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Friday 13th November

Hi Nursery!


Please watch the maths, phonics and literacy video clips from Miss Claridge and Miss Phipps for your lessons. You will also find activities below for you to complete that can be accessed online, printed out or collected from school. 


Please make sure you send pictures of what activities you have done to 2Simple using the email address, 


If you need any help or have any questions, you can email the Nursery email address: 



As this week we would have been learning all about Diwali and today is Children in Need, we have added some activities you can print out and share with your child. 

We look forward to seeing the different home learning activities 

you have been doing. 

Have a lovely weekend! 


Mrs Passey, Miss Claridge and Miss Phipps

Fine Motor Activities

Have you tried any of the activities yet? Remember to send photos so we can see what you have been doing. Here are some other ideas to keep you busy and develop those fine motor skills!  



Can your child peel the stickers from a sheet/ book and stick them on some paper. 


Fine Motor Skills Man

Can you find an empty toliet/ kitchen roll and draw a face. Make snips to the top of the roll to make some hair!


Weather and days of the songs 



Days of the week

How's The Weather?


Today's activity is focused on initial sounds of words. Before starting this activity you could click on the video below of Jolly phonics to practise their sounds. 


Initial sound cut and stick 

Cut out the pictures and sort them into the correct boxes. In the left box stick all of pictures that have the initial sound "a", For example; "ant" and "apple" both start with the initial sound "a". In the right box stick all the pictures that have different initial sounds such as; elephant and frog. 



Story time

Still image for this video
Which animal did the witch see first?
What fell out of her hair?
What happened to the broom?
Can you draw the dragon?

Word Aware

Still image for this video


Please see below printable maths activity for your child to try. Cut out the numbers and amounts and see if they can find the matching pairs. Try numbers 1 to 5 and if they want a further challenge try out numbers 6 to 10.

If you have no access to a printer try writing these numbers on paper and see if they can find for example; "2 socks", "3 blocks" or "4 teddies and match to the correct numbers. 

Five Little Speckled Frogs.

Still image for this video
Can you sing along at home?

Children in Need