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In Hagrid Class we have lots of fun and laughter! On this page you will find our class news and lots of interesting pictures showing you what we have done.



Important information about us!

Teacher: Miss Griffiths
LSPs: Miss Salter and Mrs Begum



School Council Representatives:

Alisha and Reyaan 


PE Days:

 Wednesday and Thursday. 




Homework is given to children at the beginning of the half term.
This should be completed by the end of the half term. 




Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars 


Children can access these websites from home, each child has an individual username and password that will be sent home with them.


Every week, we celebrate our successes by having a Writer of the Week, Maths Mind, Sports Player and a VIP!

Our congratulations this week goes to...


VIP - 

Maths Mind - 


Writer of the Week - 


Sports Player of the Week - 



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 Applying to Secondary School

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Special Shout-Outs!


A huge shout out to  Daniel who has been reading his collection of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books. So far he has read 10 books!! Well done Daniel - this is a great achievement. Keep it up! 




A special shout out to Noah who made this amazing volcano! He created it, decorated it and then let it erupt! Well done Noah! You have worked super hard on this project and it clearly has paid off! 




Don't forget you can show us what you have been up to by sending us an email. You can find the email address at the top of our class page! laugh 

Sunday 7th June

Hello everyone! Here are my highlights over the past few weeks...
It was my birthday! 🎈🎉 I had a lovely day in the garden and enjoyed a slice of my amazing cake!! 🎂 I have been on a few more walks and I'm still spotting rainbows that I haven't found before! 🌈 I also got a special delivery in the post - some homemade cookies from my friend and a lovely card. Can't wait to see you all soon! 😁




Sunday 17th May

Hello Hagrid Class! It was lovely to speak to you all on the phone this week! I'm so glad you are all making the most of your time at home. I thought I would update you again on what I have been up to the past couple of weeks. I have been really enjoying experimenting with different recipes in the kitchen! Here are my delicious jam tarts and chicken pie! They were both AMAZING! I've also been going on a walk most days and seeing some beautiful sights near my house. smiley



Sunday 3rd May

Hello everyone! Hope we are all still safe and happy at home! smiley

Here are a few of my highlights from my week.

1. I was watering my garden and a rainbow appeared at the end of the water, can you see it?

2. My aunt (Mrs Smith who comes to school to read with you) sent me A Little Pocket Hug in the post. It really made me smile!

3. I created a little message for you out of stones from my garden.
Did you spot the message in our staff video? 




Sunday 26th April

Hope you are all okay! We're another week closer to being reunited! 😁
I have created another collage for you to see what I've been up to this week!

I'm still keeping up with my daily walks. This weekend I went for a walk down by the river near my house. It was so peaceful. I'm feeling grateful that the weather has been sunny!  ☀️

I have also spent a lot of time experimenting with recipes in the kitchen and making a lots of lovely meals. I made a Greek salad with feta cheese - which is what we were going to make in school for our Greek food DT topic. It was delicious!😋  

Finally, I have started to a solve a puzzle however I  am really struggling!!! It is so difficult! At least it will keep me busy - ha!! 

Speak to you all soon! 😊
Miss Griffiths 





Sunday 12th April

I hope you are all safe and well and enjoyed your bank holiday weekend at home! I spent my weekend doing some Easter baking and I discovered such a beautiful place on my daily walk! I can't believe it is so close to my house and I didn't know it was there!! Here is a picture collage of my weekend highlights: 


I'm missing you all loads! I'm really looking forward to seeing you all again soon and hearing all of your jokes that you love to tell!!


One last thing...remember...

Reading Bingo!

See if you can complete this reading bingo sheet! We would be really impressed if you can!

Raid your book shelves everyone and see what you can read!



Scavenger Hunts!

For a bit of fun, see if you can complete these scavenger hunts! You can either do them in your house, in your garden or when you go for your daily exercise! See how many you can find! :) 





Writing Activities!

Have a look at these writing ideas! See if you can write a brilliant piece of writing and think about our usual success criteria...

Have you included a range of punctuation?

Have you included adventurous vocabulary?

Have you stayed in the correct tense?

Have you made it interesting to read?

Have you used spelling rules to spell a range of words correctly?




BBC Bitesize

BBC Bitesize have started to post lessons for you to access at home!
Use the link below and you will find daily lessons suitable for Year 5 in Maths and English, as well as regular lessons in other subjects such as Science, History, Geography. 







