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We have some incredible artists at Reddal Hill. This page is for you to showcase your work.  If you have created any piece of amazing artwork that you would like displayed in the Art Gallery, please give to your teacher or to Mrs Stevenson, who will photograph the work for the online gallery.  It can be any form of artwork. A painting, drawing, sculpture. Anything!  So, let's see your fabulous masterpieces!smiley

Nursery Autumn 2022

During this term, the Nursery children have been learning all about themselves and their bodies.

We have taught them how to draw a picture of a person and they

have made some amazing pictures of themselves below!

Reception Autumn 2022

During this term, the children have been learning to name and identify body parts and facial features.  They have explored the work of famous artist, Guiseppe Arcimboldo and created self-portraits based upon his ideas. They have also been very busy creating firework pictures and painting poppy fields for remembrance day.

Year 1 Autumn 2022

Year 2 Autumn 2022

Year 3 Autumn 2022

Year 4 Autumn 2022

Year 5 Autumn 2022

During the Autumn Term in Year 5, the children have been learning about the artist Angie Lewin. The children have been researching, designing, creating and printing some brilliant nature theme prints. Have a look at some of our fantastic print designs below!



Year 6 Autumn 2022

This half term, Year 6 have been learning about the artist Andy Warhol, who is infamous for his modern Pop art, which often uses repeated images and vibrant colours.  The children sketched their own cartoon design and then transferred these onto canvas, using acrylic paint.  Have a look at some of their fabulous designs!





Andy Warhol Pop Art

Arts Ambassadors

 On November 2nd 2022, Mrs Stevenson and  Mrs Nisbet took 6 children from Key Stage 2 to Holly Lodge High School in Smethwick.  The children took part in Arts Ambassador training, of which they passed with flying colours!  The children worked with other schools, including children from Holly Lodge, to discuss the importance of the Arts.  They then presented a persuasive argument to their audience explaining and asking for funding.  They did this brilliantly, even though it was a little scary standing up in front of all the children and adults!  The children will help to make sure that plenty of Arts activities take place at our school in the next year and this will hopefully help us achieve the Artsmark Award.



Artist in Residence


Madeline Morris, an artist in residence, worked with our wonderful Year 5 pupils to design, edit and make a banner to celebrate the Haden Hill Centenary Celebration.  The work was so wonderful that they did not make just one banner; they made THREE!  Well done to all the Year 5 pupils.  The banners look great!




Haden Hill Centenary - Artist in Residence

In Year one during the Autumn term the children have been learning about the artist Megan Coyle. The children made collages of animals using different materials. The children also learnt about primary colours and completed some colour mix painting challenges.

Year 2 Art - Autumn 1

In our Art lessons this term, we have been looking at the work of Joseph Turner. 

We have been developing our drawing techniques and using observations to draw objects. We enjoyed sketching different objects outside in the sunshine!

Year 2 Spring 1 - Exploring print making using different types of media.

Year 3 Roman Pots

In Year 3 this half term, we have investigated how pots were used during Roman times and the various techniques used to make pots. We have learnt how to make a coil and thumb pot and how to add detail by etching or embellishing. 

Year 3 Autumn 2

Year 5 Art - Autumn 1


In our Art lessons this term we have been looking at the artist Angie Lewin. Throughout the topic we researched, designed, created and printed some brilliant nature themed prints. 

Year 6 Art - Autumn 1

In our Art lessons this term, we have been looking at Andy Warhol. 

Lesson 1 - Research and Posters

Lesson 2 - Experimenting with colour

Lesson 3 - Experimenting with colour using technology

Lesson 4 - Producing detailed sketches in the style of Andy Warhol

Lesson 5 - Adding colour to our work

Lesson 6 - Producing a canvas in the style of Andy Warhol


Year 6 Art - Spring 1

In our Art lessons this term, we have been looking at Beatriz Milhazes' Abstract Art pieces. 

Lesson 1 - Research and Posters

Lesson 2 - Mascots from recycling

Lesson 3 - Mascots made from plasticine

Lesson 4 - Designs linked to Beatriz Milhazes

Lesson 5 - Recycling Abstract Art - Our Class Collaborative Piece

Year 6 Art - Summer 1

In our Art lessons this term, we have been looking at Joe Cartwright and watercolour rivers!

Lesson 1 - Research and Posters

Lesson 2 - Watercolours on wet and dry paper

Lesson 3 - Flat wash and graded wash

Lesson 4 and 5 - Watercolour rivers