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British Science Week

During the week beginning Monday 13th March 2023, we celebrated British Science Week.   Year 6 focussed on forensic science and the key question: How does forensic scientists use connections to solve crimes?



Year 5’s key question was: How are sea creatures connected? They researched sea creatures and looked at the different oceans which they live, their food chains and what different families they belong to.

They developed their learning by designing their our very own sea creature and then making this out of junk modelling equipment.




Year 4 explored the engineering behind building earthquake proof structures.  They built bridges to help people escape a volcanic eruption and created 'earthquake proof buildings'.   



Year 3’s key question was: How are habitats affected by climate change?

The children explored different habitats and made connections between the animals that live there. They paid particular attention to the Arctic Habitat and how this is changing due to global warming.  



Reception explored arrange of connections throughout the week.  Their particular favourite was the paper aeroplanes, exploring the connection between weight and distance!