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Healthy Schools

Making Healthy Choices


Here at Reddal Hill, we are a healthy and nut free school and children are always encouraged to make healthy lifestyle choices. EYFS and KS1 children are given fruit every break time, and KS2 children bring in a healthy snack such as a fruit pot, or a healthy cereal bar to have at breaktime.

 Every Friday, all of the children in our School are entitled to Free Fruit during their breaktimes.


Children who bring a lunch box are also encouraged to make healthy choices and have a variety of healthy snacks during their lunch time.  A healthy meal is important because it will help children to:

*Be fitter and healthier now and later in life;

·*Learn quicker and show positive behaviours;

*Maintain a healthy mental health, leading to a happier life.




Packed Lunches


Where possible, packed lunches should include:

* One portion of pasta salad, sandwich, bread roll or pitta bread.

*Cooked meat or boiled egg as a filling in a sandwich.

*One portion of fruit and vegetables e.g. carrot/cucumber sticks, cherry tomatoes, apple, banana etc.

*One portion of yoghurt or cheese.

*One drink water or a sugar free juice.

We also recommend children eat fruit or yoghurt as their pudding choice. However, cereal bars, raisins or one chocolate bar can be eaten. Please be aware chocolate and cereal bars must not contain nuts.



Examples of a healthy packed lunch:

Ham/cheese/egg/pasta/jam/tuna Sandwich or a pasta pot

Yoghurt/cheese squares

Apple/grapes/banana/ carrot, cucumber and pepper sticks

Small chocolate or cereal bar.



For more healthy lunchbox ideas click on this link


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School Nurse Workshops


At Reddal Hill, we work closely with the Sandwell nurses. Throughout the year, nurses come in and deliver a range of informative and creative sessions to our children. 


* In September, Reception and Year 6 had their weights and height measured. 

*In April, Reception took part in hands and teeth workshop.

* In April, Year 3 took  part in a healthy eating workshop.

* In April, Year 5 took part in a puberty workshop.

*In April, Year 6 took part in a healthy relationship workshop.







DECCA are a Drug Education Counselling & Confidential Advice team who work with children under the age of 18 in Sandwell. For more information visit their website.


*On Tuesday 9th November KS1 took part in an assembly about medicines. The children were able to ask and answer questions about different types of medicines and which medicines are safe to take and which aren't safe.


*On Tuesday 9th November DECCA came in to talk to Year 6 about the effects of alcohol and drugs. 

They spoke about alcohol, the different types, the nicknames used for it and the detrimental impacts that too much of it would have on our body. The children also had a go at using beer goggles to see how alcohol affects our vision and brain by completing Maths questions and lock activities. 

The workshop then moved on to discussing cannabis and the short term and long term effects on what this does to our body. 

A massive thank you to DECCA! 



Road Safety



In November, we discussed the importance of Road Safety. We had a visitor to talk to us about keeping safe when crossing a road. The children then discussed all the key things to remember about keeping safe when crossing a road.



As a school, we took part in some online modules where we looked at safety, both on the road and in the car. The children then completed a range of activities related to Road Safety smiley



Walk to School Week


Walk to School Week 2022 took place from Monday 16th-Friday 20th May. During this week, all children were encouraged to

walk to school! A huge congratulations to the children below who walked to school every day! They all received a book mark and a certificate. Well done! smiley


Year 1

Year 2

Year 3


Year 4

Year 5

Year 6


Nurture Sessions


At Reddal Hill, some children take part in nurture sessions with Mrs Jackson. Every week the children choose what healthy snack they would like during their session. This week they had a discussion all about healthy eating and have created this amazing display! Well done, everyone! smiley