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Edit a sentence. Write this sentence using a capital letters and full stops. Read the sentence carefully as there may be more than one capital letter and full stop to put in. 


the egg started to rumble something was hatching

Thursday 28th January 2021


WALT: edit our work.


TASK 1: Look at your story you wrote yesterday with an adult. Have you included:


  • Capital letters and full stops
  • Spacing in between words
  • expanded noun phrases (adjectives) and a comma to separate two or more adjectives (e.g. long, lumpy legs)
  • conjunctions (and, when, although, because)
  • an apostrophe for possession (e.g dragon's)


If you haven't, add them into your story!


TASK 2: Look at a part of my story. Can you edit my punctuation. I was very tired yesterday and forgot my capital letters, full stops and apostrophe for possession! I also forgot to put a capital letter for the character's name too!