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Year 5 -Dumbledore


Dumbledore Class 2020 - 2021


In Dumbledore Class we have lots of fun and laughter! On this page you will find our class news and lots of interesting pictures showing you what we have done.


Important information about us!

Teacher: Miss Griffiths

LSP: Miss Salter and Mrs Begum


Additional Important Information:

 In Year 5, our school day begins at 8:40am and finishes at 2:50pm.

 Children can bring a named water bottle which needs to contain only water or squash.

 There will not be any toast provided at break time however children can bring a small snack with them to school to eat at break time such as: fruit or raisins.

 The children can come to school on a Tuesday dressed in their PE kit with suitable footwear. PE will be outside on the playground.

 Your child will be given a reading book specific to their reading level over the next two weeks. We would like the children to read as much as they can at home and record this in their reading record. Books will be changed on a weekly basis.

 Homework cannot be brought back into school so if you have any queries please email the class email address:


Thank you so much for your continued support. 



PE Day:

Every Thursday




Homework will be sent out at the beginning the term. It will contain a range of activities. The children need to complete one activity per week. 



Mathletics and Purple Mash:


Children can access these websites from home. Each child has an individual username and password. Mathletics is an excellent resource which allows children to practise their mathematical skills.



School Council:

Our School Council representatives are...




Every week, we celebrate our successes by having a Writer of the Week, Maths Mind, Sports Player and a VIP!

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Dumbledore Class 2019-2020

World Book Day!

On Thursday 5th March, we celebrated World Book Day!

We visited four different classrooms where we took part in four different activities all linked to Harry Potter! We completed lots of fun and exciting activities.

We started off with a Science activity linked to a Potions Class at Hogwarts! After this, we completed an English activity linked to different vocabulary used at Hogwarts. We then completed a maths activity linked to co-ordinates on the Marauder's Map. Finally, we completed an Art activity linked to the wonderful scenery of Hogwarts.

A fantastic World Book Day Dumbledore Class! Well done!


In Geography this half term, we have been looking 'How could we get around if technology didn't exist?'. Today, we went on the playground and looked at 4 figure grid references. We had a map of the school and list of different grid references. We used the references and map to find the different letters that were around the school. We had to collect 8 letters in total, the word spelt DISCOVER!


On Monday 3rd February 2020 we had our Reading Cafe Inspire Session, we completed a variety of different activities. We completed a book review, used reading menus to answer questions, read with our parents, used reading dice as well as looking at 'A day in the life of...'. Where we had to write a short diary entry about what it would be like to be the main character within our books. 


Image result for wyre forest logo"

On Thursday 7th November 2019, we visited Wyre Forest as a part of our History topic 'What were the challenges of survival for early man?'. We looked at the different houses/shelters that Stone Age people would have lived in, we looked at natural art as well as looking at tools that they would have used. 


On Tuesday 22nd October, we went to Cradley Heath Library to visit a local author. Cathy Hunt, had just wrote a book about 'Mary McAthur, a women who was fighting for womens rights. We asked lots of questions and learnt a lot of information!




Today, in Science, we looked at the phases of the moon. We looked at why the moon has different shapes and what the different shapes were called. We used Jaffa Cakes re-create the different phases of the moon. We had so much fun learning about the different moons.



Image result for languages day"Image result for languages day

On Thursday 26th September 2019, we celebrated Languages Day. Miss Bennett taught us 'Baby Shark' in French during assembly, which we loved!! In class, we looked at monuments around the world. We completed a fact file about 4 different monuments and then used spaghetti and midget gems to recreate the monuments.