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Shout Outs

A big shout to Memphis for completing some phonics and shape activities. Well done!

A big shout to Asma for completing activities in the home learning pack.

A big shout out to Hassan! He has been working really hard completing the maths activities this week. Super Addition!

A big shout out to Memphis! He has been really busy completing activities in his home learning pack. Super number bonds to 10!

A big shout out to Ophelia. She has been busy answering questions about the story "Max's Jungle Adventure.

A big shout out to Yahya for the picture he created on a computer.

A big shout to Daniel who has been very busy practicing his letter formation and learning all about the Gingerbread Man! Fantastic Work! Keep working on those Pheeba 3 sounds, I'm impressed!

A big shout out to Zoe who has been busy developing her cutting and pencil control skills. Well done Zoe!

A big shout out to Memphis for completing lots of activities! Great cutting Memphis!

A big shout out to Hassan. He has been working hard completing lots of activities this week. Great Work Hassan!

A big shout out to Drew. He has been working hard on his formation of letters. Well Done!

Harvey made a Gingerbread man! He made an amazing birthday card for his Great Grandma and he enjoyed doing some yoga! Well Done!

A big shout out to Jobe. Developing his knowledge of phonics and doubling! Keep up the good work!

Ted has been really busy at home. He's been learning o'clock and half past times and learning about money! He has been making playdough and he entered a competition at Peaches chemist, he won and received an amazon voucher. Well done!

George has been busy making an amazing castle. He also he been developing his weaving skills. Well done!

A big shout out to Alfie. He has been working very hard. Alfie has also been helping the environment by going out and litter picking!