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Week beginning 29th June

Weekly Plan

Daily 10 Minute Activity Resources

Maths Resources


This week in Maths, we are looking at time. Let's see if you can remember how to tell the time to the hour and half past the hour, you will need to either write the time underneath the clock or draw the hands on to show the time. Activity 3 lets you practise seconds, minutes and hours - see if you can work out how long each activity takes. Activity 4 is all about what you can do in a minute, we would like you to predict how many times you can complete each activity in a minute yes

Don't forget to email us pictures of the activities you have done, we love to see smiley

English Resources

This week we will be looking at a senses poem.  When we looked at senses poems earlier on in the year your bonfire poems were fantastic! We can't wait to read your seasons poems this week. Please email them to us so we can read them! smiley Our theme this time is seasons. Remember senses poems are short, include all of the 5 senses and have lots of adjectives in! 

Reading Resources

Pheeba Phonics Resources

Pheeba 3 activities

Pheeba 5 activities

Creative Resources


Here are some pictures to help you with this weeks' creative activities...



Geography Resources


This term we would have been learning about Hot and Cold countries. The activities will help you begin to learn about the weather in different countries, where hot and cold countries are in the world, comparing the climate in two different countries and the animals that live in different climates. 

There are information sheets to help you complete these activities, but you can also use the internet to help.

Don't forget to email us pictures! We love to see how you have got on with each activity laugh