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The PE Lockdown Challenge

The Lockdown PE Challenge


The staff at Reddal Hill are setting all of our families 'The PE Lockdown Challenge!'

It is so important that we all still continue with physical activity, even if we cannot go to our sporting clubs outside of school or take part in PE lessons each week. 

It is recommended that everyone needs to complete 60 minutes of physical activity every day so we have found a number of activities that you can carry out in your household or in your garden. 

They are activities that everyone can join in with so see if you can spare 60 minutes a day to be physically active smiley!

There is a Lockdown Challenge sheet which you can fill in to keep track of how much activity you have done over the week!

If you complete any of the activities or are super active and complete them all, remember to email pictures and the challenge sheet over to your class teacher so that they can add you to the shout out page!

Good luck everyone smiley!

School Games Challenge!

We have also got another virtual competition running if you would like to participate in it!

The activities are Speed Bounce, Target Throw, Balance and Throw and Catch. 

Click all the way to the end of the link and submit your score by putting your school name, gender and your year group!

Good luck everyone smiley!


YouTube Workouts

P.E at Home Challenges

Dance Workouts

Yoga Workouts

Cricket Activities

Some of these activities will require a cricket bat and additional space. 

School Games Challenge

Hayley Fisher, our School Games Organiser, has challenged us to four different challenges!

These are: Speed Bounce, Balance, Target Throw and Throw and Catch!

If you complete these activities, make sure you write it down on your challenge sheet so that your teacher can pass it on to Miss Hackwood so that your score can be entered smiley!