White Rose Maths have produced some useful online learning maths activities. The link below sends you to the activities created for Year 5. 




Planet Holidays

What if, in the future, space flight could offer holidays in the solar system? Imagine you are a travel agent who is advertising luxury holidays to other planets.



Design an informative poster or leaflet about travelling to Mars. Things to include:

*What will the weather be like?

*Explain which clothes and special equipment you will need to pack

*Give some descriptions of the must see features, events or places 

*What view will you have from your hotel window?


Remember, an information poster or leaflet needs to be colourful and eye-catching. It needs to include pictures to grab the readers’ attention.  You need to persuade people to book a holiday with you so don’t forget to use persuasive language too! Use the internet or any books you may have to gather information to help you. 
Good luck, I’m so excited to see all of your finished pieces.



Challenge: Who can remember The Planet Song from our class assembly?


Click the link below to listen to the song!  


Feeling crafty?

 Maybe you could use items from around the home and recycle them to make your own rocket! Think about your design. Make it as desirable as you can to encourage people to travel with your travel company!! You could even create your own travel agent logo to feature on your leaflet AND your rocket!






Rocket Examples

Miss Griffiths Challenges YOU!

I saw this emoji challenge and immediately thought of all of you! Use the emojis as clues to see if you can guess the titles of these children books. The answers will be posted next week. GOOD LUCK! 

Here are the answers to the emoji challenge:

Don't want to know the answers yet? Don't look below!!!




1. Charlotte's Web

2. The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

3. The BFG

4. Harry Potter

5. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

6. Each Peach Pear Plum 

7. Lost and Found

8. Room on the Broom

9. Dear Zoo

10. We're Going on a Bear Hunt

11. Paddington Bear

12. The Wind in Willows 

13. The Secret Garden

14. The Wizard of Oz

15. The Jungle Book

16. Peter Rabbit

17. The Tiger who came to Tea

18. Fantastic Mr Fox

19. Treasure Island

20. How to Train Your Dragon

21. The Boy is the Dress

22. Where the Wild Things Are

23. Funny Bones 

24. The Gruffalo

25. Alice in Wonderland 


How did you do?



If you have been eager beavers and have nearly finished the packs which we sent home, maybe you could have a go at producing a 'Project on a Page!'

These look absolutely amazing and you could base them around any theme that you would like to! Adding pictures and lots of colour make them really interesting to look at too! You could spend the start of the week planning, researching and gathering all the information you need and then then create your wonderful project at the end of the week. 

Here is an example:



Some themes you could write about are:

English: Your favourite author and their books with book reviews, find an image and write poems based on it or create your own character and create a whole life for them

Maths: As much as you can remember about fractions, percentages or each method

Science: Materials and their Properties, Forces or Earth and Space

History: Ancient Greeks or Stone Age 

Geography: Marvellous Map Skills, Fairtrade 

Art: Choose your favourite artist and try and recreate some of their artwork


Have fun creating all these! We cannot wait to see them all when we return to school!

See you soon Hagrid Class!

Hi Hagrid Class!
Miss Griffiths here! :)

I hope you are all well and keeping safe. I miss you all lots!
I have been working super hard at home, making sure I am planning lots of fun lessons for you! I’ve also had time to do a lot of cleaning and gardening, my house has never looked so sparkling!! I can't wait to hear all the fabulous things you have got up to! 



Before we broke up, we were all getting ready to host a Greek Food Feast for the teachers. We were going to make them a delicious meal and ask them to rate our food on the taste and presentation. Maybe you could help in the kitchen and serve a meal for your family? You could even get them to rate the meal!





We were going to start recapping our skills of telling them time. I have found a website with lots of games you can play to help you read the digital and analogue time!



We were going to be writing recounts. You could write a recount in a form of a diary. This means you will always have something to look back on, to remember all the exciting things you did during this time at home!







We didn’t get chance to finish off our Publisher Fact Files on the laptops! We were going to create an amazing fact file on either the Ancient Greek Olympics or Modern Day Olympics, depending on which group you were in. It would be fantastic to see some of these completed. You could use Publisher, Word or PowerPoint. Don’t forget to add pictures and make it really colourful and eye-catching!



Speak to you soon!!! :) 

Additional Information:

Hi Year 5!

I have found some activities and websites for you to access at home.
I hope you are all keeping safe and well!

All children in Year 5 have usernames and passwords for Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars.
These passwords have been sent home with the children with their learning packs.
There are also a lot of free online resources which you can access at home.
We have provided the links for these below.














