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Morning Work - This should take you around 30 minutes

Activity 1: Complete the sentences with the correct punctuation

Activity 2: Complete the times tables grid

Activity 3: Complete the Super Spellers activities

Maths - This should take you around one hour to complete

Complete the activity booklet as a consolidation activity for things that we have learnt throughout the year. 

Good luck!

Reflecting on Year 6 and Getting Ready for Year 7 - This should take you around two hours to complete

Activity 1 - Think about your time at Reddal Hill and all of the amazing memories that you have! 

Activity 2 - Write a letter to your new form tutor of your secondary school! Use the writing structure to plan your letter first and then use the sheet at the end to write it up in your best handwriting! If you bring these into school, we can send them up to your secondary school with your transition booklet!

Activity 3 - Have a look at the grid to prepare yourselves fully for high school. Think about the things you already know and any questions that you might have before you start in September!

Reading - This should take you around 30 minutes

Listen to the audio story of 'The World's Worst Children - Humbert the Hungry Baby' and then answer these questions:

1) How did the midwife know Humbert was the biggest baby they had ever seen?

2) Describe what happened to Humbert's mother as he was placed on her?

3) How did they get Humbert home?

4) How was Humbert fed?

5) How do you think the father felt when he realised both his wife and his cat had been eaten?

6) How could Humbert have been stopped? What could his mother and father have done?

7) Which part of the story was your favourite? Why?

Enrichment Time - This should be around one hour

As we are participating in the Olympic Workshop day all day Friday, use an hour of your day today to enjoy Enrichment Time!

See you tomorrow Year 6 smiley!