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Wednesday 11th November

Good Afternoon Nursery!


Please watch the maths, phonics and literacy video clips from Miss Claridge and Miss Phipps for your lessons. You will also find activities below for you to complete that can be accessed online, printed out or collected from school. 


Please make sure you send pictures of what activities you have done to 2Simple using the email address, 


If you need any help or have any questions, you can email the Nursery email address: 






Fine Motor Activities 

Let's start the afternoon with some fine motor activities. The purpose of these activities is to help strengthen the muscles that control the hand, fingers and thumb as these help children perform self-care and every day tasks such as feeding themselves and buttoning and zipping clothing. These activities also play a crucial role in preparing children for writing! 

Please see photos of the activities below. Don't forget to send in photos! 






Date and weather 


Talk about what day it is and click on the video link below to see our days of the week song. Also, talk about what the weather is like outside! I hope it is not raining! 

See below for our Nursery weather song!


Days of the week Song

Weather song


This week we have been practising the skills we have learned in phonics so far.  Please see video clip below of Miss Claridge and Miss Phipps singing and using actions to our Jolly phonics songs. 


Also below is an environmental sounds game that you need to guess what sounds you can hear. To make it even more fun can you go outside your home with an adult. close your eyes and listen to the different noises you can hear. Make a list or record yourself talking about the different sounds and email it to us!



Environmental sounds game


For maths this week we have been focusing on number 8 and have been representing different numbers and amounts. Please see video below of Miss Claridge and Miss Phipps singing our number song "5 Speckled frogs". 

You will also find a frogs maths activity which you can print out, collect from the office or use different resources at home. You could write numbers on paper and use toys to count instead!


Frogs Maths Activity

Firstly cut out frogs and Lily pads for counting. Next, choose a number and see if your child can recognise it. Can they count this many frogs onto their lilypad. Remember to take a photo and upload it on to 2simple!