Other  [code - CVDTWINKLHELPS]





World Book Day!

On Thursday 5th March, we celebrated World Book Day!

We visited four different classrooms where we took part in four different activities all linked to Harry Potter! We completed lots of fun and exciting activities.

We started off with a Science activity linked to a Potions Class at Hogwarts! After this, we completed an English activity linked to different vocabulary used at Hogwarts. We then completed a maths activity linked to co-ordinates on the Marauder's Map. Finally, we completed an Art activity linked to the wonderful scenery of Hogwarts.

A fantastic World Book Day Hagrid Class! Well done!


Christmas Week 

Hagrid Class had lots of fun during Christmas Week!


Here are our lovely Christmas Cards! 


Here are a few of our fantastic paintings!



On Thursday 19th December, we had our Christmas Party! Santa came to visit and we all got a present from him!



We also made some amazing calendars that we can display in our homes all year!



In RE, we recognised the celebration of Diwali. We created our own Rangoli patterns and designed Mehndi art on pictures of hands. The children's designs were brilliant and well thought out! Well done Hagrid Class.

Image result for languages dayLanguages Day


On Thursday 26th September 2019, we celebrated Languages Day. Miss Bennett taught us 'Baby Shark' in French during assembly, which we loved!! In class, we looked at monuments around the world. We completed a fact file about 4 different monuments and then used spaghetti and midget gems to recreate the monuments. 

On Wednesday 18th September 2019, Rock Steady came into school to show us their fantastic musical instruments and to tell us about the band lessons that would be taking place at our school. We looked at the electric guitar, drums, keyboard and vocals, some of us were lucky enough to have a go on them. We LOVED learning about the new instruments and sounds that they make. 


In Hagrid Class we have lots of fun! On this page you will find our class news, achievements and lots of interesting pictures showing you what we have been up to. 



Important information about us

Teacher: Miss Hamer

LSP’s: Miss Salter and Mrs Begum


PE Days

Tuesday and Wednesdays



Homework is given to children on a Friday and should be back in school the following Tuesday. If children do not bring homework in, they will be completing it during their reward time! Children will also have a spelling test on Friday morning! 


Changing of books

Children can change their books every Friday.


School Uniform

Please make sure that your child’s name is written inside all school clothes (cardigans, jumpers, trousers, PE kits and coats). This makes it easier to give out misplaced clothes back to their rightful owners. Remember if you take your jumper off in class, place it in the take home box to keep it safe!



 Summer Term 1

Monday 29th April   - Return to school

Friday 24th May - Break up for half term

Monday 3rd June- Teacher Training Day

Tuesday 4th June- Children return to school





Lexie and Haroon will be our School Council Representatives for the start of Year 5!

We will have class discussions and Lexie and Haroon will take our ideas and put them forward in the School Council Meetings with Miss Dallison.




Every week we celebrate our successes by having a Writer of the Week, Maths Mind and VIP.

Every week we celebrate our successes in Praise assembly by having a Writer of the Week, Maths Mind and VIP. If you have been chosen for an award then your parents are welcome to join us on a Friday morning at 2:30 pm in Praise assembly.


Our congratulations this week goes to...


VIP - Aliyah


Maths Mind - Daniel



Writer of the Week - Jamie




Sports Player of the Week - Elyas



Play Equipment: Friday


Grass: Friday


Arena: Friday


Image result for ancient greece title


On Tuesday 30th April 2019, we had our 'Ancient Greece' hookday. We had a smashing day!





Still image for this video

We have been creating traditional patterns on plates. We used wax crayons and water paints to create the effect. We then had a look at the Greek Alphabet and wrote our names on pots.



In science the last few weeks, we have been looking at 'Plants and Living Things'. We have looked at how plants spread pollen, the parts of flowers as well as the life cycles of different animals. Today, we made short news reports to show some of the amazing information that we learnt.  Some children have said:


Mason: I have learnt that some animals give birth to eggs and some don't.

Haroon: chickens turn into hens!!

Ali: Brown feathered chickens are female and yellow feathered chickens are males.

Ella: When an animal is inside an adult it is called an Embryo.

Lexi: The male chickens have yellow feathers.


