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Reddal Hill Governor Details


Governor Name Type of Governor Chair (CH) or Vice Chair (VC) Staffing & Finance Committee Member Curriculum & Standards Committee Member Premises Health and Safety Committee Member Connections to Staff (Yes or No) If Yes, who & how Date of Appointment Term of Office End Date Other School Governor Posts held. Name of School & type of Governor Business Interests declared. (Yes / No) If yes please state Reason for Leaving 2016/2017 Attendance at Governor Meetings
Ceri Nelson HT   Yes Yes Yes No N/A   No No   14 out of 14
John Stokes STA   Yes Yes   No 21.02.2014 20.02.2018 No No   11 out of 11
Sahima Iqbal COP CH Yes Yes Yes No 14.09.2016 15.09.2020 No No   10 out of 11
Massarat Ali COP   Yes Yes CH No 14.09.2016 15.09.2020 No No   7 out of 14
Sarah Cooper PAR VC Yes CH   No 30.09.2014 01.10.2018 No No   11 out of 11
Phillip Wears COP   CH Yes Yes No 30.04.2015 29.04.2019 No No   14 out of 14
Leah Curtis PAR     Yes     29.10.2016 30.10.2020 No No   3 out of 5
Nikki Kemble ASS     Yes   No 01.09.2017 31.08.2021 No No   N/A
Chidinma Paulson PAR     Yes Yes No 14.09.2017 13.09.2021 No No   N/A
Served in last 12 months                        
Andrew Beard COP       Yes Yes Wife Mrs K Beard 30.04.2015 Resigned 18.03.2017     Family Matters 1 out of 6
Julie Webb LA     Yes Yes   08.10.2014 Resigned 13.09.2017     Work Commitments 0 out of 11