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Year 3 - Miss Hackwood

Dobby Class!

2018 - 2019

In Dobby Class, we learn about a whole range of things and most importantly, we have lots of fun!

Have a look at what we get up to!


Important dates for your diary:





Here is some important information about us:



Miss Hackwood and Mrs Southen


PE Days:

Every Monday and Wednesday.

Please ensure that your correct PE kit is in school on these days and that your jewellery is removed.



This is usually set on a Friday and due in on the following Wednesday.

Please ensure that you complete your homework to the best of your standard because monster points and prizes are up for grabs!


Reading Challenge:

Each week, we are holding a Reading Challenge in Dobby Class.

Every time you read with an adult at home, write it in your reading record and every time a comment has been written in it, you get one raffle ticket in the pot!

Reading Records are collected every Wednesday and all of the raffle tickets will be put in the pot! Your child's book bag will then be kept in school on a Wednesday and returned on a Thursday. This is to ensure that Miss Hackwood and Mrs Southen can read with each child in our class and change their books :). 

One winner will then be picked out who will receive a very special prize!

This week, our winner is...



School Council Representatives:

Isna and Henry will be our School Council Representatives for the start of Year 3!

We will have class discussions and Isna and Henry will take our ideas and put them forward in the School Council Meetings with Miss Dallison.



Play Time and Dinner Time:

Play Equipment: Monday


Grass: Wednesday


Arena: Thursday


Every week, we celebrate our success by having a Writer of the Week, Maths Mind, Sports Player of the Week and a VIP!


VIP: Hajrah


Writer of the Week: Katie


Maths Mind: Shaye


Sports Player of the Week: Halima




Meet our Class!

In the first week of Year 3, we produced an 'I am...' display!

We wrote down all of the things that were related to each and every one of us; things such as, 'I am a dancer', 'I am a boxer', 'I am a footballer' and even 'I am a chatterbox!'
They look wonderful on our new display! Well done for working so hard Dobby Class!



In our first week, we had a discussion about our school motto, 'GLEE' and we collaged the four letters so that we could have them up in our classroom all year! They look lovely and colourful Dobby Class! Well done!



To start our year in Year 3, we thought it would be a good idea to have a lesson all about how to stay safe on the internet. We know how brilliant the internet is and how it allows us to access a wide range of things but now we know exactly how to stay safe on there as well by following the 'SMART' rules! We have displayed them in our classroom for us to use as reminders all year!



On Tuesday 11th September, we had our first ukulele lesson!

We were absolutely brilliant and we are looking forward to our lesson every week!




Exploring Europe Hook Day

On Tuesday 11th September, we had our first hook day which was all linked to Exploring Europe!

We started off by creating our own passports...

Then we completed all of the information that we needed on our tickets...

After that, we went to the airport to get ready for departure!

Cerys and Shaye acted as our Security Officers to check our passports and tickets...

We put our seatbelts on...

We got ready for take off...

Our air stewards then checked all of our passengers and offered them refreshments for their journey!

After all of our hard work on Hook Day, we have created an amazing new display in our classroom!

Well done Dobby Class! What an amazing hook day!


Healthy Schools Week

On Monday 17th September, we completed a range of activities all linked to Healthy Schools Week!

Firstly, we spoke about different types of fruit and collaged them to make a fruit rainbow...

Then, we sat in a circle and tried six of the different fruits and discussed what we liked about them and which one was our favourite!

A super afternoon Dobby Class! Well done!


Languages Day

On Wednesday 26th September, we celebrated Languages Day!

We did a French afternoon where we learnt the numbers 1 -10, we created our own French Numbers plate to remind us how to say each number and then we finished off by eating a French brioche!

A fantastic afternoon learning all about the French language! Well done!


Mental Health Awareness Day

On Wednesday 10th October, we participated in World Mental Health Awareness Day.

We all came to school dressed in green and took part in a range of activities on the afternoon.

We played the Smartie game first where we chose different colour smarties to talk about our feelings...

We then completed a special and unique rainbow about each and every one of us for things we are good at and what makes us special.

They look wonderful!


Wednesday 17th October - Maths INSPIRE Sessions

On Wednesday 17th October, we had our INSPIRE session linked to Maths!

We played times table bingo, learnt how to use the standard method and then we finished off by making times table chatterboxes!

A wonderful INSPIRE session everyone, well done!


David Walliams Week!

The week commencing Monday 12th November, we spent the whole week auditioning for 'David Walliams School of Acting'! We learnt the story of Awful Auntie, wrote the story, wrote a speech and performed a section of one of David Walliams' famous books! We all voted for the actor or actress that we wanted to win an Oscar and our winner was...


Well done Joao! We hope to see you on the stage very soon!


Children in Need 2018!

On Friday 16th November, we celebrated Children in Need by coming to school in Pudsey clothes or own clothes! Well done everyone for supporting such a wonderful cause!


Santa Safari Trip!

On Monday 3rd December, the whole of Year 3 went to Santa Safari at West Midlands Safari Park!

We stayed on the coach for the drive through safari, we then went to see Santa in his grotto where we got to choose our own present, we then walked around the Ice Age, Dinosaur Land and the Reptile House before finishing our day with a drink and a cookie from Mrs Claus! A wonderful day Year 3 and an amazing way to kick start all of our Christmas celebrations!


Friday 14th December - Christmas Jumper Day!

On this day, we all came to school in our Christmas Jumpers and paid £1 to the charity!

We all looked lovely and festive and now we are ready to start our Christmas celebrations next week!


Christmas in Dobby Class!

During the last week of school, we have had so much Christmas fun!

We started off on Monday by making our very own Elf house and completing some Christmas Colouring!

On Tuesday, we had Breakfast with Santa, made 2019 Calendars and our Christmas Cards!

On Wednesday, we made tree decorations, watched Arthur Christmas in our pyjamas with some snacks, had our Christmas dinner and participated in a brilliant Carol Concert on the playground!

On Thursday, we wrote a letter to Santa, decorated our own placemat and had amazing fun at our Christmas Party!

Well done to the winners of our party games as well!

On Friday, we spent the whole day playing with toys and having lots of fun! We also made cute, little snowmen as well!

Well done Dobby Class! An amazing way to end the term! Miss Hackwood and Mrs Southen wish you all a very Merry Christmas! See you in 2019!


Roman Hook Day!

On Monday 14th January, we had our Hook Day to introduce our new topic which is called...

'The Romans are coming!'

We started off by making our own laurel crowns...

We then made our own Roman mosaic...

We decorated the front covers for our new Topic books...

We then finished the day by making Roman numerals out of card and string!

Our new display looks like this!

A brilliant Hook Day everyone! Well done!