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VIP Announcement & Shout-Outs!

Our VIP's are . . . . .

15th June

Dobby's VIP: James

Hermione's VIP: Kellie-Marie


22nd June

Dobby's VIP: Jevan

Hermione's VIP:  Megan


29th June

Dobby's VIP: Allegra

Hermione's VIP: Lacey


6th July

Dobby's VIP: Alexis

Hermione's VIP: Demi


13th July

Dobby's VIP: Chase

Hermione's VIP: Brooke





Year 3 Shout-Outs...


Well done to Chase who has been chosen as Dobby's class VIP! You have been super busy with all your home learning and it is lovely to see both you and Brooke exploring through play too!


Well done to Brooke who is Hermione's VIP!  You too have been doing some wonderful activities and plenty of home learning.  Fabulous.  What a super star you are!smiley



Also, Happy 8th birthday Chase!!! It looks like you've had lots of fun celebrating with your family smiley



A huge shout out to Allegra for your fantastic continued efforts with your home learning, it is so lovely to see what you have been doing smiley



Demi has been chosen as Hermione's VIP for the fantastic effort and enthusiasm that she has put into her her home learning.  Fabulous effort Demi!!!smiley


Well done, Alexis. You have been chosen as this weeks VIP for Dobby class. I have been in touch with Miss Griffiths who assures me you have been trying a little harder with both your behaviour and the work you are producing. I know you can do it, so please keep it up!!!



Another shout out goes to James, who is always the first to email through all the home learning and additional tasks that he is completing at home! Well done, James smiley





Lacey has been chosen as Hermione's VIP this week.  She is completing all her home learning tasks and she sends us lovely detailed emails weekly, telling us what she is up to.  She has also created a scrapbook with lots of photographs.  Well done Lacey.  You are an absolute super star!!!!smiley


A shout out to Demi in Hermione class.  She has written a fantastic and lengthy email, telling us everything she has been up to over the past weeks which has been so lovely to read about.  She has been completing her home learning, cooking Nigerian food with her Mom and riding her bike.  She also wrote a list telling us why many of the children in Hermione class are special.  How thoughtful of her!smiley


Megan is continuing to work really hard to complete her home learning.  Fabulous! smiley



Allegra has been chosen this week as Dobby's VIP. Allegra has been so enthusiastic with her home-learning tasks and is even doing additional learning whether it be completing additional subject book tasks or helping in and around the house which is fantastic to hear about. 

The healthy breakfast photo just shows your creative nature and looks like such a yummy treat it has left me feeling very hungry!!!







A huge shout out to James for his ongoing efforts each week with his home-learning, it is so lovely to see all of your completed work that your Mum has emailed through each week.








Jevan has been chosen as Dobby's VIP for his hard working and continuous efforts across all aspects of his home-learning. Jevan has even been a busy bee in the kitchen making delicious sponge cake and meat pasties, they look so yummy!!! smiley



A shout out to Allegra who has been working hard at home, take a look at the amazing whiteboard used to practise her very own spelling test! Keep up the hard work, Allegra and it is lovely to hear how well you are doing from the emails your Mum has sent. smiley



A shout out to James who has been working hard yet again across all areas of his home learning, you have always been the first to get lots of your completed work photographed and emailed across for me to see, which is fantastic! smiley






Megan has been chosen as Hermione's VIP this week, as she is trying so hard with her home learning.  She was also very enthusiastic to discuss her work and what she had been reading, when we telephoned her.  Fabulous Megan!!!  Your plants that you have grown look amazing too!smileyheart



A special shout out to Lacey who is also working so hard and regularly sends us emails and photos of all her hard work.  Fantastic Lacey!  Keep it up!!winkheart


Kellie-Marie was Hermione's VIP last week.  She was so pleased to be awarded this title that she made her own VIP badge!  Brilliant!smileyheart




Well done to Jevan, who has been working hard labelling parts of a flowering plant, take a look below:



Well done to James, you have enjoyed adding in your own stage directions, ordering numbers and even labelling parts of a flowering plant!


But this masterpiece of Mr Twit's beard is my favourite, James!!!


Kellie-Marie has been doing lots of activities at home.  She has been reading to her guinea pigs and has made shadow puppets for Science! Fabulous!  Well done Kellie!smiley


Well done to Lacey who has made a scrap book, sent us emails and completed lots of the home learning activities!  Super Lacey!smiley

Well done to Pagan, who sent us a video of his solar powered windmill that he made.  Fantastic!  You super star!smiley

Well done to George, who has been up to lots of activities.  He has been practising his division work for maths and created some lovely art work!  Fantastic George!smiley