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Tuesday 17th November

Days of the week and weather songs

Encourage your child to join in singing our Nursery weather and days of the week songs. 

Days of the week

How's The Weather?

Fine Motor activities


Building  a tower

Use lego bricks or blocks to make a tower or a model. 


Marking making

Use crayons, felt tips, paint or chalk to make marks/ draw a picture of something. Encourage your child to talk about the 

marks they have made. Remember to take a picture and upload on 2simple! 

Phonics: Initial sound I spy "S"

Print out the sheet below and support your child to circle all the pictures that start with the initial sound "s". If you are unable to print

this sheet you could show your this document on a computer device and talk about the different pictures or pick up a home learning pack from school. Additionally, you could find objects around the house and outside that start with this initial sound such as; socks, scalf, slide, snail etc. 

Word Aware

Still image for this video
Can you sing along to the Word Aware Rap using the word slow?


As one of our focuses this week is comparing 2 sets of objects using the language, same, more and less, here is a fun Ladybird matching game to try. Support your child to find the pictures that show the same amount of ladybirds. These sheets can be printed and cut out or you can collect them from school. Additionally, if you have any snap card games you can see if your child can find the cards that look the same! 

Five Little Monkeys.

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Can you do the actions and sing along to Five Little Monkeys?