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Thursday 12th November

Hi Nursery!


Please watch the maths, phonics and literacy video clips from Miss Claridge and Miss Phipps for your lessons. You will also find activities below for you to complete that can be accessed online, printed out or collected from school. 


Please make sure you send pictures of what activities you have done to 2Simple using the email address, 


If you need any help or have any questions, you can email the Nursery email address: 



Fine Motor Skills 

Here are some more activities for you to try out to develop those fine motor skills! 


Play dough 

Make some play dough or use some you already have and see if you can roll, squash, flatten, poke it into different shapes. You may have cutters and different play dough tools at home you may also want to use. Remember to send us photos of what you have used the play dough for!  Please see below a picture of how to make your own play dough. 


Pouring containers

Can you fill a bowl with water, rice or pasta and provide your child with jugs/ plastic cups or containers to practise their pouring skills., 






Weather and days of the week songs

Can you talk about what day it is and what the weather is like outside. Sing along to these songs to help you decide. 

Days of the week song

How's The Weather? | Super Simple Songs

Watch videos from Super Simple in the Super Simple App for iOS! ► It's a Super Simple weather song! How's the weather where you are? ...


The focus today is Nursery Rhymes. Can your send a video to us of your child singing their favourite Nursery Rhyme. Additionally, you can talk to your child about the rhyming words in the song and make a list of them. For example; "Miss Polly had a Dolly" has the following rhyming words; polly, dolly, sick, quick, hat, rat-a-tat-tat, head, bed, pill and bill. 



Please see below for Nursery Rhymes with Mr Tumble for ideas! 

Nursery Rhymes with Mr Tumble


Please print at home or collect the frog colouring sheet from school. Can your child recognise the numbers and colour the correct number of frogs. 

Five Little Speckled Frogs

Still image for this video
Can you join in and count along to Five Little Speckled Frogs?

Word Aware

Word Aware

Still image for this video
Can you sing along to the Word Aware rap using the word quiet?

Story time

Story time

Still image for this video
Can you find the different textures around your house?