had a successful Ofsted Inspection in May 2022, and we were really proud to be graded ‘Good’. Please take the opportunity to read this very positive Ofsted report. Reddal Hill is part of a close-knit community whose children and families come from many different backgrounds, which we feel is a real strength of the school. 'Pupils, staff, parents and governors describe the school as a happy place to be.' (Ofsted 2022)


Ofsted (2022), noted that ''Relationships across the school are positive. Pupils are polite and courteous. Behaviour around school is good...'  Moreover, 'Pupils work hard in lessons and enjoy their learning. (They) listen carefully to their teachers and each other...Pupils understand the importance of learning. (Pupils) told inspectors that what they learn today is important for tomorrow.'


Reddal Hill comprises of staff and governors who are proud to be members of Reddal Hill. We share a deep commitment to providing the best possible education for all of its pupils. 'Leaders and staff want pupils to do well. They have high expectations of every pupil.'  (Ofsted 2022). Reddal Hill recently achieved the Sandwell Wellbeing Charter Mark (June 2021), which illustrates the commitment that we have in creating a school that promotes the wellbeing of our pupils, staff and parents. 'Leaders ensure a high focus on pupils’ personal development.' (Ofsted 2022). 


We greatly value and encourage the participation of our parents in the lives and education of their children and we aspire to work in partnership with them for the benefit of our pupils.


The pupils' motto at Reddal Hill is ‘GLEE – Growing, Learning, Enjoying and Excellence.’ This is a true reflection of the practice that you will see across the school if you ever have the opportunity to visit us.  'The school’s motto – GLEE (growing, learning, enjoying, excellence) – is certainly lived out at Reddal Hill.'  (Ofsted 2022). We hope that you will.


Kind regards,


Mrs. Ann Bashir-Pugh


September 2022