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Here at Reddal Hill we understand how important Science is to the world! Science has led us to finding out things that give us what we have today. In fact without science we would not have electricity which would mean no mobiles, internet, fridges to keep food fresh, television to entertain or even cars to travel in!


We encourage our children to explore their world and discover new things through a range of exciting hands on activities.

Year 2 materials investigation - What is the best material for a hamster's cage?

The pupils used nail files to replicate the hamster's teeth to see which materials were most suitable for a hamster's cage! They found out that it needed to be strong and also waterproof due to the hamster weeing!

Science learning during lockdown

Many of our children have been continuing their love for science whilst at home or in the key workers group at school. They have been learning all about space and the different types of planets,  designing their own planets, making spaceships, creating bird feeders, lava lamps and lots of other exciting things.

Well done to you all for being super scientists!


Year 2 British Science Week!

All week, Year 2 have been celebrating Science week by linking it to our 'Living things and their Habitats' Topic!

Our question was:

What are the best living conditions for an Earthworm?


We completed a variety of activities including:

  • Predicting what might happen
  • Observing the 4 conditions over the four days and recording this on a table
  • Learning all about Earthworms and making a Fact file
  • Classifying which foods worms can eat and what they can't eat
  • Making a poster about how to care for an Earthworm
  • Completing a retrieval brain dump to see what the children have learnt
  • Concluding what they have found out about the best condition for an Earthworm.



British Science Week!

On Wednesday 11th March, we celebrated British Science Week by linking it to our electricity learning for the term!

Our question was:

Can we make objects move without using our hands?

We made a prediction...

We carried out different investigations using balloons, polystyrene plates, pieces of paper and cloths...

We then wrote a conclusion from our investigation...

We had a super afternoon carrying out our investigation! Well done Year 6!

In Reception, the children enjoyed using the magnets to investigate which objects outside were magnetic.

Science in Year 2

Summer 2019

Over the past few weeks we have been learning about how materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. We have planned and created an experiment to investigate if play dough will float or sink depending on its shape. We had lots of fun carrying out the experiment and thinking about answers to our findings.





Over the past few weeks we have been leaning about life cycles and we have been looking at the

life cycles of a frog, butterfly and chick. We loved learning about the life cycle of a Jelly fish- we even learnt a song to help us remember it! 


Science in Year 4

Year 4 went on a minibeast hunt around the school playground!
It was so much fun working with our groups to see what we could find! 


Year 5 Science week

In Science week we completed a project looking at the 7 stages of working scientifically.

As our topic is plants and living things we decided to conduct an investigation into how plants grow, deciding on the question we wanted to answer. Each group focused on different variables and observed the changes over time. We had some great fun learning all about plants and even got to go to the park and explore! 



In Year 5 we complete lots of fun experiments! In the Autumn term, we looked at materials and their properties, testing different insulators. In the Spring term we have been focusing on forces and have already tested air resistance and water resistance!

Spring 2 Term Science Display - The Human Body

Our new topic this term in Science is The Human Body!

We have been learning about all of the different types of teeth, the digestive system and then we linked our Science Week to two different investigations as well!


National Science Week!

The week commencing Monday 11th March, we participated in National Science Week and we did Science every afternoon!

For the first two days, we planned an investigation into whether taller people have the longest arms! We looked at the different variables to make it a fair test, we then measured the children in our class and then looked at the results as to whether our prediction was correct or not!


For the second two days, we planned an investigation all about tooth enamel and how different liquids affect this!

We used boiled eggs and we placed them into coke and orange juice to see what happened to them! A super Science week everyone! Well done!


Spring Term Science Display - Rocks

Our new topic this term in Science is Rocks!

We have been learning about all of the different types of rocks, where we can find different rocks at school and created a brand new display linked to the different layers that can be found in our Earth!


Mad Science Assembly!

On Monday 21st January, Test Tube Tasha visited our school for a Science assembly. It was absolutely brilliant! We did some scientific magic tricks, watched an explosion and even made paper fly!


Year 3 Healthy Schools Week

On Monday 17th September, we completed a range of activities all linked to Healthy Schools Week!

Firstly, we spoke about different types of fruit and collaged them to make a fruit rainbow...

Then, we sat in a circle and tried six of the different fruits and discussed what we liked about them and which one was our favourite!

A super afternoon Year 3! Well done!


Our Autumn Term Science Display - Animals Including Humans!

Keep your eyes peeled for pictures from our Science week 2019 which will be week commencing 11th March.

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Year 1


This Autumn, we have been learning lots of interesting things about our bodies and the bodies of other animals!

To do this, we have been on exciting mini beast hunts and spoken about classifying animals into Mamals, Fish, Insects, Reptiles and Amphibians!


At the beginning of the Autumn, we learned all about what we need to keep our bodies healthy. Miss Skidmore and Miss Brain brought in lots of different fruit to try, and we used our senses to discuss what they looked like, smelt like and tasted like.







Year 2 Science

Our Topic this term is 'Living things and their Habitats'. The children worked in groups to categorise different animals to suitable habitats. They researched different habitats and found lots of information to help them group the animals.


Year 3 Science!

In our Science lessons in Autumn 1, we were learning about how to keep ourselves healthy!

We learned about all of the different food groups such as carbohydrates, fruit and vegetables, dairy, fats and oils and protein and how we need to eat some foods from each group to keep us healthy!

We made our very own healthy plates which we put on display to remind us to keep healthy!


In our Science lessons in Autumn 2, we were magnet investigators!

