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Year 6 - Luna

In Luna Class we have lots of fun and laughter! On this page you will find our class news and lots of interesting pictures showing you what we have done.


Important information about us!

Teacher: Miss Pike

LSP: Miss Dosanjh


Additional Important Information:

enlightened In Year 6, our school day begins at 8:40am and finishes at 3:00pm.

enlightenedChildren can bring a named water bottle which needs to contain only water or squash.

enlightenedChildren can bring a small healthy snack with them to school to eat at break time such as: fruit or raisins. On Tuesdays and Thursdays the children can order a piece of toast as a break time snack for 20p

enlightened Your child will be given a reading book specific to their reading level. We would like the children to read as much as they can at home and record this in their reading record. 



PE Days:


Every Tuesday  



Every Wednesday




All weekly homework will be related to SATs style questions in: reading, SPaG and mathematics.
All homework will be set on a Friday and should be returned to school by the following Friday.

Each half term, the children will also receive a homework grid of curriculum based activities. They must complete a minimum of three activities from the grid and bring them into school. We are looking forward to seeing your creativity! 


Reading Challenge:


We are holding a reading challenge again this year! Every time you read, write it in your reading record. For every comment, you will earn a point. When you reach 45 points, you will be awarded the Bronze Level; when you reach 90 points, you will be awarded Silver Level and for 135 for you be awarded Gold Level! There is also a Platinum level when you read over 50 books! 

Good Luck Luna Class! 


Mathletics, Spelling Shed, TTRS and Purple Mash:


Children can access these websites from home. Each child has an individual username and password. Mathletics is an excellent resource which allows children to practise their mathematical skills. Times Table Rock Stars encourages recall of times tables and Spelling Shed will help the children with their weekly spellings!





Caring and Kindness Award


A huge congratulations to these children in our class who have achieved the 'Caring and Kindness' award for how they treat other children all of the time whilst being at school.

It is an amazing achievement to have earned this award; you should be really proud of yourselves! Well done to:

- Tianna

- Aaliyah

- Faith

- Tiffani

- Jack


Musician of the Month





Our School Councillors are: 


Tristan and Silvy




Our Eco-Councillor is:





Our Playground Leaders are: 


World Music Day

On Friday 21st June, we celebrated World Music Day. Our focus for today was Reggae music. We started off by learning about Reggae music and the history of it. We then learnt how to sing the song 'I Can See Clearly' and we performed it using musical instruments and included some Reggae dances. To end the day, we took part in a 'Masked Singer' activity where we had to guess which members of staff were performing. What a great day Year 6; well done! 


Healthy Schools Week

During the week commencing Monday 17th June, we took part in Healthy Schools Week!

We completed a healthy snack tracker to track what we were eating on the playground at break time; making sure they were healthy snacks!

We then looked at the Eatwell Plate and used the idea of a balanced diet to create new dishes for the school canteen for each day of the week!

Some of your meals look delicious Year 6; well done!

Inside Out 2

To celebrate all of the children's hard work in preparation for SATs and as a lovely end of year treat, all of Year 6 visited Odeon Cinema on Tuesday 18th June to watch Inside Out 2!

We had a wonderful time relaxing in our recliner seats, eating snacks and enjoying the film with our friends!

It was a fantastic treat to celebrate all of our hard work! Well done Year 6!

Eid al-Adha

To celebrate Eid al-Adha, we created wonderful Eid cards in our RE lesson!

We discussed how the festival is celebrated and wished Happy Eid to all of the children in our class who were celebrating this event!

Happy Eid al-Adha to everyone celebrating!

Real Life Maths Week

Throughout this week, we have been taking part in maths lessons linked to real life skills to celebrate ‘Real Life Maths Week’. We have learnt all about budgets and we completed a budgeting activity linked to organising Prom. We also answered a range of money word problems linked to helping Miss Pike organise her finances when buying her first house! Well done Year 6; you have learnt some extremely valuable life skills linked to money! smiley


First Aid Session

On Wednesday 22nd May, we had two people who work for the Ambulance Service come in to speak to us!

We spoke about how to phone the emergency services, how important it is to not make a prank call, how to give CPR and how to put someone in the recovery position. 

The session was so informative and really helped us to understand what we need to do if someone we are with is in need of help. 

Thank you for coming in to teach us about it!



