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Week beginning 22nd February

Hi Nursery!


We hope you all had a lovely half term!


Please Use the links below to find activities and videos for each lesson!


You can find the days of the week underneath the lesson headings. By clicking on the icons you will find the video clips and activities you need for that day. 


The videos in the daily activities can be repeated each day to talk about

what the weather is like and the day of the week. 



Please make sure you send pictures of what activities you have done to 2simple using

the email address:


If you need any help or have any questions, you can email the Nursery

email address:

Daily Activities 


Can you talk about what day it is and what the weather is like outside? 

Word Aware


Our word this week is 'lots'.

Click on link below to see video and see if you 

can join in with the song and actions.  

Physical Development


Click on the icons below to see activities and videos for physical




Please click on the icons below to see activities and videos for 

each day.



Our number focus this week is number 10 and we are 

learning to represent numbers in different ways. 

Please see activities and videos below for each day of the week.

Number focus

 Click on the link below to see I spy number 10 activity. 

WellComm Activities 


This week we are learning to develop expressive language and to use verbs in the past tense. 

Please click on the icons for Monday and Tuesday for activities.

Story Time


Our story focus this week is: 'The Train Ride'.

Please click on the icons for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to see 

activities related to the book. 

Topic- Down on the Farm


Our new topic this half term is "Down on the Farm". 

This week we are learning all about the different animals that live on a farm. 

 If you have been to a farm could you please send us some photos of

your visit!

Please click on the links below to see activities related to this topic.