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Monday 6th July

This week Luna's VIP is...


Well done for being our third VIP Mercedes! You have completed so many different arts and crafts projects and I'm sure your garden looks absolutely beautiful with all of the new things that you have planted in it! It has been so lovely to see what you have been up to during your time away from school!

Keep up all of the hard work! What a superstar you are smiley!


This week Snape's VIP is...


Well done, Katelin! You always work super hard when you are at school and you make everyone in the classroom smile and laugh with your brilliant stories! You have also been working extremely hard at home learning new skills and life lessons! It has been so lovely to see everything you have been up to during your time at home and I love receiving the photographs!

Well done, Katelin! Keep working super hard! You are a superstar! smiley



Snape Class Shout-Outs!


Well done, Katie!

Katie has been working brilliantly this week; she has completed her home learning and all of her Aston Villa work! She has even created lots of Harry Potter buildings and places out of Lego! I loved looking at them! Mrs Kirkham has made some Harry Potter Lego too! 

Well done, Katie! You are a shining star! smiley




Well done, Eleanor!

Eleanor has continued to work super hard this week! She has not only completed all of her home learning to a high standard with beautiful presentation but she has also been completing extra challenges and tasks at home! The transition Science experiment to test the biscuits was brilliant! She is a pleasure to teach every week and I love listening to her stories and memories! 

Keep working hard Eleanor! smiley




Well done, Katelin!

Katelin has been working extremely hard again this week! She has made absolutely stunning earrings, visited the zoo, started a new sewing hobby making face masks and continued to complete her home learning! She is also a pleasure to see weekly in classroom and always makes me laugh and smile with her funny stories!

You are a superstar, Katelin! smiley



Well done, Harrison!

Harrison has been working really hard over the past few weeks: completing his Home Learning, creating amazing Claymation characters and watching a bird family who have moved into their bird house! His Claymation characters are absolutely brilliant! I wonder if you can guess which character each one is? I have loved looking at all of your photographs! Well done, Harrison! You are working super hard! smiley




Well done, Roksana!

Roksana has been working really hard completing her Home Learning packs at home! She has completed lots of beautifully presented pieces of work! smiley




Well done, Lola!

Lola has been really busy over the past few weeks completing her Home Learning packs! Well done, Lola! You have worked really hard!smiley




Well done, Carter!

Carter has been extremely busy over the past few weeks, learning lots of valuable life skills and completing his Home Learning packs! 

He has followed a recipe to bake something new each week - for Father's Day he baked his dad some brownies! They look scrumptious! He has also helped his dad to complete some work on the car and is currently growing his own vegetables in his back garden! 

Here are some photographs of Carter! Well done! You are working super hard! smiley




Well done, Katie!

Katie has been working hard over the past few weeks! She has been completing school work, helping around the house and even helping in the garden! 

Here are some photographs of Katie's work! Well done, Katie your work is fantastic! smiley




Well done, Katelin!

Katelin has been baking and cooking over the past few weeks! She has baked some amazing cakes and made some incredible meals! 

Here are some photographs of Katelin's most recent cake! It looks absolutely delicious - I bet it will taste incredible! smiley 



d She has also been very busy learning new skills, completing experiments and baking more delicious recipes!




Well done, Eleanor!

Eleanor has been drawing and sketching over the past few weeks! She has sketched some amazing characters and items! Here are Eleanor's favourite sketches!

Super work, Eleanor! They are absolutely brilliant! smiley

Can you guess the Disney characters?

She has also been busy baking Lemon Meringue Fudge and growing plants!

Well done, Eleanor!

Eleanor has completed all of her Home Learning and her work is absolutely brilliant - so neatly presented too! Well done, Eleanor!


Luna Class Shout-Outs!


Well done, Hasan!

To celebrate Eid, Hasan made a delicious pudding with his Dad!

It looked amazing and I'm sure it tasted just as good as it looked!

Fantastic work Hasan! Can't wait to see you soon!

He has also made another delicious cake, as well as completing lots of Maths work! Well done Hasan!



Well done, James!

During lockdown, James has been an extremely busy bee!

He has become a master baker...

He has continued to do pieces of work on a range of different subjects...

He has created some amazing art work...

And I know he has been keeping up with all of his different sports as well!

Fantastic work James! Can't wait to see you soon!



Well done, Nicholas!

Nicholas has been a busy bee during lockdown! He has done some brilliant things with lots of members of his family!

He has learnt about the Amazon Rainforest and how a yellow and blue macaw can have a wingspan up to four feet long...

Nicholas also completed the challenge of hosting a family quiz for his family both in England and in America. He did lots of research to be a brilliant quiz master...

He has also become a master baker by making flatbread and chocolate cake which linked in his learning of Geography and different cultures...

Nicholas has also been having lessons with his grandparents in America! He learnt all about light in this lesson!

Your home learning sounds and looks so much fun! Well done for working so hard Nicholas! What a superstar!


Nicholas has also been working hard to complete the home learning packs!

He brought them into school for me to look through and it was so lovely to read his own school report! Well done!



Well done, Emaan!

Emaan has spent lots of time at home completing her home learning pack!

She brought it into school to show me and I really enjoyed looking through it and reading the school report about herself!

Super work Emaan!




Well done, Joshua!

Joshua has spent lots of time at home completing a range of Maths activities!

I am so impressed Josh; keep up the hard work!

What an absolute superstar!



Well done, Bilal!

You have worked brilliantly to complete the week of home learning!

Your report was lovely to read! Fantastic work!



Well done, Samiyah!

Brilliant work for the first week of home learning!

You have worked so hard at home to complete all of the actvities!

What a superstar!



Well done, Mercedes!

It has been so lovely to see all of the creative activities that you have been up to!

I know you love designing and making things! I bet your garden now looks beautiful and those cookies look delicious!

What an absolute superstar!