Speedway Workshop

On Tuesday 21st May, we participated in a Speedway Workshop!

Andy from 2Simple came in to teach us all about the history of Speedway and to show us a range of different activities that we can do using Purple Mash!

We started off by completing a brain dump about what we already knew about Speedway, we then watched different videos of recent Speedway matches , we used Mashcams on Purple Mash to put ourselves in the shoes of a rider and we completed a quiz based on all of the information that we had learnt all afternoon!

We then had the pleasure of meeting a manager, a rider and a fan who were all linked to the team 'Birmingham Brummies'. They brought in a Speedway bike, a miniature stadium, programmes for us all to look through and then gave us a little gift of a Cradley Heathens badge to remember the day!

Well done Year 6; a fantastic way to start off our Speedway topic!





Walk to School Week

During the week commencing Monday 20th May, we participated in Walk to School Week!

To start off the week, we signed our name to make a pledge to walk to school at least once this week!

We then discussed the importance of Walk to School Week: how it has numerous benefits for our health, how it can help our mental health, how we can reduce pollution and help people to  breathe better and how important it is to have a lovely chat on the way to school with our family members or our friends!

We then completed a poster to encourage everyone to walk to school!

Those children who walk to school every day will receive a certificate on Friday; good luck Luna Class!


Our Art Inspire

On Monday 20th May, we had our final Inspire of the year!

It was all linked to rivers and in our previous lesson, we had already completed a wash ready for our details to be added onto. 

We started the session by trying to match different shades of paint to the shades on our sheet. We then used darker shades to add river details to our washes before finishing the session completing a river scene that was only half given to us!

A fantastic morning Year 6; a wonderful way to celebrate your final Inspire at Reddal Hill!




Haden Hill Park Trip

As a treat to celebrate all of the children's hard work this year and for completing their SATs, all of Year 6 went to Haden Hill Park on Friday 17th May!

It was such a brilliant day! We spent the morning playing on the play area and then the afternoon playing on the large field! We had so many pictures to capture all of our memories and we had such a wonderful time with our friends!

It was the best way to celebrate us completing our SATs!

Earth Day

On Monday 22nd April, we celebrated Earth Day. This is an annual event which aims to raise awareness of how we can help to protect our planet; the theme for this year is "Planet vs. Plastics". To celebrate this, we took part in a poster competition across the school. Our posters were designed with the key message to stop people littering on our playground. The winning posters are going to be decided by our eco-councillors and they will be displayed around the playground. Well done and good luck Year 6! smiley



Eid Celebration Day

On Friday 19th April, we celebrated Eid!

All of the children came to school in celebration clothes or party clothes, we completed Eid activities in class and some of us purchased sweet cones and samosas from the PTA after school!

A wonderful way to celebrate Eid everyone! Well done Luna Class!


Behaviour Champion Trip

On Friday 22nd March, our Silver Behaviour Champions went to Haden Hill Park to celebrate their wonderful behaviour throughout the year so far. We all had lots of fun playing with our friends at the park. Well done everyone; keep up with the super behaviour and all of your hard work. smiley


Easter 2024

On Thursday 21st March, we celebrated Easter!

We made fantastic Easter cards and took part in an Easter Egg Hunt!

We then took home some delicious treats from the Easter Bunny!

Enjoy your Easter holidays Luna Class; you definitely deserve it after all your hard work!

World Syndrome Day

On Thursday 21st March, we came to school in our odd socks to celebrate World Syndrome Day. It is a day to raise awareness and acceptance and for everyone at school to join together to celebrate this!

We have also planted sunflower seeds which we are hoping will grow into beautiful sunflowers!

Our school will then plant them in the garden to continue to celebrate this wonderful day!

Well done for showing your support Luna Class!

World Book Day

On Friday 8th March, we celebrated World Book Day. We came to school dressed as a book character or in our comfy reading clothes. We decorated our own bookmarks to use when we are reading and we had to guess the mystery book that was read to us; it was Harry Potter! A fantastic way to celebrate World Book Day; well done Luna Class. smiley




Mother's Day Cards

On Friday 8th March, we designed our own Mother's Day cards. They look lovely Luna Class; well done!


British Science Week

During British Science Week, we focused on the key question: How has our knowledge of forensic science improved over time?

