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Friday 5th

Pheeba Phonics


You can use the clips below to practise saying your Pheeba 2 and Pheeba 3 sounds. 


Then, use the Pheeba Flip cards to practise sounding out and blending to read the words.

You can start on the Bronze star Pheeba Flip card, after you can have a go at challenging yourself to read the Silver star and Gold star Pheeba Flip cards.

Bronze Star challenge

Can you practise reading the words?

Have a go at sounding out and blending the words back together again. 

Bronze star challenge

Silver Star challenge

Can you play buried treasure by reading the words?

Can you work out if they are real words and go into the treasure chest

or alien words and need to go into the bin?

Silver star challenge

Gold Star challenge

Can you play tricky word bingo by reading the words?

Ask an adult to call out the tricky words, can you work out which word they are saying and place a counter or object over it.

Gold star challenge