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Design and Technology is about providing opportunities for children to use creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems, considering their own and others' needs. 

Making mistakes is a huge part of Design and Technology! It is integral to learning smiley 

Children should also develop skills alongside the design process relating to food technology, woodwork, sewing, moving mechanisms and more.

Keep checking this page to see what each year group have been up to... smiley



Year 1

In Spring term, Year 1 learnt about freestanding structures. The children used a range of materials and techniques to build a strong and stable freestanding structure. A climbing frame, a slide and a seesaw were amongst the children's wonderful creations! smiley


During Autumn term the children focused on cooking and nutrition. They learnt about food hygiene and safety. The children designed their own fruit kebabs and salads, discussed the importance of cutting safely and then made their very own fruit kebabs and salad. They had lots of fun eating them... they tasted AMAZING! 




Year 2


During Spring term, we focused on Cooking and Nutrition in our D&T lessons, with a particular focus on preparing fruits and vegetables. By the end of the unit, children made their own nutritious fruit smoothies!




In Autumn term, we designed and created our own products, linked to The Great Fire of London, that included a slider and lever mechanism. Don't they look fantastic!



Year 3

During Spring term, we focused on Textiles. We used a range of materials to design and make a kite with Chinese designs/ patterns. We used Computer Aided Design to design prints on the laptop that could be applied (by an adult) to textiles using iron transfer paper. Have a look at some of our wonderful CAD designs...

by Sable

by Ted


by Isla


by Maria

In Autumn term, we made our own bread and healthy pizzas. We enjoyed tasting a range of different breads- our favourite was the naan bread! We discussed what carbohydrates are and why we need them in our diet. We then followed a simple recipe to make some delicious white bread! 



Year 4

During Spring term, we focused on making shell structures using Computer Aided Design. We linked this to our History topic and made Viking treasure chests! After investigating what shell structures are and why they are used, we worked hard to construct strong, stiff shell structures, using computer aided design. Look at our wonderful designs below smiley


During Autumn term we created our very own Egyptian banquet! Firstly, we tasted a range of Egyptian foods during our tasting session including; baba ganoush, olives, dates and flatbread. We then followed a range of recipes to make our own baba ganoush and sweet date flapjacks. We had lots of fun measuring and weighing out the ingredients! 



Year 5


Spring term we focused on celebrating food from different cultures, with a particular focus on Greek food. After researching key ingredients and understanding where they come from, we made a 'sweet dish' (honey muffins) and a 'savoury dish' (olive and feta muffins). 


Honey muffins


In Autumn term we learnt about catapults. Firstly, we researched the designs of catapults, found out how they were made and looked at what they were used for. We then created designs for our own catapults. Have a look at some of our amazing designs:





Year 6


In Spring term, we focused on textiles and linked our D&T lessons to the Bayeux Tapestry. Firstly, we research the Bayeux Tapestry and the importance of it. Then we explored a range of stitches using scrap fabric. We then used the computers to design a scene from the Bayeux Tapestry. The children used this design to create their final piece.  


by Allegra


by Zayd


by Demi


by Rayan


by Billie-Jo


During Autumn term, we researched rationed ingredients. We designed meals that could be cooked using rationed food items from World War II and researched the seasonality of each ingredient.