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Creative Inspire Workshops

Creative Inspire Workshops were held across the school in the summer term.  All parents / carers were invited.  The workshops varied from arts and crafts to science exploration. 


On Monday 22nd May, Year 5 invited their adults into school to join us for an art lesson. We practised a range of clay techniques including coiling, kneading, slabbing and making a slip. We had a lot of fun getting our hands dirty!



On Tuesday 23rd May 2023, Year 3 invited their parents into school to help us with their science learning. Our topic for this half term has been 'How does our skeleton develop throughout our life?' During this topic we have looked at our skeletons, animal skeletons, muscles and organs. 


We worked with our peers and parents to create a structure to protect our brains. We used a chocolate tea cake as a brain and used a variety of different materials to create a structure (the skull). We then dropped them out of a window and tested to see if our skulls (tea cakes) survived. 


In Year 1, the children created cars that move with their parents. Well done to everyone as the children produced some excellent vehicles and were very proud of them.