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Reception - Tigers

Friday 10th March 2023

Good Morning Tiger class. Miss Phipps and I have missed you so much and we are sorry you are unable to come into school today. 

Please find the link below of the activities for today's home learning.

These are just suggestions; you do not need to complete them all. If you could take some photographs and upload them to evidence me, that would be fantastic.

See you soon, and stay safe :) 





Tiger Class 2022-2023

Our Class Teacher is Miss Rashid 

Our LSP is Miss Phipps 


For additional information all about Reception, please see the attached information which was shared during our Meet the Teacher meeting. If there are any additional questions, feel free to come and speak to either Mrs Leach or Miss Rashid!

Important Information


Reading at Home:


Your child will be sent home with a book and reading record.  Children will begin with picture books and progress towards books with words, which match their phonics teaching and learning. Please share these books with your children at home as often as you can.  You can comment on the book and ask your children questions about what is happening or what might happen next.  Please record any comments in your child's reading record.

Remember! The more your child reads at home, the closer they will be to achieving their bronze, silver or gold reading awards and will be displayed on our trophy wall in class!

Bronze - 45 reads (45 comments in your child's reading record)

Silver - 90 reads (45 additional comments in your child's reading record)

Gold - 135 reads (45 additional comments in your child's reading record)]

Remember! You can also achieve more read to succeed points when you read the books allocated to you on Bug Club! 



Reading in School:


We love to read together in Tiger Class and have lots of opportunities to read and share stories throughout the day. We have a voting station in our classroom, where children are encouraged to vote for the book they would like to share at the end of the day.  The children enjoy taking part in this and are getting much better at voting fairly!We have Barney bear, who lives in our book area.  He waits patiently for a child to share a story with him every day and loves it when he receives a cuddle from them too!


Reddal Read Thursdays 


Every Thursday morning between the times of 8.40am and 8.50am, parents and carers are invited into Tiger Class to read with their children.  We have thoroughly enjoyed seeing so many of you supporting this event, the children have all been so excited! 



The children in Tiger Class look so smart in their school uniform!  We know how expensive they can be, so we kindly ask you to label your child's uniform to eliminate the risk of any items being lost. Children can also bring in a named water bottle for use throughout the day.  Children in Reception have P.E. every Friday.  Please bring the appropriate P.E kit into school in their school P.E. bag.  This will stay in school and be sent home half termly to be washed. The children should wear a plain white/blue t-shirt, black jogging bottoms or leggings or black shorts in appropriate weather and black P.E pumps or plain black trainers.







Children will be sent home with a writing book and name card to practise forming their names correctly. These do not need to be handed in, your child can keep them at home or in their book bags.

We will also send letter cards for your child to practise saying the corresponding phoneme (letter sound).  Please encourage your child to practise saying these phonemes as often as possible!


In addition to this, a homework menu will be sent out each half term with a variety of learning activities for your child to choose from.  The activities aim to compliment and consolidate learning that has taken place across the half term.  To showcase this, we would love for you as parents/carers to send us images or videos of the children's learning. The 'EvidenceMe' app on your mobile phone is the place for this. Simply take a photo or video and upload this to the app with a comment about your child's learning.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the Reception staff.

Thank you for your support with this.

Our Visit to Cradley Heath Library


On Wednesday 10th May, we visited our local library.  We had a lovely walk to Cradley Heath Library and spotted some other important buildings on the way!  We listened to a spring time poem, read by the librarian, as well as a story about gardening, before exploring the books.  We also took part in some craft activities, designing some wonder underpants for the dinosaurs from another story!  Before we left, we each got to borrow a book of our choice to bring back into school.  Mrs Rashid is going to read a different one every day, before returning them back to the library so that other children can borrow them too!

The Kings Coronation Celebrations


On Friday 5th May, we all came to school wearing red, white or blue to celebrate the upcoming coronation of our King.  We had a lovely day learning about the coronation and all of the jewels that King Charles will be presented with during the ceremony.  We enjoyed a lovely tea party, whilst listening to a playlist of the King's favourite music, before creating some lovely mug designs to commemorate the event!


