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Reception - Tigers

Tiger Class 2023-2024

Our Class Teacher is Miss Slater

Our LSP is Miss Phipps



For additional information all about Reception, please see the attached information which was shared during our Meet the Teacher meeting. If there are any additional questions, feel free to come and speak to either Miss Slater or Miss Williams.


Important Information




The children in Tiger Class look so smart in their school uniform! 

We know how expensive they can be, so we kindly ask you to label your child's uniform to eliminate the risk of any items being lost.

Children can also bring in a named water bottle for use throughout the day. 




Children in Reception have P.E. every Friday.

Please bring the appropriate P.E kit into school in their school P.E. bag.  This will stay in school and be sent home half termly to be washed. The children should wear a plain white/blue t-shirt, black jogging bottoms or leggings or black shorts in appropriate weather and black P.E pumps or plain black trainers.







Children will be sent home with a writing book and name card to practise forming their names correctly. These do not need to be handed in, your child can keep them at home or in their book bags.

We will also send letter cards for your child to practise saying the corresponding phoneme (letter sound).  Please encourage your child to practise saying these phonemes as often as possible!


Homework Menu


In addition to this, a homework menu will be sent out each half term with a variety of learning activities for your child to choose from.  The activities aim to compliment and consolidate learning that has taken place across the half term. 

To showcase this, we would love for you as parents/carers to send us images or videos of the children's learning. The 'EvidenceMe' app on your mobile phone is the place for this. Simply take a photo or video and upload this to the app with a comment about your child's learning.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask the Reception staff.

Thank you for your support with this.



Dates for your Diary





Reading at Home:


Your child will be sent home with a book and reading record.  Children will begin with picture books and progress towards books with words, which match their phonics teaching and learning. Please share these books with your children at home as often as you can.  You can comment on the book and ask your children questions about what is happening or what might happen next.  Please record any comments in your child's reading record.

Remember! The more your child reads at home, the closer they will be to achieving their bronze, silver or gold reading awards and will be displayed on our trophy wall in class!

Bronze - 45 reads (45 comments in your child's reading record)

Silver - 90 reads (45 additional comments in your child's reading record)

Gold - 135 reads (45 additional comments in your child's reading record)

Remember! You can also achieve more read to succeed points when you read the books allocated to you on Bug Club! 






Eid ul-Fitr



On Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th April, we learn all about Eid ul-Fitr. This is a celebration of when Ramadan ends. Some children were able to speak about how they celebrate this festival at home. 

During our EAD lesson on Friday 12th, the children created their own lanterns for Eid ul-Fitr. 






On Friday 22nd March, we began our Easter celebrations. The children went into the EYFS garden to find all of the Easter egs that had been hidden! They worked together as an amazing team and found the eggs so quickly! They were then rewarded with a chocolate bunny.








Behaviour Champion



On Thursday 21st March, the children went on our Silver Behaviour Champion trip to Haden Hill Park. The children had a lovely time together as a reward for their fantastic behaviour during the first two terms.









Dudley Zoo



To end our topic on 'Amazing Animals', Reception visited Dudley Zoo on Friday 15th March.

The children had so much fun exploring the range of animals at the zoo, identifying familair animals and learning the names of new animals too!

We even had a fun train ride to get to the top of the Zoo! 








British Science Week



During British Science week, we learnt all about some amazing animal life cycles. 

The children learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly, a kangaroo, a frog and a duck. We were also very lucky to meet and see the ducklings from Nursery, learning about how they had changed from the eggs when they arrived to the duckings just before they left.

We also enjoyed a super science show, watching some amazing experiments!




World Book Day



On Friday 8th March, we celebrated World Book Day! 

We celebrated this day by dressing up as our favourite book characters or dressing down in comfy clothes. During different times in the day, we would stop what we were doing and listen to a story. We enjoyed many different activities during Discovery time smiley




Chinese New Year



This week, we learnt about Chinese New Year and how it is celebrated on Sunday 10th February. This year is the year of the Dragon! 

We looked at some of the traditions that take place during Chinese New Year and made our own dragon masks!




A walk around the local area



Our new topic for Spring 1 is 'A ticket to ride', we began by learning about the loca area and looking at special features on a map.

Then on Monday 22nd January we went for a walk around the local area. We walked from school along Old Hill high street and saw many different places. We found; shops, pharmacies, the post office, doctors, a church and other schools. We had so much fun exploring the local area. 






We had a fantastic Christmas week in Reception! We took part in a range of Christmas activities to celebrate the wonderful occasion including making our own Christmas cards, calendars, breakfast with Santa. We also ended the week by performing our amazing Nativity!

Miss Slater, Miss Williams and Mrs Beard were so proud of us and what we had achieved.





Remembrance Day



We learnt about Armistice Day and what this means. The children learnt about poppies and how they are used as a symbol of remembrance and are worn each year to remember the soldiers that have died in wars.

In our EAD lesson, the children created their own poppy pictures using finger painting.




Bonfire Night



We learnt about and celebrated Bonfire Night by creating our own firework pictures. We also learnt about firework safety and how to stay safe when watching firework displays.




Story Hunt


On Monday 9th October, the children took part in a wonderful story telling hunt around the hall. They used their senses to help them find all of the clues that were hidden with the help of Big Bird and Debra. 

The children loved taking part and finding clues together as a team. They foud clues that were all linked with our current topic 'Marvellous Me', learning about healthy food, people who help us, houses and homes and what makes us unique. 




National Libraries Week and National Poetry Day


To celebrate National Libraries Week and National Poetry Day, we visited the school library and read a range of poems. We really enjoyed visiting the library and we cannot wait to go on a regular basis to take out a range of different books. 




Roald Dahl Day 


On Wednesday 13th September we celebrated Roald Dahl Day. We celebrated this day by learning a little bit about his life

The children then coloured pictures of characters from his famous books and collaging their own dream sweet or chocoalte bar. We has so much fun!