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Week beginning 4th January

Hi Nursery!


Please make sure you send pictures of what activities you have done to 2Simple using the email address, 


If you need any help or have any questions, you can email the Nursery email address: 






Fine Motor Activities 

Remember the purpose of these type of activities is to help strengthen the muscles that control the hand, fingers and thumb as these help children perform self-care and every day tasks such as feeding themselves and buttoning and zipping clothing. These activities also play a crucial role in preparing children for writing! 

The focus this week is pouring. Try filling a plastic box, bowl or container with rice, water, sand or pasta. Provide your child with plastic cups or containers to pour, fill and empty. 






Date and weather 

Talk about what day it is and what the weather is like outside with your child. 

See video links below to sing along to. 



Days of the week Song

Weather song

Name writing

Can your child copy the letters of their name using the name card that was sent home before the Christmas break. If you have not got a name card, you could always write the letters of your child's name on some paper and see if they can try and copy the letters underneath.





Please see activities and video clips below. 


I spy

Play I spy in the house or in the garden. See if children can identify an object they can see with this initial sound.

Example: “I spy with my little eye something beginning with the sound “t” (Table, toys, tv etc).


Environmental sounds

See if your child can close their eyes and for 1 minute and listen to what sounds they can hear. Make a list of all the different things they could hear.


Describe and find game

Collect different toy animals or objects that can be described. Give your child clues of what animal or object you have chosen and see if they can guess correctly.

Example: “my animal is grey and has a long trunk..”

Nursery Rhymes

Sing along and join in with actions to Nursery Rhymes with Mr Tumble.

Jolly Phonics

Join in with your child singing along to our Jolly Phonics songs.
Ask them to show you the actions you need to use!

Word Aware



Please see below activities and sheets that can be printed. 



Can you encourage your child to count in order to 10? You could include claps or jumps when counting.


Number Hunt

Can you hide numbers around the room and see if your child can find them? Can they say what number they have found?


Focus Number

The focus for this week is number 4. Can your child count up to 4, count 4 fingers and find 4 objects from around the house?


One of the focuses in Nursery this week was to encourage children to take turns during their play. Can you 

play a game with your child and see if they can take turns? You could use cards, board games or build a tower using blocks. 


Story focus

Our book for this week is called "Socks" by Nick Sharratt. Please see below video of story and activities to try. 

Socks story

Can you listen to the story and see what the different socks are?


Our topic this term is "Amazing people" and this week we are learning all about Firefighters.

Talk to your child about what a Firefighter is and what they do to help people. 

Please see below some Firefighter themed activities. 

Winter Focus Day

This week, we had planned to have a winter focus day to learn all about the winter season

and to try out different winter themed activities. Please see below activities that can be printed.