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Year 1 - Miss Slater

Welcome to Year 1 Lilies 


Hi Lilies! It's Miss Slater smiley

I really hope you are keeping safe at home and enjoying spending some time with your families. 

I thought I would add some more activities for you to have a go at each week. There are also some websites to have a look at as well.

Mrs Buthelezi, Mrs Begum and I miss you lots and we really hope you are keeping safe smiley




This week in English, we were going to be writing an information text all about an animal. If you fancy doing some research about an animal of your choice and creating your own information text then that would be amazing! I look forward to reading it when we're back at school!




In Maths this week, we were going to look at sequencing events, the days of the week and the months of the year. I thought that you could have a go at ordering the days of the week and months of the year at home, maybe you could write down special occasions that happen in some of the months (what month of the year is your birthday in?). To help you with sequencing events, maybe you could have a go at sequencing your new daily routine.




To re-cap some of your previous knowledge, I thought that you could have a go at a scavenger hunt around your house for objects made of different materials. We learnt about Materials back in the Autumn term, but I am sure that you will be able to remember a lot of different materials and have a go at finding them in your house (you could even try and make your own tick list as you find them!).




Other activities

Have you put a rainbow up in your window yet? If no, then make one it'll make someone's day! If you have why not make a beautiful sun to brighten up your day!



Story sessions


We all know how much you love reading so don't forget to relax with a good book!

I also know how much you all enjoyed listening to me read the slightly annoying elephant by David Walliams, so if you want to listen to some more of his stories then visit Everyday David Walliams will read a different short story at 11:00am



Scavenger Hunts


I have found some scavenger hunts to keep you extra busy whilst you are at home! 

When you have completed each one, make sure to tidy up and place everything back where it belongs. 








We have sent lots of Maths work home with you in your packs but here are some websites you could use! 


Times Table Rockstars -


Top Marks-


Hit the Button




BBC Supermovers!


Other Curriculum Subjects:

Blue Peter Badge Challenge!










Hello and welcome to our class page! Our Teacher is Miss Slater and our LSP is Mrs Buthelezi. In our class we have lots of fun and love learning new things! On this page you will find our class news and lots of interesting pictures showing you what we have been getting up to. smiley


Our Topics this Term:

Geography: Spot the difference

History: Why are Nurses significant?

Science: Plants





Dates for your diary



*Thursday 5th March- World Book Day.

*Tuesday 24th March- Parents' evening.

*Wednesday 25th March- Parents' evening.

*Friday 3rd April- End of Spring term.

*Monday 20th April- Children return to school.

*Friday 8th April- May bank holiday.




Important Information





Our PE days are Tuesday and Wednesday in Lilies Class

Please make sure your child has the correct kit and that it is labelled with their name.





Please make sure that your child’s name is written inside all school clothes (cardigans, jumpers, trousers, PE kits and coats). This makes it easier to give out misplaced clothes back to their rightful owners.

Remember if you take your jumper off in class, place it on your peg to keep it safe!




Your child will have 1 piece of homework sent out each week. This will be explained and given out on a Friday to be completed and returned by the following Wednesday.

If the children hand their homework in before Wednesday they will receive 10 monster points!

Children will be given weekly spellings which will also be sent out on a Friday and tested on the following Friday. Remember to practice your spellings as often as you can!




      Changing Books:  

Reading books are changed weekly, but this is not on a set day so it is very important that your child brings their book bag to school every day.

Please write a comment in your child’s reading diary when you hear them read.


Reading at home is extremely beneficial for your child. Therefore there will be a weekly reading challenge for all of the children in the class. If a child reads once a week at home and it is recorded in their reading record, they will receive a raffle ticket. At the end of every week, a winner will be chosen from the raffle and will receive a prize!




Celebrating our achievements


We are very proud of what we have achieved this week...






Maths Mind of the Week:



Writer of the Week:



Sport Player of the Week:



Reader of the Week: 





Thursday 5th March - World Book Day


On Thursday 5th March we celebrated World Book Day, we came to school dressed in lovely outfits!

We then took part in a range of different activities all about George's Marvellous Medicine.

We collaged our own medicines with Miss Slater, ordered instructions to make a medicine with Miss Eades, measured out a medicine with Mrs Stevenson and tested some awful cups of tea with Miss Dallison!









Tuesday 14th January - Sensational Start


Our new history topic is 'nurses'. This afternoon we had a visit from the school nurse, who gave us lots of information all about how important her job is and some of the daily tasks she has to carry out. We then compared nurses today to Florence Nightingale and learnt that we are very lucky to have such amazing nurses and doctors and that's all down to Florence Nightingale! Nurse Cherrie showed used how clean the bandages are and how she would bandage a patient up. We had a great afternoon! 








Guy Fawkes Workshop









Languages Day








Rugby Tots

On Monday 23rd September, we had a visit from Rugby Tots who came and delivered an extremely fun rugby session! We learnt lots about Rugby and developed our skills through different key activities. Take a look at what we got up to, we all had so much fun! :) 







Lilies Class 2018/2019

Welcome to Year 1 Lilies



Miss Skidmore

Miss Foster


In Lilies class, we work hard every day and have lots of fun learning new things! Take a look at some of the fun things we have been up to recently...


Dates for your diary






Spelling day:                                                                            PE day:

Friday                                                                 Tuesday and Wednesday



Homework is set every FRIDAY and due in the following WEDNESDAY!


Please remember to check your child's book bag every night for new letters and homework.

We are proud of our achievements!


Sports player of the week: Easa

Writer of week: Faizaan

Maths mind: Mia


On Thursday 4th April we had our class assembly.

Our season spies went on a mission exploring across the different seasons, take a look at some of our wonderful costumes...



Red Nose Day

On Friday 15th March we decided to support Comic Relief by wearing red and bringing in a small donation. We designed out own red noses and learned a lot about how Comic Relief helps those less fortunate than us.



World Book Day

On Friday 8th March we celebrated world book day! We all dressed up as our favourite characters and had lots of fun designing book covers and book marks! Take a look at our outfits!






Our topic this term is Weather!


To welcome out topic of weather, we had a hook day! On this day we learned lots of different things about different types of weather and even dressed for our favourite weather condition!



School Council

At Reddal Hill we appreciate pupil voice! We therefore have school council representatives across all year groups. Our current school council representatives in Year 1 Lilies are Phoebe and Hassan.

They attend meetings on Wednesdays to discuss pupils ideas and issues about what happens at school!


World Mental Health Day

For World Mental Health day we all wore green and paid a pound to support the amazing work of The Samaritans. We spent the day learning lots of different ways to look after our own minds and the minds of our friends! We learned how to be kind and considerate to other and how to understand our emotions. Every day in year 1, we use our 'feeling sticks' and put them in our 'feeling pots' and discuss our emotions. Miss Skidmore and Miss Foster help us to feel better if we say we are sad or angry and help us understand how to deal with these feelings!


All in all, Reddal Hill raised an amazing £314 for The Samaritans. This will really help keep the charity going and save many lives of people living with poor Mental Health.


Thank you very much for your generosity!


Fruit Tasting for Healthy Schools Week!

As part of healthy schools week, year one did a fruit tasting afternoon!

We tried lots of yummy fruit such as raspberries, pomegranate, pear, pineapple and sour lime... just to name a few!







At snack time, some of us in year one are very very fussy! But we all enjoyed trying different fruits and some of us even discovered some new yummy, healthy snacks!



Our topic this term is: Babies and Families


On Monday we had our hook day for our new topic. We learned lots of things about each other and our families! We spoke a lot about what makes us and our family special. We also wore our favourite clothes to school!