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Supporting the NHS

Staff at Reddal Hill have kindly donated biscuits, chocolates and toiletries to the staff on the ICU ward at the Q.E. Hospital in Birmingham. 

The 'goodies' have been spread across the several staff rooms and the toiletries have been placed in the shower cubicles for staff who work long hours and take showers there. We know they have been greatly appreciated and will bring a smile to many of the staff there.

We would like to say a great big thank you to all the staff who have kindly donated chocolates, biscuits and toiletries to the hardworking staff on the ICU ward at the Q.E. Hospital!

Also, a HUGE thank you to Mrs Jackson for organising and delivering the items!



As a school, we have supported the work of Project Gambia for the past two years. We have done so through the donation of clothes, shoes, school resources, Christmas shoeboxes and in the future we will begin raising funds to support their latest projects.

The donations are shipped each year, on a 40ft container, to The Gambia.

Through assemblies and lessons, pupils learn about what life is like for children in The Gambia as well as developing an understanding of helping others who are in need. 


Thank you to children, families and staff at Reddal Hill who have contributed to the donations sent. We are very proud to have such kind, thoughtful and generous families.


As you can see below, the donations are gratefully received by the children and our uniform, with the previous logo on it, looks fantastic on them! smiley

If you would like any more information about Project Gambia then visit their website through the link below.