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Year 6 - Luna

Please meet your new Class Teacher and Learning Support Practitioner (LSP).

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Hello Luna Class!

I am missing you all so much! Some of our class have been back to school this week and it has been lovely to see those of you who have been in smiley!

For those of you who are still enjoying lots of precious time with your family, don't forget to keep emailing our class page so that I can see the wonderful things you have all been up to!

There is some home-learning work for you on the website under the 'Parent' section. It is split into four days! We really hope you enjoy completing the activities! Don't forget to email us with the work that you have done so we can choose our weekly VIP!

Keep having lots of fun and making amazing memories!

I cannot wait to see all of your lovely, smiling faces soon!

I thought I would put up some pictures of our class as well to remind you all of the amazing memories we have had throughout the year smiley!

Love Miss Hackwood



Hello Luna Class,

This week would have been your SATs week! You all worked incredibly hard and you should be very proud of yourselves! Keep smiling and I hope we can see you all soon!

Miss Hackwood x



Hi Luna Class, Miss Hackwood here! I hope you're all at home keeping safe and well! I am still missing you all so much; I cannot wait for you to brighten up my day again! I am so looking forward to hearing about what you have all been up to and more importantly... I cannot wait to be able to ask you what you are having for tea again!!

I have still got everything crossed that we are going to be all back together before the end of July!


I have completed another collage of the things I have been up to! I am really hoping that when I see you next, you can bring lots of things in to show me what you have been doing too!

1) I found another beautiful walk to go on :)! It took me across all of the fields around Halesowen and the sun was shining too!

2) All of the teachers had such fun making a video for you all! We hope it brought a smile to your faces! Here is my picture for you all! I cannot wait to see you!

3) This is a picture of us all dancing a TikTok video! We practised for two days before Mr Stokes filmed it for us! How did we get on???

4) It was International Dance Day on Wednesday 29th April. I spent some time looking through all of my old dance videos and I loved watching them all! Brought back some amazing memories! I know that some of you wanted to see my dance videos so here is a picture from one of them instead :)!


I have done you another collage so that you can see what I've been up to again! Here are my four highlights of the week! Sorry kiddies, there isn't a chocolate picture... I'd eaten them all before I remembered to take one!!

1) I went for another lovely walk around Leasowes Park - it is so pretty around there! I need to make sure I carry on going for walks!

2) I love counting all of the rainbows! These are the rainbows that my niece and nephews have done for their windows! How many have you counted on your walks?

3) I coloured in a mindfulness picture! I really enjoyed colouring it in - it took me 3 hours!

4) A beautiful butterfly landed right by my feet - a little reminder that although we are in our homes for a lot of the day, nature is having lots of time to blossom and be beautiful :)!


First four highlights:

1) I went for a lovely walk around Leasowes Park - it was so calm and peaceful!

2) I found a mini waterfall - I absolutely love waterfalls and it was lovely to find one!

3) I have been planning lots of fun and exciting lessons for you all for when we hopefully return to school!

4) I watched the sunset which was really beautiful! 


I have also found some activities and websites for you to do at home!

Miss Dosanjh and I miss you all lots already!

Keep safe everyone!


Reading Bingo!

See if you can complete this reading bingo sheet! We would be really impressed if you can!

Raid your book shelves everyone and see what you can read!


Scavenger Hunts!

For a bit of fun, see if you can complete these scavenger hunts! You can either do them in your house, in your garden or when you go for your daily exercise! See how many you can find :)!



Writing Activities!

Have a look at these writing ideas! See if you can write a brilliant piece of writing and think about our usual success criteria...

Have you included a range of punctuation?

Have you included adventurous vocabulary?

Have you stayed in the correct tense?

Have you made it interesting to read?

Have you used spelling rules to spell a range of words correctly?


BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize have started to post lessons for you to do whilst you are still at home!

Use the link below and you will be able to find a range of daily lessons suitable for Year 6!

They cover lots of different subjects so have a look and see if there is something that you could do :)!



I want to set you all a challenge!

At the moment, I hope you have all been enjoying family time at home. Some of us are so busy all of the time that sometimes, we forget to spend time with the people we love the most!

I know that my family are getting me through this hard time and I'm sure yours are too!

So I want you to dedicate a night in the week for...


I want you, yes you, to be the quiz master! I want you to spend some time researching lots of different questions (and don't forget to write down the answers too)! I want you to make some quiz cards, put your family in small teams and maybe you could even have a prize for the winning team as well! Most of all though, I want you to have fun! I would love to see some pictures from your family quiz night when we see each other again!

Have fun everyone! Get quizzing!



If you have been eager beavers and have nearly finished the packs which we sent home, maybe you could have a go at producing a 'Project on a Page!'

These look absolutely amazing and you could base them around any theme that you would like to! Adding pictures and lots of colour make them really interesting to look at too!