To answer this question, we worked on evolution and inheritance, DNA, fingerprints and how police solve crimes. 

To finish off the week, we used our knowledge to solve a crime that had been committed in the classroom!

To link in with Science Week, we participated in a fantastic Science Show where we watched Biology, Physics and Chemistry in action!

A brilliant week Year 6; well done!

Mad Hair Day

Today, the children took part in Mad Hair Day. This idea was thought of by the School Council, to raise funds to buy playground equipment for use at play time and dinner time. We had some fabulous hairstyles!


Chinese New Year

On Thursday 8th February, we completed some activities to celebrate Chinese New Year. We learnt all about Chinese New Year and the common traditions that people follow to celebrate it. We then created our own cards to celebrate this event. Well done Year 6; your work looks lovely!


Safer Internet Day

On Tuesday 6th February, we took part in a range of activities to raise our awareness of the event 'Safer Internet Day'. We thought about how technology has changed throughout the years and how the internet influences our lives. We had some very important discussions and we have learnt lots of information about how to stay safe online. Well done everyone!


Children's Mental Health Week

Throughout this week, we have been celebrating Children's Mental Health Week by focusing on the theme 'My Voice Matters'. Each morning, we have completed different activities to support our mental health. We have completed a mental health action plan, identified the positive things about ourselves and thought about our proud moments. 


National Storytelling Week

On Thursday 1st February, some of our parents came into school to celebrate National Storytelling Week. 

We spent the session reading a range of texts on Serial Mash. We then either completed the multiple choice quizzes about the text on Serial Mash or we used our reading objectives to ask each other questions based on what we had just read.

A wonderful afternoon of reading Year 6; what a fantastic way to celebrate National Storytelling Week!



James Morris Visit

During Parliament Week, we wrote letters to our local MP, James Morris, about how we would like to try to protect our local environment. James Morris enjoyed reading our letters so much that he came to visit us! We had the opportunity to learn more about his job role and ask him lots of questions about how he could help our local area. It was such a fantastic and informative afternoon; well done Year 6 for thinking of such amazing questions to ask him! smiley


Christmas 2023

We had a fantastic Christmas week in Year 6! We took part in a range of Christmas activities to celebrate the wonderful occasion and to also celebrate the last week of school in 2023!

Here are the Christmas activities that we took part in!

Christmas Dinner



Christmas Film with Snacks

Breakfast with Santa



Christmas Cards and 2024 Calendars



Christmas Carol Concert


Christmas Party





We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas at school! Luna Class would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


On Thursday 7th December, we took part in a DECCA day where people from different organisations came to talk to us about safeguarding and transition topics. We learnt about the impact of drugs and alcohol from a person from DECCA. We then spoke about the transition to high school with people from SHAPE and Prevent. After lunch, we learnt about anti-social behaviour and then spoke to a police officer about how we can stay safe online and when we go to high school. What a fantastic day of learning about all of these important matters; well done Luna Class! smiley 




Road Safety Week

During the week Monday 20th to Friday 24th, we discussed Road Safety Week.

The theme for the week was 'Let's Talk About Speed'. We discussed when speeding is acceptable and the consequences when people do speed. We also made sure that we spoke about how to stay safe when riding our bikes!
We then matched road signs to the definitions and finished with a word search!

Well done Luna Class; hopefully we all know how to be safe on the roads!

Children in Need

On Friday 17th November, we celebrated Children in Need. We all came to school dressed in our pyjamas! Everyone looked amazing! 

We also decorated our very own coasters and bookmarks.

What a brilliant day!



Anti-Bullying Week 2023

On Monday 13th November and Tuesday 14th November, we participated in Anti-Bullying Week. 

For our morning work this week, we have completed a Kindness Booklet. We then made sure that we used different actions and gestures that showed kindness throughout the school day!

On Monday, we took part in Odd Sock Day! Lots of us came to school in odd socks to celebrate diversity at our school and to promote inclusion. We then all created our own odd sock to remind us that being different is something to be proud of!



On Tuesday 14th November, we looked in more detail about Anti-Bullying week and discussed Banter vs Bullying. We looked at how we can decide whether it is banter or bullying and what we need to do if banter is taken too far. We then created our own Kindness Quilt to remind us why it is important to be kind and how we can show kindness each day. 