Spring Behaviour Champion

On Thursday 27th April, we finally managed to visit Haden Hill Park to reward our fantastic behaviour across the spring term.  We had such a wonderful time and were all impeccably behaved.  Take a look at some of the photographs from the afternoon...

Earth Day!

We celebrated Earth Day during the first week of our summer term.  Each year group chose a country to learn more about.  In Reception, we chose to learn about Brazil, specifically the Amazon rainforest.  We had such a lovely time learning about all the different layers of the rainforest and the variety of animals that live there.  We finished our learning with a wonderful Brazilian samba dance!

Our new topic this term is...



Our big question is; Can plants grow in the dark?


The children will learn about different types of plants and vegetables. We will learn about what plants need to grow, planting our own seeds and watching the progress as they grow. The children will also have the opportunity to learn about the life cycle of a bean and plant their own vegetables. 




Butterfly release!

During the Spring break our cocoons hatched, we had 5 beautiful butterflies who were ready to be released. Miss Rashid made sure to feed them with sugar water so they had lots of energy before going out into the garden to release them. Miss Rashid enjoyed watching as they flew away, especially as one came back to see me! Don't worry Tigers I have captured some pictures for you. :)






British Science Week 2023


During the week beginning Monday 13th March 2023, we will be celebrating British Science Week.  The theme this year is 'connections'.  The children will have the opportunity to explore a range of connections throughout the week.  They will be exploring the connections between people of different ages, drawing maps of their journey to school, exploring the similarities and differences between different animals, making booklets about the 'field to fork' journey and using their senses to make connections with prior experiences. We will finish our learning with a paper aeroplane investigation, where we will explore the connection between weight and distance!  What a fun week of learning we have planned!

World Book Day 2023


On Friday 3rd March, we celebrated World Book Day by dressing as our favourite character from a book.  The children looked fantastic and we saw some very creative outfits!  We shared the story, 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and completed activities based upon this book.  We visited our school library and were so excited by the range of books we could choose from!  We also took turns to share our favourite stories with the rest of the class throughout the week.  We love to share stories in Elephant Class!  Congratulations to Noah, who won our best dressed on the day!

World Down Syndrome Day


In preparation for World Down Syndrome Day on 21st March 2023, we have planted some sunflower seeds to show that, whilst we all grow and develop differently, we all grow beautifully!  Each class across the school have planted their sunflowers and we are looking forward to watching them grow!

Our Learning

Spring 2




During this half term, the children will be exploring the topic, 'Amazing Animals'.  They will be introduced to different groups of animals, their names and the names of their young.  They will be exploring the question, 'Can a wild animal be a pet?' The children will learn about the behaviours of different animals and their habitats and will learn about the life cycle of a frog and a butterfly.  We are lucky enough to have live caterpillars in our class at the moment and the children are excited to see this process in action! 

English Inspire Workshop


It was wonderful to see so many parents and carers at our most recent workshop.  The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning with you! The children enjoyed orally retelling the story, 'Handa's Surprise' before helping to write a sentence about it.  Thank you to all who attended - it was great to see you supporting your children with their writing development.

English Inspire Workshop

Clean Hands and Teeth

We were lucky to have 2 nurses visit our Reception classes! They taught us how quickly germs can spread from our hands to other places and showed us how to wash our hands effectively.  They brought in some giant teeth and a large toothbrush and taught us how to brush our teeth properly.  Some of us even got to practise with the model teeth!

Clean hands and teeth

Our Learning in Spring


During the first half of the spring term, the children will be exploring different types of maps. They will be looking closely at their local environment and exploring some of the special places within their community.   We will be learning about the similarities and differences between urban and rural environments, as well as exploring similarities and differences between the UK and other countries.  What a busy half term! Look at our Spring term gallery to see our learning in action!


Christmas 2022


We have had such a fantastic Christmas week!  We have created beautiful cards and calendars to share with our families and enjoyed lots of festive activities in the classroom with our friends and teachers.  We visited Santa and his elves in their pop up grotto, watched a Christmas movie, enjoyed breakfast with Santa, had lots of fun at the Winter Wonderland disco and danced our hearts out at our class Christmas party!

We cannot forget the four amazing Nativity performances in between.  We are so proud of all of the children for performing so proudly and confidently.  They performed brilliantly and we were bursting with pride! Well done Reception! 