Here is an example:

Some themes you could write about are:

English: Your favourite author and their books with book reviews, find an image and write poems based on it or create your own character and create a whole life for them

Maths: As much as you can remember about fractions, time or each method

Science: The Circulatory System, Electricity or Light

History: WWII, The Battle of Hastings, Evacuation

Geography: Countries around the world, Recycling or Rivers around the world

Art: Choose your favourite artist and try and recreate some of their artwork

D.T: Find some recycling junk and create a masterpiece


Have fun creating all these! We cannot wait to see them all when we return to school!

See you soon Luna Class!



This week in English, we were going to be writing setting descriptions about a video from Literacy Shed. Here is a link to the video if you would like to watch it and have a go at a brilliant setting description!


Plazoom English Home Learning Pack Year 5 and 6





We have sent lots of Maths work home with you in your packs but here are some websites you could use!


Times Table Rockstars - I have set up challenges so you can compete against each other!

See if you can have a go at the Guinness World Record attempt! Scroll down to find out more!


Hit the Button


Maths Games


White Rose Online Maths Resources



BBC Supermovers!


Other Curriculum Subjects:

Blue Peter Badge Challenge!









Guinness World Record Attempt!


In Luna Class we have lots of fun and laughter! On this page you will find our class news and lots of interesting pictures showing you what we have done.



Important information about us!

School Council Representatives:

Chaya and Abubakr will be our School Council Representatives for Year 6!

Chaya and Abubakr will take any ideas from our class discussions and then put them forward in the School Council Meetings with Miss Dallison.


PE Day:

Every Tuesday

Please ensure that the correct PE kit is in school on this day and that your jewellery is also removed.  




Children will need to make sure they have their swimming kit in school on this day.



Homework is given to children on a Friday and should be back in school by the following Wednesday.


Reading Challenge:

Each term, we are holding a Reading Challenge in Luna Class.

Each time you read at home, either with an adult or by yourself, write it in your reading record and every time a comment has been written in, you get one raffle ticket in the pot!

Reading Records need to be in school every day if possible so that Miss Hackwood and Miss Dosanjh can check that you have got all of your raffle tickets and so that books can be changed on a weekly basis as well!

By the end of the term, one ticket will be pulled out of the pot and that child will win a very special prize for their hard work to improve their reading!

Good luck everyone!


Mathletics and Purple Mash:


Children can access these websites from home, each child has an individual username and password that will be sent home with them.

Mathletics is an excellent resource which allows children to practise their mathematics skills.


New for this year, Year 6 children also have access to a website called Reading Plus. Reading Plus is a brilliant website to help children with their reading skills! Every child has their own username and password and can access this from home!  


  Every week, we celebrate our successes by having a Writer of the Week, Maths Mind, Sports Player and a VIP!

Our congratulations this week goes to...


VIP - Abubakr

Maths Mind - David


Writer of the Week - Jasdeep


Sports Player of the Week - James




Important dates for your diary:


mailWednesday 20th November: Road Safety Day

mailTuesday 3rd December/Wednesday 4th December: Parents Evening

mailFriday 20th December: Last day of Autumn Term 2



Meet our Class!

Luna Class 2019-2020

Rock Steady Assembly!

On Thursday 12th September, Ben came in from Rock Steady to teach all us about different electric instruments!

He showed us the electric guitar, the electric drum kit and the electric keyboard and we all sang different songs and joined in with the different rhythms! 

On Wednesday 18th September, Rock Steady came back to visit our school where different children had the opportunity to go up on to the stage to play the different instruments!

We had Lola on the drums, Mason on the electric guitar, Shadane and James on the keyboard and then Luke and Isabelle on the vocals!

A letter has now gone out with extra information about children who would like to participate in Rock Steady lessons! Make sure you enrol online if you would like to!


Healthy Schools Week!

For Healthy Schools Week, all of our English work was based around instructions and how to keep ourselves healthy!

On Friday, we decided to make sure we ate our five a day and the whole class prepared their own fruit salad! Miss Dosanjh started off by cutting the skin off the pineapple and the melon and then everyone had a go at preparing fresh fruit which included banana, strawberries, grapes, apples, kiwi and oranges!

The whole class were super at cutting up the fruit so that there was enough for everyone!

Well done Luna Class!

Languages Day!

On Thursday 26th October, we celebrated Languages Day! We spent the afternoon looking at ways to say hello in different languages!

We then looked at the different flags for the different countries and drew them onto our poster!

A brilliant way to celebrate Languages Day Luna Class, well done!

Mental Health Day

On Thursday 10th October, we had a discussion about our mental health. 

We started off by talking about our worries and about how they could weigh us down. 

We then wrote all of our worries anonymously on a piece of paper and then we threw them around the classroom to get rid of them!

We then put all of our worries into our worry bag which we are going to have in our classroom from now on. We have got paper by the side of it to add any extra worries that we have. 

We then looked at two apples which represented two hearts. We spoke really kindly to one of them and shouted really unkind words to the other one. 

We then spoke about how words affect us and how it makes us feel on the inside. 

We then cut the apples in half to reveal what these different words would make us feel like. 


On Friday 25th October, we had our Maths Inspire session!

