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Year 6 - Snape

In Snape Class we have lots of fun and laughter! On this page you will find our class news and lots of interesting pictures showing you what we have done.


Important information about us!

Teacher: Mrs Davies

LSP: Ms Hickman


Additional Important Information:

enlightenedIn Year 6, our school day begins at 8:40am and finishes at 3:00pm.

enlightenedChildren can bring a named water bottle which needs to contain only water or squash.

enlightenedThere will not be any toast provided at break time however children can bring a small snack with them to school to eat at break time such as: fruit or raisins.

enlightenedThe children can come to school on a Tuesday dressed in their PE kit with suitable footwear. 

enlightenedYour child will be given a reading book specific to their reading level. We would like the children to read as much as they can at home and record this in their reading record. 



PE Day:

Every Tuesday



Every Wednesday



All homework will be related to SATs style questions in Reading, SPaG and Mathematics. All homework will be set on a Friday and should be returned to school by the following Wednesday.


Reading Challenge:

We are holding a reading challenge this year! Every time you read, write it in your reading record. For every comment, you will earn a point. When you reach 45points, you will be awarded the Bronze Level; when you reach 90points, you will be awarded Silver Level and for 135 for you be awarded Gold Level! 

Good Luck Snape Class! 


Mathletics, Spelling Shed, TTRS and Purple Mash:

Children can access these websites from home. Each child has an individual username and password. Mathletics is an excellent resource which allows children to practise their mathematical skills. Times Table Rock Stars encourages recall of times tables and Spelling Shed will help the children with their weekly spellings!

Every week, we celebrate our successes by having a Writer of the Week, Maths Mind, Sports Player and a VIP!

Our congratulations this week goes to...


VIP - Victoria

Maths Mind - Tharsana


Writer of the Week - Shannon


Sports Player of the Week - Catrin

Important dates for your diary:






On Friday 3rd December, we had a discussion about PANTS. We started off by completing a jigsaw of different pants to find the different reasons as to why it was so important.
We discussed the acronym for PANTS and how important it is to understand that we need to keep our private parts private and that we need to speak to a trusted adult if we feel worried about anything. 

We then produced our own pair of PANTS to remind us of the acronym. 

Well done Year 6!

Children in Need

On Friday 19th November, we all came to school in our 'Dress Up' outfits to celebrate and raise money for Children in Need! 

We created a Pudsey money box, bookmark and coaster to celebrate the amazing charity which all look fantastic!

A brilliant way to highlight the importance of Children in Need; well done Year 6!

Road Safety

On Thursday 18th November, we discussed the importance of Road Safety!

We took part in some online modules where we looked at safety, both on the road and in the car. We then created our own Road Safety game where we answered questions correctly to move around the board to see who got to the end the quickest!

A fantastic way to understand Road Safety Year 6; well done!

Anti-Bullying Week

During the week commencing 15th November, we took part in Anti-Bullying Week. 

On Monday 15th November, we all wore odd socks to school to highlight that we understand that even though we all have different traits, we all still need to be treated equally and celebrate how unique we all are!

We then had a discussion about 'One Kind Word' and spoke about the different types of bullying that could happen. We then created posters based on the acronym of STOP! to highlight the importance of anti-bullying and who we can speak to if we need to. 

Well done Year 6; you produced amazing posters!


Talk Money Week

In our Maths lesson on Friday 12th November, we discussed money management by looking into online scams and how we can best manage our money in a savings account. 

We started off by discussing genuine and fraudulent companies. We role played scenarios where children had to persuade the rest of the class as to if they were a genuine company or not by asking relevant questions such as if they had a registered charity number and if they needed any personal details. 

We then moved on to discussing what we would buy for £60 and if we saved it, what type of bank account, we could put it into so that we would get the best return on our money. 

We finished the lesson by understanding that sometimes, it is best to save some of our money for a 'rainy day!'

Well done Year 6; a super lesson on money management!


On Tuesday 9th November, DECCA came into our classrooms to talk to us about the effects of alcohol and drugs. 

We spoke about alcohol, the different types, the nicknames used for it and the detrimental impacts that too much of it would have on our body. We also had a go at using beer goggles to see how alcohol affects our vision and brain by completing Maths questions and lock activities. 

We then moved on to discussing cannabis and the short term and long term effects on what this does to our body. 

A fantastic session Year 6 and thank you to DECCA too!




Remembrance Day

In our English lessons this week, we have been writing our own version of 'In Flanders Fields' to remember the brave soldiers who lost their lives during the war. 

We worked so hard on them all week and published them onto tracing paper in front of a picture of a poppy field. 

They look absolutely amazing! Such a wonderful way to remember our brave soldiers; well done Year 6!

Parliament Week

During the week commencing 3rd November, we discussed all about Parliament and the Government. We discussed James Morris and his role within Parliament and different topics that he could take to the House of Commons to discuss with other MPs from different areas. 

We then used the idea of democracy to vote for our new school council representatives. 

We put our crosses on the ballot paper before volunteers counted them all.

Well done to our new school council representatives! They will be announced later next week!