Our Learning in Autumn


We are very proud of the children in Tiger Class.  They are settling into school life so well and are all trying so hard to remember our school rules! Our autumn 1 topic is 'Marvellous Me'.  The children will be exploring the question, 'Are we all the same?' We will learn about different body parts, similarities and differences between different age groups and will explore the life cycle of a human! 

During Autumn 2, the children will discovering how to keep our body and minds healthy, as well as learning about Armistice Day and taking part in activities for UK Parliament week and Road Safety week.  Take a look at our gallery to find out more, including the very special visit we had from a baby and his Mother!

Maths Inspire Workshop


It was lovely to see so many of you attend our Maths Inspire Workshop.  The children were so well behaved and enjoyed sharing their learning with their parents and carers.  Thank you for your continued support.

Dates for your Diary



enlightened   Phonics Club After School Club - from Monday 25th April until Monday 23rd May  enlightened


enlightened  Monday 2nd May - Bank Holiday School closed  enlightened












enlightened Important Information enlightened


The children can bring in a named water bottle to go on the side which needs to contain only water or squash.




We are so proud of how smart the children look in their uniforms.  Could we kindly ask that you label each item to avoid any uniform being misplaced.

P.E is on Friday, the children need to bring their P.E kit into school and change at school.

The children should wear a plain white t-shirt, black jogging bottoms or leggings or black shorts in appropriate weather and black P.E pumps or plain black trainers. 




We love to read in Tiger Class and enjoy sharing stories together throughout the day. 

Your child will be given a reading book specific to their reading level. We would like the children to read as much as they can at home and record this in their reading record. You can talk to the children about what is happening in the story and what might happen next. 

Reading books will be changed on a weekly basis, please make sure your child's book bag is in school everyday so that we are able to hear them read.




A homework menu will be sent out every half term with a variety of learning activities for your child to choose from.  The activities aim to compliment and consolidate learning that has taken place across the half term.  To showcase this, we would love for you as parents to send us images or videos of the children's learning. The EvidenceMe app on your mobile phone is the place for this, simply take a photo or video and upload this to the app with a comment about your child's learning.


In addition to this, we will also send letter sounds and CVC words for your child to practise at home.  Please encourage your child to practise saying these sounds as often as possible!


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the Reception staff.

Thank you for your support with this.





Winter Focus Day


On Friday 7th January, we learnt all about the season of Winter!

We talked all about the changes we could see outside and what the weather might look like. We even discussed that the ground outside was slippery and frosty outside!

In the afternoon, we developed our painting skills by making our own snowmen. We used care and control when painting our snowmen and their features. 

Take a look below at some pictures of our amazing work!





EYFS Nativity

Please enjoy our EYFS Nativity. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Our Autumn Term Topic

Marvellous Me!



During our very first term in Reception, we have been learning about how wonderful we are. We have thought about the question, 'Are we all the same?', and have talked about all of the similarities and differences we have to our peers.

We learnt all about the human life cycle and enjoyed a visit from a real baby and his Mum! 

We learnt about the famous artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo and created our own fruit portraits!

We have celebrated lots of different occasions, most recently learning all about Diwali and Bonfire Night.

Take a look at some of our amazing work...




Each week we celebrate our successes in 

'Praise Assembly'.

We have a Writer and Reader of the Week,

Maths Mind, Sports Player and a VIP!



VIP - 

Maths Mind - 


Writer of the Week - 



Sports Player of the Week - 


Well done to our all children this week !!




End of 2021/22 page.

Our topic for Summer 2 is...

Earth Explorers!



We will be learning about where we live, countries and continents and the environment.





Our topic for Summer 1 is...

Exploring Change!


We will be learning all about life cycles, the seasons and plants!




On Monday 19th April, we had a special delivery of Caterpillars! 

They arrived in the post and have already grown so much.

We can't wait for them to make their cocoons and eventually turn into butterflies.

We will keep you posted on their changes over time. 






Caterpillar update


Our caterpillars have now all made their cocoons and moved into their new home, they will live in here until they are ready to be released.

We can't wait to see when they emerge from their cocoons and are beautiful butterflies.

