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Welcome to...ZebrClass!

2023 - 2024


Our class teachers are Mrs Norton and Mrs Passey and our LSP is Mrs Mundon.


Children have settled well into nursery and are having lots of fun playing and learning!



Our topic for Summer Term is...

Let's Go Outside!


 This term we will be taking part in lots of exciting activities linked to our new topic! We will be using our senses to explore the world around us, talking about the weather and taking part in a range of planting activities smiley watch this space to see photos of what we get up to...smiley


During an Understanding of the World lesson we worked as a team to plant flowers in hanging baskets for our nursery garden. We had lots of fun! Take a look at the lovely hanging baskets next time you walk through our nursery garden smiley


On Wednesday 15th May we invited parents into nursery for our 'Creative' Inspire Workshop. Thank you so much to the families that were able to make it - the children had a lovely time exploring the activities and creating some works of art!



On Tuesday 21st May we had a speedway motorbike rider come into school. He showed us his cool motorbike and talked to us about how he rides his bike at the speedway track. Nursery children were shocked to find out that the motorcycle has no brakes! 



On Friday 24th May we enjoyed a Teddy Bear's Picnic in our nursery garden. Nursery children listened to teddy bear songs whilst eating their delicious picnics! After we had eaten our yummy food, we went into Nursery and enjoyed taking part in a range of teddy bear themed activities. Thank you to all of the parents/ grandparents that joined us for this special activity smiley the children had a great time!


During our Understanding the World lesson (3.6.24) we had lots of fun exploring our 5 senses through a range of different activities. We enjoyed touching the gloop and smelling the mint and rosemary. We also had lots of fun walking through the rice - it felt funny under out feet!





Our topic for Spring Term 2 is...


 During this topic the children have been learning about the different animals that live on a farm. We have explored the different baby animals that are born in spring and the different types of produce that comes from a farm. The children have had the experience of caring for baby ducklings in Nursery, seeing them inside the eggs and then when they have hatched. To develop the children's learning further we also visited Ash End Farm to meet, feed and pet the different animals they have been learning about. 

We captured some great photos below of these experiences! 










Maths Inspire-Wednesday 7th February

We hope you enjoyed the maths inspire session to see what maths skills your children have been learning so far in Nursery!





Storytelling session-Thursday 1st February


It was lovely to see so many parents join us during Storytelling week for our

Storytelling session in Nursery. We hope you enjoyed sharing stories with your children!

See if you can spot yourselves below!




Our topic for Spring Term 1 is...

'On the Move'




During Spring 1 we are learning about vehicles and transport through our topic 'On the Move'. We have already had lots of fun exploring and learning about our new topic. We have discussed different types of transport that we have been on such as; planes, trains, cars, buses and taxis! It's been lovely to hear the children's experiences of using different methods of transport. 


During our Expressive Arts and Design lesson, we learnt about the artist Jackson Pollock. We learnt that he was famous for his movement art, so we had a go at making our movement art paintings by rolling cars through paint and then onto the paper. I think you'll agree that the children's art work looks absolutely FANTASTIC! smiley












Our topic for Autumn Term is...

'Magical Me!'


During our first half term in Nursery, we have been learning all about ourselves! We have learnt what our body parts are called, what colour hair/ skin/ eye colour we have and we have explored the similarities and differences we have in Zebra Class.


Our second half term, we will be learning about the different roles of professionals such as a doctor and a firefighter and in the next few weeks will be meeting a real nurse smiley


We have celebrated Bonfire Night and have been learning all about the season Autumn.

Take a look at some of our amazing Art work we have created to celebrate these special days! smiley




Autumn Focus Day- Thursday 26th October

The children have had lots of fun exploring autumn leaves, identifying the different colours of them and talking about the changes that have happened during this season in comparison to summer. We used real autumn leaves to make leaf rubbing pictures that are displayed in our classroom!

We also made autumn tree paintings using a dish brush to represent the leaves and focused on the colours red, yellow and orange! 





We have also been learning all about Bonfire Night and how to keep ourselves safe!

We watched a video of fireworks, read a firework story, took part in a firework dance 

and made our own firework pictures using cardboard tubes and paint!







During this term, we have also been using a range of different tools to make marks! 

We have represented numbers, copied shapes and patterns using the following;

sand, glitter, rice, pens, paint and many more resources!

We are excited to explore other mark-making activities over the next few weeks. 



Armistice Day-WB 6th November

During this week, we learned all about Remembrance Day and talked about why people wear poppies. We made our own poppy paintings to display in our classroom to remember



English Inspire Workshop- Wednesday 15th November 

It was lovely to have lots of parents join us in Nursery to show you how we teach 

phonics and the different types of activities we provide to encourage your children to

make marks. Please see photos below!




Thursday 23rd November- Nurse Visit 

To help the children learn about the role of a Nurse, Mrs Passey's friend Sophie agreed to 

come in and talk to the children about her job as an A&E Sister at Worcester Hospital. She

showed the children her uniform, talked about the different tools she uses and answered 

lots of questions! The children loved meeting her and are really excited to meet other 

professionals in the next few weeks!





Tuesday 28th November- Paramedic Visit 

The children had so much fun meeting the paramedics, learning about their job role, asking them questions and exploring inside the ambulance!




Friday 15th December-Police Visit

Today We had a visit from two police officers to talk to us about their job.

They showed us their uniform, the different equipment they use and answered lots of

questions that we asked! They gave us a sticker and some colouring sheets to take home. 








We recently enjoyed a lovely 'stay and play' session in Nursery. Children really enjoyed showing their families some of the fun things they do in Zebra class. Thank you to everyone that came smiley







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Every week, children in nursery will have the opportunity to choose a book to take home and share with an adult. Please look at the book with your child and talk about what is happening in the story.  Please record a comment in your child's reading record once you have read their story with them smiley






Evidence Me! 

We use this app in Nursery to take photos and videos of your child to record and celebrate what they have been learning. 

These photos and videos will be sent home to you through the app at the end of each term for you to see. You can also use this app to upload pictures and videos of your child for us to see what they have been doing at home. 


Please click on the link below to see the step-by-step guide of how to download and use the Evidence Me app.  



Children's belongings


Please can your child bring in a named water bottle everyday that contains only water or squash.


Please could you also make sure that your child's book bag is in Nursery everyday so that we are able to look at a book/listen to them read and change their books weekly.


Also, uniform is expensive and we don't want any lost! Can you please ensure your child's name is clearly labelled on clothes/bags and coats.






For additional information all about Nursery, please see the attached information which was shared during our Meet the Teacher meeting. If there are any additional questions, feel free to come and speak to either Mrs Norton or Mrs Passey!!

Parent Support

Please see link below regarding better sleeping habits for children.

Oral Health Support

Please click on the links below for information to help 

support you in looking after your child's teeth. 

There are lots of fun ideas and a story to help your child understand

the importance of brushing their teeth.