On Thursday 4th November, we celebrated Diwali!

We looked at the story of Rama and Sita before creating beautiful Diwali art work on our magic black paper!

They look amazing; well done Year 6!

Show Racism the Red Card!

On Friday 22nd October, we all wore red to school to support the charity 'Show Racism the Red Card!'

It is a brilliant cause to recognise and support so well done everyone for taking part!

Black History Month

On Thursday 21st October, we celebrated Black History Month. 

We discussed what Black History Month was all about and why it was so important that we celebrate this every year throughout the month of October. 

We had a fun-packed afternoon playing Guess the Song where we listened to songs written and performed by amazing Black artists. 

A fantastic afternoon Year 6; well done!

Silver Behaviour Champion Trip

On Tuesday 19th October, our Silver Behaviour Champions went to Haden Hill Park for the afternoon!

They had an amazing time playing on the equipment and climbing trees with their friends!

Our Bronze Champions also had great fun out on the playground for an hour!

Well done Behaviour Champions; you are a credit to our school!





Languages Day 2021

On Tuesday 28th September, we celebrated Languages Day by participating in a workshop in the hall where we learnt six different languages for twelve different nouns. We looked at French, Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish and Dutch. 

We then came back to the classroom and completed a match up activity about everything we learnt in the hall!

A fantastic Languages Day Year 6, well done!

Enterprise Week 2021

For Enterprise Week for Project Gambia, we decided to try and make a profit by decorating and selling plant pots!

We visited the Project Gambia warehouse where we purchased all of the materials that we needed for our item. We tried to purchase them for the least amount possible to ensure we could make as much profit as we could.

In Maths, we looked at money managing with budgets, 10% reductions, finding change and then working out profits and losses. 

In English, we researched an entrepreneur and created a poster presentation.

We produced an A3 poster with different facts and pictures which all looked amazing; well done everyone!

In our additional lessons, we practised writing a C.V, we wrote down a speech to interview for a new role before role-playing for an interview and we wrote a sales pitch for our new plant pot product!

On Friday, we then went out onto the playground to sell our product!

Our sellers were amazing and we sold out in no time!

Well done Year 6; an amazing enterprise week!

Prom 2021

On Friday 9th July, we had our Year 6 Prom 2021!

We went to the Cornbow Hall in Halesowen where we had a fantastic evening socialising with friends, having lots of pictures and playing a range of games!

Everyone had an amazing night; it was a wonderful way to make lots of memories and finish our year together !

You will all be greatly missed Year 6!

National Sports Week

Starting on Monday 21st June, we are celebrating National Sports Week!

The theme for the week is to celebrate Sir Tom Moore by completing 100 minutes of exercise throughout the week, 100 reps of an activity each day and 100 seconds of a different activity each day. 

We have got our wall charts up on the wall ready to go, to see who is able to complete the Sir Tom Moore challenge!

Good luck everyone!

Musical Rock Star Day!

On Monday 21st June, we celebrated Musical Rock Stars Day by coming to school dressed as amazing rock stars!


We started off the day by creating our own back stage pass with our photo on!


We then created our own 'Musical Snakes and Ladders Times Table Game' where we adapted the original idea of Snakes and Ladders and included mathematical questions which needed to be solved in order for someone to win! They looked amazing everyone; well done!

After break time, we then wrote our own 'We Will Rock You' song, titled 'We are Reddal Hill!' The children worked in groups to write their own verses before producing their own props to use in their performance. Each group came to the front and performed to the instrumental of the song! We have got so many rock stars in our class; amazing performances everyone!


After dinner time, we produced an amazing musical instrument piece of art work where we used pencil crayon to colour in an instrument and felt tip pens around the outside!

They looked brilliant; well done everyone!

What a fantastic day Year 6! 

Euro 2021

From 11th June to 11th July, we will be celebrating and following the Euro 2021 tournament!

We have put up our wall chart and fixtures so that we can follow the games, looked into the different countries participating in the tournament and researched about the different players and what country they are playing for!

In one of our PE lessons as well, we will be participating in a football tournament and penalty shoot out with the winner receiving a prize!

What an amazing month of sport it will be! Come on England!


On Monday 24th May, Tuesday 25th and Thursday 27th May, some of our Year 6 children took part in Bikeability lessons!

They had some time on the playground first before going outside of school and practising their skills on roads, around corners and all of the different skills that they needed to be safe on the roads!

Well done Year 6! A fantastic achievement!


First Aid Afternoon

On Wednesday 26th May, we participated in a First Aid Afternoon where we discussed what we needed to do in an emergency, potential hazards which we may find in and around our homes and what to do in an event where someone is choking. 

We had a brilliant afternoon and we all achieved a certificate for our new first aid knowledge!

Well done Year 6!






Easter Celebrations

On Thursday 1st April, we celebrated Easter! We created our own Easter cards, created a bunny basket to collect our eggs and participated in an egg hunt! 

Well done, Snape class! 

We hope you have a lovely Easter break! 

Red Nose Day!