See the pictures below to see what their home now looks like.








This week the children have learnt all about the artist, Kandinsky.

Firstly, we developed our understanding of colour by learning how to mix primary colours to make secondary colours. 

Then, we had a go at making our own pieces of artwork inspired by Kandinsky's Circles.

What do you think our own work?





For help, advice and queries, you can email your child's class teacher at and they will assist you as soon as they can. 

Physical Development

Remember that it is really important to keep fit! 


Cosmic Yoga



Just Dance

Reception 2019-2020


To help you during the school closures we are sending out homework sheets with lists of different fun activities for you to do with your children, we have also added a list of websites that you can use with your children below....   username: march20  password: home


Please look after yourselves over the next few weeks.

Miss Smith

Winter Focus Day

On Friday 10th January 2020, Miss Phipps and Mrs Beard taught us about winter.  We also practised our scissor control when making snowflakes and snowmen. 



The children really enjoyed their Christmas Party!

We had a great time at the Christmas Breakfast Party!


Thank you for all of the homework that has been sent to us so far.  It is lovely to see how busy the children are at home.  Remember you can email us photographs or videos at any time.  Just photograph your child learning or playing at home and email it to the address that we have provided.  Remember to add a comment to explain what your child is doing e.g. Tim enjoyed writing his name using chalks on the garden wall.  Remember to use the email address that you have registered with your child's 2 Simple account.  

This half-term our PE sessions will be on a Friday afternoon.



Thursday 11th July- Parent Inspire Worksop making fairy gardens.

On Thursday 27th June, we had a great time at Sports Day. We had a great time. Thank you to all of our parents for attending.

Super Sue

Still image for this video

On Tuesday 19th March we had a visit from the Animal Man. We learnt about different types of animals. We enjoyed touching an owl, a snake and a salamander.

World Book Day 


On Thursday 7th March, we celebrated World Book Day.  We dressed up as our favourite book characters, made bookmarks and designed a book token.  We also read some of our favourite stories.  






Chinese New Year!


On Tuesday 5th February, we celebrated Chinese New Year. 

We made our own dragons, masks and lanterns. 

Look at our fantastic colouring, cutting and craft skills! 


The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Still image for this video

Talk for Writing


During Talk for writing, we have been learning the story of 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'.  We have drawn story maps, designed our own front covers, practised our oral story telling and written our own story.  Here we are showing some of our story actions.  


Talk For Writing

Still image for this video

Behaviour Champion Reward Time


On Thursday January 10th, the Always Club enjoyed an

extra hour of play. The Always Club children played on the main school playground.



Healthy Bodies Hook Day


On Monday 14th January it was our Hook Day.


We came to school dressed in sports clothes and took part in a variety of activities.  The children designed healthy meals on dinner plates. We talked about the importance of a healthy diet, exercise, sleep and good hygiene.



We had an amazing day and we even took part in a yoga workout.


This week, during Active Adventurers, we played 'Domes and Dishes' and practised our ball skills.  












On Wednesday 16th January 2019, we had a special visit

from Karen. She came to teach us all about road safety. 


We talked about safe places to cross the road and how to

keep ourselves safe when travelling in a car.  



On Thursday 20th December

and Friday 21st December 2018 it was the EYFS Nativity Play


Ash End House Farm Trip 

On Friday 7th December, Tiger Class went to visit Santa at Ash End House Farm.  We had such an amazing time.  We saw lots of different farm animals, listened to the Christmas story and sang some Christmas carols.  































Phonics Workshop


During the Autumn term, we had our Phonics workshop.  We practised reading and writing letters and words with our parents.  We also read books together.  














As part of our topic, we have been learning about our senses. 

Here we are exploring our sense of smell, touch and sight. 




  EYFS Maths Inspire Workshop


On Wednesday 10th October, we enjoyed our first Inspire Workshop.  The children really enjoyed learning to read, write and use  numbers to 20.  Take a look at the fun we had! 



World Mental Health Day











Healthy Schools Week

During Healthy Schools week, we tasted different fruits and did lots of exercise. 

Here we are having fun!



Every Wednesday, our Year 6 reading buddies visit us. 

They read lots of exciting stories to us.  We have so much fun!