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Mental Health

During the week beginning Monday 15th May, we completed a short mindfulness activity each day for Mental Health Awareness Week. The theme for the week was 'anxiety' therefore we looked at: breathing techniques using a breathing stick, created our own positive bookmark, made a coping fortune teller and created our very own 'worry pet'.




On Friday 10th February, we completed activities all about Children's Mental Health Week. We firstly looked at emotions and positive feelings. Then, we created our very own paperchain all about our closest friendships and relationships to follow the theme of the week: 'Let's Connect'. 






On Friday 14th October, we acknowledged and learnt about World Mental Health Day. We discussed the different emotions we can feel throughout a day and how different emotions can affect our decisions and choices. We spoke about how spending time doing things we enjoy can have a positive effect on health and wellbeing. 

We created rainbow clouds all about us! We used our name in the cloud and wrote down brilliant adjectives that describe us! 




Year 5 discussed what mental health means and how we can use different methods to help us to stay positive when we need to the most!

We created a profile of ourselves with our faces on one side and everything we love to do on the other side! This was to remind us that when we are feeling low, we can complete one of our favourite activities to help us to feel calm and happy again!