On Friday 19th March, we celebrated Red Nose Day by coming to school in brightly coloured clothes so that we could brighten up everyone's day!

We also wrote down a joke so that we could have a LOL-A-THON! We all stood up and performed our joke to the class so that we could end the day with a smile on our face!

A lovely day Year 6, well done!

British Science Week!

During the week commencing 8th March, we participated in British Science Week where the theme was 'Innovating the Future'. 

Our investigation was based around whether citrus fruits could create electricity!

After many investigations, we concluded that a lemon is not a reliable source of electricity as it is very unpredictable!

A brilliant week Year 6; well done!

Mother's Day Cards

To celebrate Mother's Day, we made beautiful cards to say thank you to our wonderful Moms!

Have a lovely Mother's Day everyone!

Internet Safety Day

To participate in Internet Safety Day, we have completed a range of activities this week to understand how to stay safe on the internet!

We discussed what Internet Safety Day is and completed a quiz about what we should do in different scenarios! We then produced a poster to remind ourselves how we can always stay safe and what we need to do if we feel worried about anything!

Well done Year 6; your posters are bright, colourful and include very important information smiley!

Chinese New Year

To understand the celebrations of Chinese New Year which begin on Friday 12th February, we discussed the traditions which are celebrated for this festival. We used our knowledge to participate in a quiz and then we made Chinese Dragons!

They look brilliant Year 6, well done smiley!

PSHE - Express Yourself

During the week beginning Monday 8th February, we discussed Children's Mental Health week and how we all are individual and unique!

We discussed 'What makes you, you?', completed a quiz about understanding what to do if we need to talk to people about how we are feeling and then completed an 'Express Yourself' sheet too! We then created a piece of art work to 'express ourselves'!

Well done Year 6, super work!

Christmas Week in Snape Class!


Christmas Party!

On Thursday 17th December, we had our Christmas party!

We started off playing pass the parcel and our winners were Ki and Poppy. 

We then played musical statues, musical bumps and best dancer and our winners were Blake, Shoaib, Bailey and Maryam.

We then finished our party with our wonderful buffet of food!

A fantastic party everyone!


Christmas Crafts!

Throughout the week, we have made a range of different Christmas crafts!

We made a wool star bauble, a pipe cleaner wreath and a springy reindeer!

Fantastic crafts Year 6!


Lockdown Pantomime!

Due to the current situations, this year we watched a Lockdown Pantomime on a live stream!

Norfolk Music Hub performed Rapunzel and it was brilliant!

We all had an amazing time watching it!


Breakfast with Santa

On Wednesday 16th December, we had our breakfast with Santa!

We watched The Polar Express, ate croissants, cookies and muffins and had a wonderful visit from Santa Claus! We must have all made the good list this year as we all received a gift from him!


2021 Calendars

We also made calendars for 2021 which look absolutely amazing!

Fantastic work Year 6!


Christmas Cards

We made some wonderful Christmas cards this year with a Christmas tree made from strips of paper! Well done Year 6; they will look amazing on display in your homes!



Christmas Jumper Day

On Friday 11th December, we all came to school in our Christmas jumpers!

We brought in a donation and looked wonderful and festive in our Christmas outfits for the day!

Thank you to everyone who donated!



Christmas Dinner

On Wednesday 9th December, we kick started our Christmas activities with our Christmas dinner in the hall!

We all went down to eat our dinner together, pulled crackers, told jokes and wore our lovely Christmas hats!

A lovely way to start Christmas Year 6; we cannot wait for all of the fun activities next week!


My Identity Bag

In PSHE, we watched a video linked to REWIND all about racism and extremism. 

We discussed about the benefits of having our own identity and how this would help us to understand that we are all able to have our own unique opinion about different things.

Our Identity Bags highlighted how individual we all are :).


In RE, we learnt all about Diwali - the Festival of Light! We watched a brilliant video explaining the traditions and special activities that take place on the special day. We created beautiful Diwali artwork on magical black paper! We drew Rangoli patterns, Diva lamps and traditional Hindu patterns.

Well done Snape class; they are absolutely beautiful!

Christmas Card Competition

For Christmas this year, James Morris set his annual competition of completing a Christmas card. We produced a range of Christmas cards, using different designs, ready to send off to James Morris to see if any of us can win the competition!

Good luck everyone; your designs are amazing!

Remembrance Day 2020

For Remembrance Day this year, James Morris asked schools in Sandwell to produce a special piece of Art work to remember the different Poppy Day we had this year. 

We created a poppy collage as a class and sent it off to James Morris.

He was extremely impressed with our design and mentioned us on his social media!

Well done everyone!

We have also received a certificate from James Morris for our participation in the competition!

Fantastic work everyone!

On Wednesday 11th November, we looked at the poem 'In Flanders Fields' and created our own version of it. We then wrote it on tracing paper and stuck it to a Remembrance Day picture. 

They look absolutely brilliant; amazing work Year 6!


To commemorate 75 years since VE Day, we had an amazing poppy wreath sent into us. 

We spoke about what this meant and how important it is to World War II.