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Hi Nursery! 


Hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying yourselves in the snow! 

Please see below some fun activities for you do at home today. 

Please send us photos and videos of your child doing these activities

using the Evidence Me app. 

We would love to see lots of your snow photos too!


Look forward to seeing you all next week :)

Mrs Passey and Mrs Simpson


Can you see the marks we have made in the snow?

What marks can you make? 




Word Aware

This week we have been learning all about the word long.

Can you find something in your house that is long? 

Can you place your toys in a long line?




Physical Development

Today we were going to continue practising forming these pre-writing shapes!

Could you try out making these different shapes using crayons or pens?

You may even want to try painting them!

Next week we are going to start trying to copy some letters of our names! Can you make any of these letters already? 




This week we have been learning all about Alliteration! This is when two or more words

in a sentence share the first sound such as; 'The snake slithers slowly in the sand'.

Check out the links below to a range of alliteration songs and stories.


Alliteration is cool! 

Some Smug Slug

Peter Piper




During maths this week we have been sorting objects in different ways such as; by their colour, size, shape and type of animal etc. 

Could you try sorting your toys in different ways? 

Click on the links below to try some sorting games!


Sorting box game

Shape sorting




UTW- Down on the Farm 

Our current topic is learning all about farm animals and the different

food that comes from farms. 

Can you send us a video of you making some farm animal sounds or singing one of

our focus Nursery Rhymes?

Click on the links below for some fun activities for your child to do.