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Week beginning 15th June

Hi Nursery,

here is the home learning for WB 15.06.20 and the focus this week is Communication and Language.

You can download this weeks plan and activities by pressing the links below.

Please email if you have any questions and remember to photograph the challenges your child achieves and send them to: Hope you have lots of fun :)


Mrs Passey, Miss Claridge and Miss Phipps





Weekly Plan

Daily 10 minute activites

The Gingerbread Man story

Word Aware Rap

This word this week is: quick

Nursery Rhymes

Can you sing along to your favourite Nursery Rhymes?

Physical activities

Traffic Light game


What you will need:

  • Space to run around indoor or outdoor
  • Optional red, green and amber coloured signs. 


How to play: 

Explain the meaning of the colours to your child. 

Red: stop

Amber: slow walking

Green: running 


Can they run around the space and when a colour is shouted can the copy the following actions. E.g. if red 

is shouted can they stop, if amber is shouted can they walk around the space. Finally, if green is shouted can 

they run. 

Animals in Action song

Can you sing along and join in with the actions.

Adult Led activites
Traffic Light Challenges
Challenge 1
Challenge 2
 Challenge 3 
Challenge 4
Challenge 5
Challenge 6

Listening Game

Can you listen to the sounds and select the picture that matches the sound you
can hear.