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Morning Work - This should take you around 30 minutes

Activity 1: Write an amazing paragraph about the pictures

Activity 2: Complete the times tables grid

Activity 3: Complete the kinetic letters accurately

Maths - This should take you around 45 minutes

Work through the two rounds of questions and use the answers to check your calculations!

Good luck!

Prom Posters - This should take you around 45 minutes

Read the information about prom and see if you can design an amazing prom poster which we can use on the back of our itinerary for the night! Make sure they are colourful and eye-catching!

Leavers Assembly - This should take you around 30 minutes

Read through your lines and ensure that you know them off by heart! Try and read them aloud using lots of expression, ready for when we go into the hall next week smiley!

Reading - This should take you around 30 minutes

Listen to the audio story of 'The World's Worst Children - 'Fussy Frankie' and then answer these questions:

1) How would Frankie get rid of his vegetables?

2) Which vegetable was Frankie's worst?

3) What created a shadow over the family home?

4) Create a healthy meal plan for Frankie's day instead of crisps, biscuits, chocolates, cake and biscuits?

5) How did Frankie ensure that he got some chocolate?

6) Describe the language Frankie has used.

7) Why are different words in bold?

8) Which part was your favourite? Explain why. 



History - This should take you around 45 minutes

Using the internet, you need to research a Cradley Heathens speedway rider. You can choose from:

Erik Gunderson
Bruce Penhall
Greg Hancock
Jan O'Pederson
Billy Hamill
Roy Trigg
Phil Collins


Using the rider profile, write down as many facts about the rider as you can! Make sure you draw a picture of the rider and make your subtitles colourful! 

As an additional challenge for the day, go on Times Tables Rockstars and see how many coins you can achieve in an hour! Remember, Miss Johnson and Miss Hackwood will be checking your scores to see who will be at the top of the leader board by the end of the week! Good luck everyone!