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Week beginning 22nd June

Weekly Plan

Daily 10 Minute Activity Resources

Maths Resources


This week we are looking at doubling, halving and sharing equally.

Use the resources below, including the domino template to help you double and halve numbers.

Remember, when you double a number it gets bigger and when you halve a number it gets smaller. 

English Resources

This week we are looking at newspaper reports. Our story focus is 'The enormous turnip'. You will be creating your own new character, writing some catchy headlines, planning a newspaper report and having a go at writing your very own newspaper report. Remember you can use the structure of 'The enormous turnip' newspaper article to help you with your writing, you just need to change certain parts of the report just like we do in school! We can't wait to read them! smiley

Reading Resources

Your reading tasks this week will also link to the story and newspaper articles based around 'The enormous turnip.'

Pheeba Phonics Resources

Pheeba 3 activities

Pheeba 5 activities

Creative Resources

History Resources