A fantastic way to celebrate Anti-Bullying week Luna Class; well done!


Remembrance Day 2023

To help us to remember the war veterans from World War I, we took part in a Remembrance Day lesson. We discussed the work that The British Legion do, what happens on Remembrance Sunday and what people do around the country to remember the people who sadly lost their lives in the war. We then created our own poppy with different facts about Remembrance Sunday and displayed them in our classroom. They look amazing Luna Class and are a brilliant reminder as to why Remembrance Sunday is such an important day; well done!




On Friday 10th November, we learnt all about Diwali. We completed a piece of scratch art with our own Rangoli patterns on there. We also coloured in pictures of different Rangoli patterns using lots of bright colours. Your work was amazing Luna Class; well done! smiley



Cannock Chase War Museum

On Thursday 9th November, we visited Cannock Chase War Museum to start our History topic about WWII. 
We had the most amazing day and we learnt so much about our new topic!

Throughout the day, we took part in four different activities:

Activity 1: We took part in a drama activity where we understood the evacuee process and how there were two outcomes depending on the type of family the evacuees got sent to

Activity 2: We participated in a range of rationing activities where we looked at different ingredients and recipes used during WWII

Activity 3: We looked around a 1940s house and compared it to what our homes look like now

Activity 4: We discussed gas masks and air raid sirens where we tried on a gas mask and spoke about how it made us feel whilst wearing it. We then understood what it was like to hear an air raid siren and rush to safety until the all clear was given

We had such a fantastic day! It was an amazing way to start our new topic!

Well done Luna Class!





Call to Earth Day

On Wednesday 8th November, we celebrated Call to Earth Day. The theme for this event this year is linking cities with wilderness. We focused on comparing our local area with an area of wilderness (Amazon Rainforest) and looked at the impact that deforestation is having on our planet. We then made our own Earth Day pledge spinners explaining what we are going to do to protect our planet and we coloured in our own bookmarks. Throughout the afternoon, we also decorated biscuits which we are going to sell on Friday after school to raise money for the National Trust's 'Plant a Tree' charity. Well done Luna Class; you have learnt so much about this fantastic event! smiley




Parliament Week

During our PSHE lesson on Tuesday 7th November, we celebrated Parliament Week!
We started off by watching a video about what parliament is, we reminded ourselves of the British Values before discussing about our local MP, James Morris. As our activity, we decided to write to James Morris about environmental issues around our local area and how James Morris could help with this. We are really hoping for a response back to one of our letters; fingers crossed Luna Class!



World Mental Health Day

To celebrate World Mental Health Day, we created posters to remind us about what we could do when we need to talk to someone about our mental well-being. We listened to an introduction from Ant and Dec who reminded us all that we need to 'Get Britain Talking' before creating amazing posters that have been displayed in our classroom!

Well done Luna Class; fantastic work for something that is so important!

Black History Month 2023

To celebrate Black History Month, we focused on the topic 'Celebrating our Sisters'. We focused on the achievements and influence of black or mixed heritage women by discussing information about a range of influential women from over time. We started by playing a game of Top Trumps before using information to write a short biography about an influential woman of our choice. We then celebrated the culture and ethnic backgrounds of these women by decorating masks and colouring in flags of the different countries the women originated from. A wonderful way to learn about and celebrate Black History month; well done Luna Class!




National Libraries Week and National Poetry Day


To celebrate National Libraries Week and National Poetry Day, we visited the school library and read a range of poems. We really enjoyed visiting the library and we cannot wait to go on a regular basis to take out a range of different books!

Well done Luna Class!

Languages Day

On 26th September, we celebrated Languages Day. A visitor came in to teach us some German vocabulary. During this session, we took part in a quiz and played a game against the teachers. Throughout the afternoon, we completed an art activity which showcased different ways to say 'hello' in different languages. Your work was wonderful Luna class; well done!



National Coding Week 2023

During National Coding Week, we spoke about what coding is and we completed some coding activities on Purple Mash. 

The children enjoyed creating their own games! Well done Luna Class!


Roald Dahl Day

On Wednesday 13th September, we celebrated Roald Dahl Day!

We learnt lots of facts about his life, participated in a True or False Quiz and then finished the afternoon colouring a mindfulness bookmark which will be laminated for us to use throughout the year!

Well done Luna Class!