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Please meet your new Class Teacher and Learning Support Practitioners (LSPs)

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For help, advice and queries, you can email your child's class teacher at and they will assist you as soon as they can. 

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Parents/Carers, please see this video for your information...


If you have been eager beavers and have nearly finished the packs which we sent home, maybe you could have a go at producing a 'Project on a Page!'

These look absolutely amazing and you could base them around any theme that you would like to! Adding pictures and lots of colour make them really interesting to look at too! You could spend the start of the week planning, researching and gathering all the information you need and then then create your wonderful project at the end of the week. 

Here is an example:




Some themes you could write about are:

English: Your favourite author and their books with book reviews, find an image and write poems based on it or create your own character and create a whole life for them

Maths: As much as you can remember about fractions, percentages or each method

Science: Materials and their Properties, Forces or Earth and Space

History: Ancient Greeks or Stone Age 

Geography: Marvellous Map Skills, Fairtrade 

Art: Choose your favourite artist and try and recreate some of their artwork


Have fun creating all these! We cannot wait to see them all when we return to school!

See you soon Dumbledore Class!


Hi Year 5!

I have found some activities and websites for you to access at home.
I hope you are all keeping safe and well!

All children in Year 5 have usernames and passwords for Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars.
These passwords have been sent home with the children with their learning packs.
There are also a lot of free online resources which you can access at home.
We have provided the links for these below.














Other  [code - CVDTWINKLHELPS]

In Dumbledore Class we have lots of fun and laughter! On this page you will find our class news and lots of interesting pictures showing you what we have done.



Important information about us!

School Council Representatives:

Maryam and Kieran will be our School Council Representatives for Year 5!

Maryam and Kieranwill take any ideas from our class discussions and then put them forward in the School Council Meetings with Miss Dallison.


PE Day:

Every Wednesday and Thursday. 

Please ensure that the correct PE kit is in school on this day and that your jewellery is also removed.  




Homework is given to children at the beginning of the half term. They will have various tasks to fill in. This should be completed by the end of the half term. 


Reading Challenge:

Each term, we are holding a Reading Challenge in Dumbledore Class.

Each time you read at home, either with an adult or by yourself, write it in your reading record and every time a comment has been written in, you get one raffle ticket in the pot!

Reading Records need to be in school every day if possible so that Mrs Baker and Miss Foster can check that you have got all of your raffle tickets and so that books can be changed on a weekly basis as well!

By the end of the term, one ticket will be pulled out of the pot and that child will win a very special prize for their hard work to improve their reading!

Good luck everyone!



Children can access these websites from home, each child has an individual username and password that will be sent home with them.

Mathletics is an excellent resource which allows children to practise their mathematics skills.


Every week, we celebrate our successes by having a Writer of the Week, Maths Mind, Sports Player and a VIP!

Our congratulations this week goes to...


VIP - 

Maths Mind - 


Writer of the Week - 


Sports Player of the Week - 



Important dates for your diary:

-Tuesday 4th February: Year 4,5,6 School Disco

-Friday 7th February: Haden Hill am only

-Monday 10th-14th February: Year 5 and 6 Plas Gwynant

-Friday 14th February: Break up for half term

-Monday 24th February: Return to school

Tuesday 24th March: Parents Evening and Art Museum

-Wednesday 25th March: Parents Evening and Art Museum

-Tuesday 31st March: Greek Portal Day


World Book Day!

On Thursday 5th March, we celebrated World Book Day!

We visited four different classrooms where we took part in four different activities all linked to Harry Potter! We completed lots of fun and exciting activities.

We started off with a Science activity linked to a Potions Class at Hogwarts! After this, we completed an English activity linked to different vocabulary used at Hogwarts. We then completed a maths activity linked to co-ordinates on the Marauder's Map. Finally, we completed an Art activity linked to the wonderful scenery of Hogwarts.

A fantastic World Book Day Dumbledore Class! Well done!


In Geography this half term, we have been looking 'How could we get around if technology didn't exist?'. Today, we went on the playground and looked at 4 figure grid references. We had a map of the school and list of different grid references. We used the references and map to find the different letters that were around the school. We had to collect 8 letters in total, the word spelt DISCOVER!


On Monday 3rd February 2020 we had our Reading Cafe Inspire Session, we completed a variety of different activities. We completed a book review, used reading menus to answer questions, read with our parents, used reading dice as well as looking at 'A day in the life of...'. Where we had to write a short diary entry about what it would be like to be the main character within our books. 