We looked at different magnets, completed a paper clip investigation, learnt about the different poles on a magnet and understood what happened when two poles either attracted or repelled each other! We also found out about all of the magnets that we have in our world; some in places that you would never even think of!

We put together our new display to show everyone our learning!


In our Science lessons in Summer 1, we are learning all about flowers and plants!

We looked at the different parts of a plant, what their job and function is and then we made our own out of tissue paper!

We put together our new display to show everyone our learning!

Science club!

The children in Key stage 1 have enjoyed learning different skills and completed investigations in the Science after school club.

Year 5 

This Autumn term we have been learning about plants. We have found out how plants reproduce and gained an understanding of the process of pollination.

Foundation Stage


This week (Monday 13th March), Foundation Stage took part in National Science Week.  Take a look at what we have been exploring.  















Science Inspire Workshop 


We explored our knowledge and understanding of the world with our parents.  Thank you all for your support! 








Year 1


During Science week (Monday 13th March 2017), we were actively involved in predicting and carrying out experiments all linked to the theme of 'CHANGE'.

The two experiments were all about 'colour mixing' and it was exciting to see the changes. Take a look at some of our pictures below...








On Wednesday 9th November Year 1 all became actively involved in a workshop promoting healthy living in a fun, hands-on and engaging approach through a range of activities.

We had tasks to complete at different stations and lots of learning took place through questioning and discussion!

Take a look at us all hard at work...


Year 2-Sunflower

On Friday 17th March 2017, we carried out some experiments for National Science Week. We have all enjoyed taking part in extra Science experiments and have had so much fun! We took part in an experiment to find out whether the colour of water would  affect the colour of white flower petals and celery. We found out that it does! We linked this to how important water is for plants and how the flower uses the water to survive!


We also wanted to find out what would happen if we added mentos to a coke bottle. It exploded everywhere and went all on Miss Eades! We have learnt that this happens because of all the fizzy gas bubbles that there are in the coke bottle.



Now it is the Summer Term, we have started learning about Materials. During our Inspire lesson we had a go at making a boat out of a selection of different materials. We tested our baots at the end and all of them floated! :)

On Thursday 29th June it was Science Day. We completed lots of different science activities where we explored our senses, learnt about the changes to our body when exercising, water resistance and air resistance. We had lots of fun with Miss Eades testing and making autogyros! :) 


Buttercup Class - Year 2

 Last term we learnt about habitats in Science! We learnt that a habitat provides animals with food and shelter. We discussed lots of different habitats (for example; oceans, rainforests, arctic and deserts). We worked as a group to match each animal to their habitat; as we did this we discussed how we know they are suited to that particular habitat.


As part of learning about habitats, we carried out a fun investigation! We wanted to know whether wax worms prefer a damp or dry environment...most of us found that they prefer a dry environment! Take a look at what we got up to...



On Wednesday 9th November, we took part in an A-Life session. We got to explore a range of fun activities that taught us about healthy eating and fitness. We had lots of fun and learnt lots of new things too!


This week it has been National Science Week (WB 13th March), we have enjoyed taking part in extra Science experiments! On Wednesday we took part in an experiment to find out whether an orange would float or skin. We found out that with the rind on, it floats and with the rind peeled off, it sinks!


On Thursday we took part in 'The Skittle Experiment'.  We put skittles around the edge of a plate and carefully poured warm water onto the plate until it touched the skittles. We really enjoyed this experiment! Look what happened...


Now it is the Summer Term, we have started learning about Materials.  During our first lesson we had lots of fun sorting materials according to their properties...



On Thursday 29th June it was Science day. We had lots of fun taking part in different activities. In Mrs Norton’s class we had lots of fun completing a Pirate Density Investigation!



Year 3 Science!

In Science we are currently investigating forces. So far we have looked at different types of forces and how to use magnets. We have had lots of fun learning scientific language and which materials repel and attract to a magnet.



On Wednesday 9th November, we took part in an A-Life Workshop where we learnt all about how to keep ourselves healthy! It was good fun and we all learnt so much! We were able to work as part of a team, as well as enjoy a variety of different activities. What a brilliant morning!



Year 4 Science!

In Year 4, we are currently learning about the digestive system and how to keep our teeth strong and healthy! We carried out an investigation using eggs and different liquids to see which liquid damaged the egg the most! The results were disgusting!!


On Wednesday 9th November, we participated in an A-Life Workshop where we learnt all about how to keep ourselves healthy! It was really fun and exciting with all of the interactive activities and we all came away having learnt something new! Well done everyone!


National Science Week in Potter Class!

The week commencing 13th March was National Science Week and it was all linked to change!

We completed an experiment where we tried to change the colour of petals and celery! We used food colouring and left them overnight to see what happened! We linked this to how important water is for plants and how the flower uses the water to survive!


We then carried out an experiment to see if we could blow up a balloon using vinegar and bicarbonate of soda! It was brilliant to watch and loads of fun! We then understood that the soda and vinegar mixed together to form a gas which then blew the balloon up!

Science Day!

On Thursday 29th June, everyone participated in a Science Day!

We went around the different classrooms and took part in a range of different activities!

We had an amazing day! We are definitely superstar scientists now!

Year 5 Science


Our topic this term is Earth and Space and we have been looking at the planets. To help us understand the different sizes of the planets we used fruit to represent them - from a watermelon to a peppercorn!

We also used toilet roll to help us see how far away from the Sun each planet is.








Our geography topic this term is 'Earth Matters' which links very well with our Earth and Space science work! In this lesson, we were looking at the layers of the Earth and made our own mini Earths using play-dough.