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Week beginning 1st June

Starting from next week, your child will have a weekly plan to follow, with all the resources needed to complete the task.

This week, we have uploaded some Physical, Social and Health education tasks for the children to follow.

If you need any guidance to support your teaching of any subject, please feel free to email on of the Year 2 teachers!

Phonics Information


Starting next week, your child will be set a phonics task to complete everyday. Please use the pheeba 3 and pheeba 5 sound mats to see which phonic lessons your child should follow, relating to their ability. You can also email your child's class teacher if you are unsure.

If your child can read all the sounds and can give you some examples of words with the phoneme is, then they can complete Pheeba 6 tasks. If they want to, they can also complete Pheeba 5 tasks, as it will give them some refresh learning. 

PSHE Resources