Image result for wyre forest logo"

On Thursday 7th November 2019, we visited Wyre Forest as a part of our History topic 'What were the challenges of survival for early man?'. We looked at the different houses/shelters that Stone Age people would have lived in, we looked at natural art as well as looking at tools that they would have used. 


On Tuesday 22nd October, we went to Cradley Heath Library to visit a local author. Cathy Hunt, had just wrote a book about 'Mary McAthur, a women who was fighting for womens rights. We asked lots of questions and learnt a lot of information!




Today, in Science, we looked at the phases of the moon. We looked at why the moon has different shapes and what the different shapes were called. We used Jaffa Cakes re-create the different phases of the moon. We had so much fun learning about the different moons.



Image result for languages day"Image result for languages day

On Thursday 26th September 2019, we celebrated Languages Day. Miss Bennett taught us 'Baby Shark' in French during assembly, which we loved!! In class, we looked at monuments around the world. We completed a fact file about 4 different monuments and then used spaghetti and midget gems to recreate the monuments. 


On Wednesday 18th September 2019, Rock Steady came into school to show us their fantastic musical instruments and to tell us about the band lessons that would be taking place at our school. We looked at the electric guitar, drums, keyboard and vocals, some of us were lucky enough to have a go on them. We LOVED learning about the new instruments and sounds that they make. 



2018 - 2019

Dumbledore staff:

Miss Willetts and Ms Hickman

In Dumbledore Class we have lots of fun!

On this page you will find our class news and lots of interesting pictures showing you what we have done.


Important dates for your diary....


Summer Dates


Hook day- 30th April 

May bank holiday- 6th May




School Uniform

Please make sure that your child’s name is written inside all school clothes (cardigans, jumpers, trousers, PE kits and coats). This makes it easier to give out misplaced clothes back to their rightful owners.

PE days for Summer term 2019.


Our P.E days for the Spring term are Tuesdays and Wednesdays

When weather permits, we will continue our skills work outside, so suitable outdoor clothing will be required. 


Please ensure that your child has a named PE kit in school every week, and that earrings are removed on these days.

Bug Club

Children have access to Bug Club to read books and answer questions at home! They can also play games and collect stickers!





Homework is given to children on a Friday and should be back in school the following Tuesday.



Every week we celebrate our successes in Praise assembly by having a Writer of the Week, Maths Mind and VIP. If you have been chosen for an award then your parents are welcome to join us on a Friday afternoon at 2.30pm in Praise assembly.


Our congratulations this week goes to...


VIP -  

Maths Mind - 

Writer of the Week - 


Sports of the Week - 

Image result for sports clip art 



School Council Representatives:

Nicholas and Samiyah are our School Council Representatives!

We will have class discussions then Nicholas and Samiyah will take our ideas and put them forward in the School Council Meetings with Miss Dallison.

                    Ancient Greece Hook Day!Image result for ancient greece cartoonImage result for ancient greece cartoon

Sarehole Mill

On Friday 5th April, we went to Sarehole Mill in Hall Green. We took part in lots of activities linked to our topic of Stone Age and learnt lot of facts.

Wind dispersal

In Science we have been looking at how insects pollinate plants in different ways. To show how wind dispersal happens we used Cheesy puffs in a bag and put our hands in the bag. We had orange all on our hands then we moved to each table and put our hands in that bag. Each time we got more orange on our hands and this is what happens when bee's drop pollen off at each plant. 

Water resistance challenge

In Science, Miss Willetts set us a challenge to find out the best design for a boat. We researched what a good boat needs, for example it needs to be streamline, then we made boats in teams and raced them! We had super fun and 'Bob' the boat won the race!

English Inspire session

We were very lucky to have so many parents join us in English on Wednesday 30th January!

We had fun discussing opinions and deciding through a conscious alley, whether Jim in Street Child should stay or leave the workhouse.

Parachute making!

In Science we are learning all about forces. This week we have investigated air resistance because a parachute company asked for our help to design a super parachute. We had to test different materials and discussed how to keep it a fair test.

Crazy caves!!

As part of our topic lessons we have started making our own Stone Age caves!

Stone Age Hook day!

On Tuesday 15th January, we had our new topic hook day. As you can see we all had a great day and are very excited about what we are going to learn this term!

Image result for stone age gifs

Christmas in Dumbledore class!

Christmas was such an amazing time in Dumbledore. We had lots of fun and even got to meet Santa!

Image result for national space centre


On Thursday 6th December, Year 5 visited the National Space Centre in Leicester. We all learnt so many facts and a super time!


In Topic we worked in teams to create volcanoes. We didn't have any help and had to do everything from designing how we would make it to thinking about the best way to erupt it.  

Tin man art!