We started off with a times table challenge and then went through the different methods that we needed for the SATs Arithmetic Test!

It was lovely to see so many parents in our lesson!

Well done everyone!


Diwali Celebrations!

On Friday 25th October, we looked at the celebration of Diwali!

We watched a video about why this festival is celebrated and we even saw Miss Dosanjh celebrating Diwali with her family!

We then did some Bollywood dancing! Everyone was fantastic! Well done!

Anti-Bullying Week

Throughout the week commencing 11th November, we looked at anti bullying and how we can ensure to help people who we think may be being bullied. 

We talked about respecting others, treating people how we would like to be treated and always trying to put a smile on people's faces; as Jasdeep said that this makes the world a brighter place :). 

We had a really sensible and mature class discussion about bullying and hopefully we can show lots of kindness to all people from now on :). 


Children in Need!

On Friday 15th November, we came to school in our pyjamas and brought in a donation for Children in Need! We all looked wonderful in our comfies for the day!

Well done everyone for supporting the charity!

Anti-Bullying Week

On Tuesday 10th December, we had a range of visitors come into school to talk to us about a variety of different situations and how we can overcome them. 

Firstly, we had PC Treasure talk to us about how to keep our phones safe and about the change from primary to secondary school. 
Secondly, we then had Holly and Lorraine talk to us and drugs and alcohol and the effect that they have on our body. 

Thirdly, Karis came to talk to us about our identity and about different racial groups that may go on in our community. 

Finally, we had two visitors from ASB who came to talk to us about anti-social behaviour and about how this would make people feel. 

A very informative day! Well done everyone!

Christmas Week 2019!

For our last week of the Autumn Term, we had lots of fun to get us in the Christmas spirit!

We started off by making wonderful cards and calendars...

On Tuesday, we had a lovely Breakfast with Santa where we watched a Christmas film and ate lots of breakfast goodies...

On Wednesday, we had a trip to Merry Hill Cinema where we watched Elf! We had the comfortable, recliner seats and lots of snacks too! It was an amazing Christmas treat!

On Thursday, we decorated place mats and had our Christmas Party!

We played lots of party games such as musical statues, musical bumps and pass the parcel!

We then had a competition for the best dancer!

Macey and Jasdeep were in the final and had a dance off!

The winners from all of our games were...

We then had a visit from Santa! He came into our classroom and brought us all a present! It was lovely to see him!

We had an amazing party in Luna Class! Merry Christmas everyone!

We finished 2019 with a toy and film day!

What a wonderful Christmas we have had at school! Enjoy your holidays everyone!

Eco Bus - Sensational Start!

For our sensational start for Geography, we had the Eco Bus visit our school!

We used old books and instead of throwing them away, we recycled them into recycled hedgehogs!

They look brilliant and it is such a creative way to recycle old books!

While groups were doing this, we then used our recycling knowledge to produce a 

'Who Wants to be a Millionaire' style game!

In the afternoon, we then designed our very own recycling mascot before creating it out of soft dough! They looked brilliant and we had some amazing ideas!

Chinese New Year!

To celebrate Chinese New Year which is happening on Saturday 25th January, we read and discussed the story of the animals who took part in a race to determine the order for each new year!

We then cut out the animal masks and stood in the correct order for each year!

Reading INSPIRE!

On Friday 7th February, we had our Reading INSPIRE session!

Parents came into our 'Reading Cafe' and took part in a range of reading activities linked to reading!

We looked at past SATs papers first, then completed a 'Guess the Book' game before reading for pleasure to finish off! 

A super INSPIRE session everyone! Thank you to everyone who came!

World Book Day!

On Thursday 5th March, we celebrated World Book Day!

We visited four different classrooms where we took part in four different activities all linked to Harry Potter!

We started off with a Maths activity linked to co-ordinates on the Marauder's Map...


We then completed an Art activity linked to the wonderful scenery of Hogwarts...

After this, we completed an English activity linked to different vocabulary used at Hogwarts...

Finally, we took part in a Science activity linked to a Potions Class at Hogwarts!

A fantastic World Book Day Luna Class! Well done!


British Science Week!

On Wednesday 11th March, we celebrated British Science Week by linking it to our electricity learning for the term!

Our question was:

Can we make objects move without using our hands?

We made a prediction...

We carried out different investigations using balloons, polystyrene plates, pieces of paper and cloths...

We then wrote a conclusion from our investigation...

We had a super afternoon carrying out our investigation! Well done Year 6!


Sport Relief 2020!

On Friday 13th March, we all took part in Sport Relief!

We started the day by writing up our report linked to our Sport Relief Quidditch that we played yesterday...

We then participated in a carousel of sporting activities around the playground where we took part in activities such as relay races, javelin throwing and penalty shootout...

We then completed a Maths activity where we had to place the footballs in the correct place on the football pitch...

Finally, we ended the day with a 'Danceathon' where we all went onto the playground and danced for an hour! Even though the weather was not very kind to us, everyone was still absolutely brilliant! 

A super way to participate in Sport Relief everyone and thank you for your donations towards the charity!