Image result for science gif



On Thursday 4th April 2019, Hagrid Class visited Sarehole Mill Museum. We had a splashing day, even though the weather wasn't kind to us, we still made lots of memories and learnt lots of new facts. We had a go at making Stone Age houses using bamboo sticks and materials. It was very hard as the sticks kept falling down. We then sat in a circle and looked at different Stone Age tools and weapons; we could even see the thumb prints on them. 


We also made our very own paintbrushes inspired by Stone Age people. We collected sticks from outside and attached hay, feathers or wool to them. We then worked with Natalie to create our own pieces of art work; using natural paints. 


See the source image

During the week of 25th March, Year 5 participated in  mosaic making. All of the children added a part to the mosaics and helped complete the final touches!! 

What a fantastic experience.


Cave Making

We have recently been learning about Stone Age homes. We know that during the first period of Stone Age many families lived in caves. Therefore, we have decided to make our own. We used shoe boxes and stuck newspaper onto them. We then paper mached them and painting them. 


See the source image

On Thursday 7th March, we celebrate World Book Day by coming to school dressed as out favourite book character. We had so much fun completing Miss Hamer's famous quiz and designing our own Harry Potter Wands.

Well done Hagrid Class!


Today, we had our parents in to help us with our English work. We have recently been looking at Street Child; so today we participated in a debate to see whether Jim, the main character, should escape the workhouse or not. 



Today we looked at what Stone Age people ate. We had feces from Stone Age and had to look and see what they actually ate. We found out that they eat:

  • Nuts
  • Vegetables
  • Oats/wheat
  • Fish (and the bones)
  • Meat
  • Fruit
  • Seeds

**********************************************************************************************************************Image result for stone age gifs

On Tuesday 15th January 2019, we had our Stone Age Hook day! We had lots of fun and learnt lots!


We made Wooly Mammoths, looked at cave art and recreated a sunset picture from the book UG. 

**********************************************************************************************************************Image result for volcano gif


In topic, we have been creating our own volcanoes! We had to assemble them using bottles, paper and masking tape. We then painted them using greens, browns and greys for the volcano. We then used red, orange and yellow for the lava and green for the grass at the bottom. We had so much fun making them.


On Wednesday 12th December, we got to explode them. We did have some technical issues as the bottles that we had used were TOO big! But we did try our hardest!




Image result for the national space centreNational Space CentreImage result for the national space centre

On Thursday 6th December, Year 5 visited the National Space Centre in Leicester. We all learnt so many facts and a super time!




Image result for poppy gifRemembrance Day! Image result for poppy gif


This week, we have been looking at ' In Flanders Fields' and decided to create our own poems to remember those who fought for our country. 

Image result for flanders field poem

By James
By Iqra
By Aliyah
By Jamie
By Lola
By Eleanor



On Thursday 18th October we had the Eco Bus visit us. The eco bus is  a mobile environmental classroom that will help educate children and adults about their local environment and help keep waste levels down and recycling levels up in Sandwell. We completed a quiz all about recycling, looking at what could and couldn't be recycled. We Were split into 2 groups; and within our little groups we split into boys and girls. We completed a quiz and the boys won both times (They had so much knowledge)!!! 




On Tuesday 16th October, we welcomed our parents into our math's lesson. We looked at squared numbers; firstly we had a squared piece of paper and had to draw different sized squares. We then worked with our tables to create a new Formula 1 Flag. We had a great time! 

Image result for drum roll gifThe winning flag was Image result for drum roll gif



On Wednesday 10th October, we participated in World Mental Health Awareness Day.

We all came to school dressed in green and took part in a range of activities on the afternoon.

We looked at positive and negative words and how hurtful words can effect someone. We then chose 1 person in the class and wrote positive things about them. We also looked at a hot air balloon! We put ALL the things that make us happy at the top and the things made us sad in the sandbags. We worked really well. 



On Monday 17th September, we completed a range of activities all linked to Healthy Schools Week!

One activity that we really enjoyed was 'What makes us happy?'. Even though we need lots of exercise, fruit and vegetables- we also need to make sure we are happy.

We created people that represented us and within them we drew pictures of everything makes us happy! Miss Hamer has put them up on a wall in our classroom, so whenever we feel down, we can look and see what makes us happy. 



For hook day,  we all dressed up in clothes that were blue and green and completed amazing art activities.

This really helped us to get excited about what we will be learning about in our Topic lessons. We looked at how we can save our environment and tried to recreate volcano pictures.


We created some fantastic pieces of art work and used new techniques. We also looked at how we can help reduce, reuse and recycle everyday items! We have had a fabulous day!!